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Robert Fulford won the COWhorn

[<<] [>>] by Roger Wood at Compton (Eastbourne)
27th July 2023 (AC)

This year's competition, held nearly a month earlier than usual, took us into the hottest June since records began in 1884 and we baked in bright sunshine on both days. Robert Fulford, returning to the COWhorn after a gap of 34 years, soon made his intentions clear with a first round, 55-minute sextuple, plus two POPs, against Tudor Jenkins. Robin Brown's triple against Annabel McDiarmid finished at the same time. One round later Robert and Robin met in a best-of-3 semi-final where Robin, having lost the first game -26sxp, replied with a +26tp win, Robert's only loss of the weekend. Meanwhile, in the other half of the draw, an in-form Tim Wilkins reached the final defeating first 2022 COWhorn winner David Maugham and then Gabrielle Higgins in a close-fought best-of-3. Thereafter Tim did not see much action: Robert wrapped up the final in two clinical games (+24sxp, +26tp) in 100 minutes, just in time for lunch.

The consolation event for the COWbell found players flagging in the heat of Sunday afternoon and, with Annabel and COWhorn virgin Nick Parish tied on games, the result was decided by a shootout at the peg from the side boundary - narrowly won by Nick 3 hits to 2. Joyous moment of the event: Tudor Jenkins's delight in completing a carefully crafted sextuple (his first in competition) in his game against Neil Coote - his smile never left him for the rest of the weekend and probably continues still!

Knockout for the COWhorn

Round 1

Robin Brown beat Annabel McDiarmid +19tp

Nigel Polhill beat Craig Oakley +7tp

Robert Fulford beat Tudor Jenkins +24sxp

Tim Wilkins beat Ian Vincent +4
David Maugham beat Nick Steiner +23

Gabrielle Higgins beat Neil Coote +20

Round 2

Robin Brown beat Nick Parish +8

Robert Fulford beat Nigel Polhill +25tp
Tim Wilkins beat David Maugham +12tp
Gabrielle Higgins beat Paul Castell +17


Robert Fulford beat Robin Brown +26sxp -26tp +5otp

Tim Wilkins beat Gabrielle Higgins +17 -8 +19tp


Robert Fulford beat Tim Wilkins +24sxp +26tp

Swiss for the COWbell

Winner: Nick Parish (5/7) + penalty shootout

Runner up: Annabel McDiarmid (5/7)

(4/6) Nigel Polhill

(2/3) David Maugham

(3/6) Robin Brown

(4/8) Tudor Jenkins, Tim Wilkins

(2/5) Ian Vincent

(2/6) Nick Steiner

(2/7) Neil Coote

(1/6) Paul Castell

(0/6) Craig Oakley

Ace peeler: Robert Fulford; Runner up: Tudor Jenkins

COWpat: Paul Castell


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