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England beat South Africa 10-5

[<<] [>>] by Robert Fulford at Edgbaston
9-10 August 2003 (International)

England names first


Fulford & Higgins beat Bamford & Mazibuko +1 (T)
Avery & Mulliner lost to Suter & Hobbs -3
Avery & Mills beat Suter & Dladla +13
Fulford & Mulliner beat Bamford & Hobbs +11


Fulford beat Suter +17TP +19
Mulliner lost to Bamford -16TP -22TP
Mulliner beat Suter +17TP -3TP +18
Avery lost to Bamford -6 OTP -26TP
Fulford beat Hobbs +20 +24TP
Fulford beat Bamford +26TP +12 TP
Avery beat Suter +21 -17TP +17
Mulliner beat Hobbs +25TP +26TP
Mills lost to Mazibuko +18 -6 -6
Higgins lost to Mazibuko -5(T) -3
Avery beat Hobbs +17TP +26TP
Mills v. Dladla unfinished 1 game all
Higgins v. Dladla unfinished 1 game all

2 games unfinished.

Rob vs. Reg

Lawn 1 Edgbaston (I did my first tournament TP on it), flat, a degree of patchiness that meant most touch shots needed reading and hoop approaches were unreliable, though morning rain meant it was only medium paced, decent hoops.

Game 1

Reg won the toss and went first

1 U to 5y SW of peg
2 R hits U gently from the end of A-baulk, sends U to 2y short of C2, goes off 2 foot N of C4.
3 K hits U, plays pass roll sending U to peg finishing just short of 4, misses R into C4.
4 Y hits K, goes to 4b with diagonal spread laying up level with rover.
5 U misses R from end of A-baulk
6 Y finishes

Game 2

I went first

1 U to 3y S and 1y W of peg
2 R hits U gently from C1, plays thick take-off approach to 2 foot straight in front of 1, starts two ball break. Opts not to rush to 3b after making 2b and deliberately leaves U 5y S of C3 and R 6y N of C1.
3 K rushes U down the boundary 15y, sends U to 2 and makes 1 off R. Goes to 4b leaving all 3 balls near maximum length position on W boundary.
4 Y hits, starts quadruple, mis-approches 6 in stroke also sending escape ball over for 4-back peel. Fails 50:50 hoop (and chance for best game yet?).
5 U finishes

Fulford bt Bamford +26TP+12TP


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