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Johns Handy and Hansen won the Nottingham Autumn Handicap Weekend

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22nd September 2003 (AC - Handicap)

A select group of just 16 with handicaps ranging from 3.5 to 20 competed for 3 days flexible Swiss handicap play at Nottingham. Three stars of the event who all produced first class performances at short notice were Ellen Gee, Rick Davis and Gill Barry. But enough about the catering. The hot dry summer weather had made the 5 lawns very challenging and continued throughout the tournament. The avoidance of general time limits together with difficult conditions meant most games went to a proper pegout ending ... eventually. After 2 days the conditions seemed to be favouring the stronger players, with David Brydon (3.5) looking an overwhelming favourite with 6 wins out of 6. Overnight rain made the lawns more easy paced on Sunday, and Brydon's opponents got better value from their bisques to end his winning run. Meanwhile by teatime John Handy and John Hansen both scored further wins to reach 5 out of 6. The "Who beat Whom" principle didn't resolve the tie as they hadn't played each other, so as a playoff they played a 6 hoop 1-ball game, which was won from behind by Handy.

Tournament secretary Jeane Ackermann (who had achieved a respectable 57% and can never be relied on to miss a long shot) congratulated the winners and invited Rick Davis to present the Eclipse Goblet to the winner, John Handy.


John Handy (12) 83%
John Hansen (10) 83%
Ian Hill (10) 80%
David Brydon (3.5) 67%
Rob Edlin-White (5) 67%
John Seddon (8) 67%
Edward Barry (11) 60%
Jeane Ackermann (11) 57%
Peter Dennis (8) 50%
Jonathon Toye (7) 50%
and under 50%:
Gary Shore (11), Janet Booker (16), Michael Finnigan (14), Geoffrey Strutt (5), Rick Davis (4), Ken Knowles (20)

Handicap Changes

Finnigan 14 to 16
Strutt 5 to 6
Handy 12 to 11


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