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Executive Board Member Role Description

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Would you like to be involved in helping to drive the Croquet Association forward? Do you have organisational and leadership skill?

Now, more than ever, we need people with the skills, experience and enthusiasm to help guide us through the next few years. Working with people, leading a portfolio of activities and bringing out the best in experienced volunteers are the key attributes of a successful Board Member - croquet ability doesn't matter! We need talented volunteers with suitable knowledge to lead and mentor our operational functions.

We have vacancies for Members of the Executive Board and we are inviting interested CA members to apply. The Executive Board is responsible for day to day running of croquet in accordance with the strategy established by Council. It is comprised of a Chairman and six volunteer Board Members, supported by the Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer, CA Manager and Council Chairman. The Board is accountable to Council for its compliance with CA Policies but is not obliged to seek further approval from Council for its actions.

The role of the Board Member is primarily:

There are six functional portfolios which are grouped into a Sports Group and a Services Group. The precise structuring of the activities within each portfolio will be a matter for those appointed, however the broad areas of responsibility for each position are shown below. Applications are welcome either on the basis of a general interest in managing CA affairs, or expressing an interest in one or more specific portfolios.

Services Group

Sports Group

Marketing & Communications Board Member



Website/ Social Media/ Gazette

PR/ Sponsorship

Standards Board Member

AC Laws

GC Rules



Infrastructure Development Board Member



Competitive Croquet Board Member


International Competition

Organisation Board Member




Performance & Selection Board Member


International Performance Directors


Board members are appointed by Council annually, and can expect to serve for a maximum of four years. Applications, in the form of a CV with a covering letter, should be e-mailed to the Hon. Secretary, Ian Vincent <>, to whom informal enquiries can also be made. The deadline for receipt of applications is July 12th 2020, after which the applicants will be shortlisted, for possible interview, by Council's Nominations Committee, which will make a recommendation to Council. Board Members will be appointed to serve formally from the date of the AGM, 17th October, 2020, but should be available for induction activities before then.