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Gediminas Smolskas won the Colchester B-Level

[<<] [>>] by Terry Sparks at Colchester
23rd April (AC)

Adrian Morris bt Alan Francis Campbell Clark +21
Michael Bithell bt Jill Waters +13
Erica Malaiperuman bt Hugh Manson +23
Charlie Martin bt Matt Cook +4
Peter Thompson bt Al Brown +1 (T)
Gediminas Smolskas bt Jeff Farrington +24
Heather Bennett bt Andrew Gray +14
Gordon Mills bt Stephen Wingrove +1 (T)

Heather Bennett bt Adrian Morris +25
Gediminas Smolskas bt Michael Bithell +14
Alan Francis Campbell Clark bt Jill Waters +22
Jeff Farrington bt Andrew Gray +7 (T)
Charlie Martin bt Erica Malaiperuman +10
Matt Cook bt Hugh Manson +3 (T)
Peter Thompson bt Gordon Mills +14
Al Brown bt Stephen Wingrove +9 (T)

Gediminas Smolskas bt Alan Francis Campbell Clark +25
Michael Bithell bt Adrian Morris +15
Andrew Gray bt Jill Waters +18
Heather Bennett bt Peter Thompson +13 (T)
Charlie Martin bt Jeff Farrington +16
Erica Malaiperuman btGordon Mills +2 (T)
Matt Cook bt Al Brown +19
Stephen Wingrove bt Hugh Manson+4 (T)

Michael Bithell bt Charlie Martin +18
Andrew Gray bt Stephen Wingrove +11 (T)
Hugh Manson bt Jill Waters +19
Gediminas Smolskas bt Matt Cook +17
Al Brown bt Alan Francis Campbell Clark +14
Adrian Morris bt Gordon Mills +23
Erica Malaiperuman bt Heather Bennett +2 (T)
Jeff Farrington bt Peter Thompson +7 (T).

Gediminas Smolskas bt Erica Malaiperuman +16
Heather Bennett bt Michael Bithell +7
Jeff Farrington bt Al Brown +15
Adrian Morris bt Charlie Martin +14
Matt Cook bt Andrew Gray +13 (T)
Alan Francis Cambpell Clark bt Peter Thompson +4 (T)
Gordon Mills bt Hugh Manson +1 (T)
Stephen Wingrove bt Jill Waters +6 (T)

Tournament Winner: Gediminas Smolskas.

Runner Up: Heather Bennett.


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