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North of England Week

[<<] [>>] by Ian Lines at Bowdon
29th August 2003 (AC - Mixed)

Open Singles

Ian Lines


Roy Edwards


Peter Dyke

Handicap Singles

Ian Lines

Advanced Doubles

Marcus Evans and Peter Dyke

Handicap Doubles

Ros Pimlott and Martin Granger-Brown

Singles Advanced Games

David Mooney beat Colin Wild +22
Ian Lines beat Martin Granger Brown +12
Rupert Webb beat Lorna Frost +2t
Roy Edwards beat Alan Pidcock +15
Marcus Evan beat Ben Elwell +7
Ken Cooper beat David Mooney +15
Martin Granger Brown beat Phil Eardley +6
Lawrence Whittaker beat Ken Cooper +24
Peter Dyke beat Lorna Frost +22
David Mooney beat John Wastell +23
Alan Pidcock beat Ed Dymock +10
Ian Lines beat Alan Linton +20
Alan Pidcock beat Victor Dladla +20
Roy Edwards beat Ed Dymock +4t
Ben Elwell beat Chris Bennett +17
Chris Bennett beat Phil Eardley +13
Alan Pidcock beat Alan Linton +23
Ian Lines beat Marcus Evans +25
John Wastell beat John Wilkinson +10
Ken Cooper beat Chris Bennett +10
Alan Pidcock beat Meshack Mazibuko +19
Marcus Evans beat Meshack Mazibuko +23
Ken Cooper beat Phil Eardley +26
Lawrence Whittaker beat Chris Bennett +23
Peter Dyke beat John Wastell +8
David Mooney beat Ed Dymock +20
Ed Dymock beat Ken Cooper +17
Phil Eardley beat Lawrence Whittaker +4
Meshack Mazibuko beat Victor Dladla +4
John Wilkinson beat Peter Dyke +12
Ben Elwell beat Alan Pidcock +25
Liz Webb beat Esther Jones +7t
Alan Linton beat Marcus Evans +7
Lawrence Whittaker beat Ed Dymock +23
Alan Pidcock beat Phil Eardley +11
Martin Granger Brown beat Chris Bennett +13
David Mooney beat Meshack Mazibuko +10
Rupert Webb beat Esther Jones +12
Ken Cooper beat Ben Elwell +3
John Wastell beat Lorna Frost +4t
Phil Eardley beat Meshack Mazibuko +9
Lorna Frost beat Esther Jones +1
Colin Wild beat Meshack Mazibuko +6
Roy Edwards beat David Mooney +4
Peter Dyke beat Liz Webb +15
Alan Linton beat Ed Dymock +10
Alan Pidcock beat Marcus Evans +2
Ian Lines beat Ben Elwell +26tp
Meshack Mazibuko beat Chris Bennett +2
Ian Lines beat Lawrence Whittaker +22
Esther Jones beat John Wilkinson +12
Ben Elwell beat Ed Dymock +23
Ed Dymock beat Colin Wild +9
Ben Elwell beat Phil Eardley +21
Alan Pidcock beat Chris Bennett +17
Ben Elwell beat Meshack Mazibuko +10TP
Peter Dyke beat Rupert Webb +12
Liz Webb beat John Wastell +9
Ken Cooper beat Marcus Evans +17TP
David Mooney beat Alan Pidcock +14
Victor Dladla beat Ed Dymock +4
Ed Dymock beat Meshack Mazibuko +2
Phil Eardley beat David Mooney +19
Ben Elwell beat Lawrence Whittaker +16
Liz Webb beat Rupert Webb +4t
Marcus Evans beat Phil Eardley +7TPO
Chris Bennett beat Ed Dymock +9
Ben Elwell beat Alan Linton +26TP
Lawrence Whittaker beat Alan Pidcock +23
Victor Dlaldla beat John Wilkinson +13
Roy Edwards beat Colin Wild +5
Roy Edwards beat Meshack Mazibuko +21

Open Final

Ian Lines beat Ken Cooper +26

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