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Job Specification for Croquet Association Manager


As the National Governing Body for the sport, The Croquet Association (CA) is seeking to appoint a Manager to head its office and shop, which is located in the grounds of the Cheltenham Croquet Club and provides membership administration and support for the organisation. The CA is a not-for-profit body run by volunteer members of its Council and Committees. The Association is made up of 9 Federations and around 200 Clubs with over 7000 members and they are supported by the CA Manager in the implementation of Council's policies and decisions.


Qualifications and Experience

Since the CA Manager will need to work closely with officers of the Association, its Federations and Clubs, a degree and/or a professional background is required. Graduates should have at least 5 year's post qualification work experience. Having previously worked in a voluntary organisation would be an advantage. Knowledge of, and an interest in, Croquet would be an additional benefit.

Personal Attributes and Skills

Candidates should be able to demonstrate the following:

  • outstanding interpersonal skills; a cheery disposition; a positive outlook; and well able to command respect;
  • good representational skills; the ability to engage effectively with the public and to develop good working relationships with groups inside and outside the CA;
  • proficient organisational skills; the ability to plan, prioritise and schedule work; and to meet deadlines;
  • leadership; able to achieve effective teamwork through delegation, motivation, and supervision;
  • good communication skills, both oral, written and electronic;
  • competency with desktop and cloud-based software applications for manipulation and presentation of text, images and data (particularly MS Office);
  • capable of data analysis and an experienced database user;
  • understanding of the principles underlying web-commerce and financial accounting software; and
  • awareness of social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


1. Basis of Contract:

A permanent full-time position located at the CA's office in Cheltenham, with a probation period of 6 months and annual reviews.

2. Position reports to:

Chairman of the CA Council.

3. Principal areas of the Manager's responsibility:

i. Office

  • Manage all office functions and staff
  • Ensure compliance with all statutory requirements

ii. Financial

  • Supervise financial activities of staff
  • Ensure that levies, subscriptions, etc. are collected by due dates and bills paid
  • Assist the Treasurer in maintaining financial records

iii. Council and Committees

  • Attend meetings wherever & whenever appropriate
  • Assist the Hon. Sec. in the administration of meetings
  • Maintain all CA records of meetings and papers

iv. Individual, Club and Federation Members

  • Maintain good relations with members: individuals, clubs and federations
  • Ensure that all membership records are fully maintained and accurate
  • Maintain tournament entries/results/handicap changes
  • Administer bursaries, CA awards and badges, in liaison with the relevant committees
  • Ensure that selections for international teams and CA events are efficiently administered
  • Support international teams, players and events.

v. Website and Database

  • Maintain pages on the CA website related to office functions
  • Add news items submitted by members
  • Liaise with the developer of the CA database to resolve any problems and suggest enhancements to ensure that it meets requirements

vi. Commercial

  • Manage CA Shop, balancing customer satisfaction and profitability
  • Ensure its website is kept up to date
  • Monitor and adjust prices and stock levels
  • Ensure prompt dispatch of online and telephone orders and that queries are dealt with expeditiously
  • Maintain good relationships with suppliers and ensure timely payment of invoices

vii. Liaison and Public Relations

  • Assist the Marketing Committee with promotional and PR activities
  • Be the first point of contact for all inquiries
  • Monitor advice from public bodies and seek further advice where appropriate

viii Publications

  • Compile the Fixtures Calendar, Directory and other publications as directed by Council
  • Ensure these publications are published to agreed timescales

ix. Archives, Trophies and Equipment

  • Supervise safe storage of trophies and archives
  • Maintain trophy records including engraving
  • Ensure that Trophies are transported to the correct venues

x. Cheltenham

  • Maintain good relations with the Cheltenham Croquet Club

This describes the current role and is subject to review with the successful candidate and following changes to the needs of the organisation.


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