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Tom Cullis won the Honeygrove Cup

[<<] [>>] by Jon Diamond at Tunbridge Wells
11th September 2023 (AC)

Local wins Honeygrove Cup for the first time in 6 years.

After a poor July and most of August the weather was dry, if not terribly sunny, with warmish temperatures and lawns in excellent shape - faster than usual! So the annual two day Honeygrove Cup over the Bank Holiday weekend started well, as did the bands playing in the Local and Live concert just at the bottom of the park.

The play was not quite as good as the weather and certainly not as fast as the manager hoped, so only 5 games were achieved by all players. Thomas Cullis ran away with the competition, winning all his games, with John Greenwood and Guy Hewitt runners up.

Full results are:

Swiss Games Wins Win % Results
Thomas Cullis (Tunbridge Wells) 5 5 100.0%

C.Oakley +11t, G.Hewitt +20, J.Greenwood +9, A.Dibben +5, P.Castell +11

John Greenwood (Tunbridge Wells) 5 4 80.0%

P.Castell +4t, L.Farrow +7t, T.Cullis -9, J.Diamond +5t, I.Gross Ariza +4t

Guy Hewitt (Hurlingham) 5 4 80.0%

P.Taylor +3t, T.Cullis -20, J.Diamond +13, C.Oakley +1, L.Farrow +21

Craig Oakley (Compton) 5 3 60.0%

T.Cullis -11t, J.Diamond +25, L.Farrow +20, G.Hewitt -1, P.Taylor +26

Andy Dibben (Surbiton) 5 3 60.0%

L.Farrow -5t, P.Castell +9t, P.Taylor +11t, T.Cullis -5, J.Diamond +23

Liz Farrow (Sussex County) 5 2 40.0%

A.Dibben +5t, J.Greenwood -7t, C.Oakley -20, I.Gross Ariza +5, G.Hewitt -21

Paul Castell (Sussex County) 5 2 40.0%

J.Greenwood -4t, A.Dibben -9t, I.Gross Ariza +20, P.Taylor +17, T.Cullis -11

Philip Taylor (Tunbridge Wells) 5 1 20.0%

G.Hewitt -3t, I.Gross Ariza +6t, A.Dibben -11t, P.Castell -17, C.Oakley -26

Jon Diamond (Tunbridge Wells) 5 1 20.0%

I.Gross Ariza +6t, C.Oakley -25, G.Hewitt -13, J.Greenwood -5t, A.Dibben -23

Ignacio Gross Ariza (Surbiton) 5 0 0.0%

J.Diamond -6t, P.Taylor -6t, P.Castell -20, L.Farrow -5, J.Greenwood -4t



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