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National Development Officer - Job Specification

The National Governing Body for the sport of croquet, the Croquet Association (CA), seeks to appoint a National Development Officer (NDO) to promote Croquet as a competitive sport throughout England. The NDO's main role will be to increase the number of clubs and players and enhance the public profile of the sport.

The CA is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers who have a love for the sport, with an office and shop at Cheltenham. Its Council and Committees determine policy and provide the infrastructure for competitive play throughout the country, where there are nine Federations (based on the Standard Government Regions), about 200 Clubs, and around 7000 players. The NDO will operate from home and work closely with the CA's Development and Marketing Committees and its Federation Development Officers.

NDO Profile

Qualifications and Experience

As the NDO will need to work closely with officers of the Association, its Federations and Clubs, a degree and/or a strong professional background is required. Graduates should have at least 3 year's post qualification work experience. Having previously worked in a voluntary organisation would be an advantage. Knowledge of, and an interest in, Croquet would be an additional benefit. The NDO should be mobile and able to travel to all parts of the country.

Personal Attributes and Skills

Candidates should be able to demonstrate the following:

  • outstanding interpersonal skills, a gregarious nature, and well able to command respect
  • a high degree of enthusiasm and self-motivation and the ability to motivate others
  • be able to manage themselves, prioritise tasks and manage their time
  • the ability to work independently as well as within a team
  • good organisational skills and an ability to work to and meet deadlines
  • good communication skills, both oral and written; and the ability to use to engage with the public
  • experience of using social media successfully, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • a positive and sensitive character in order to develop good working relationships with groups inside and outside the CA

Job Description

Two Year position with interim review on 6 months, full review after 1 year. The position will probably be part-time with flexible working hours, but full-time may be considered.

Position Reports To

Chairman of the Management Committee

Job Purpose Summary

To promote Croquet as a sport throughout England and increase club membership and general public awareness. Placing a particular emphasis on encouraging competitive Croquet.

Responsibilities and Accountabilities Communication

  • Develop and maintain relationships with the following key stakeholders:
    • Club and Federation committees
    • Croquet players, both social and competitive
    • CA committees, in particular Marketing, Development and Coaching
    • The CA Manager
  • Create awareness amongst the general public, harnessing interest and encouraging engagement in the sport
  • Supporting clubs and federations
  • Build a good working relationship with Federation Development Officers, understanding the needs within each federation to support recruitment and retention, and helping to address those needs
  • Encourage the use of social media and online tools for promotion
  • Develop an understanding of individual club needs, specifically for the following:
    • Recruitment and retention
    • Player development
    • Planning and hosting events
  • Assist building relationships between these entities and the CA, introducing CA committees for specific activities when appropriate
  • Identify opportunities to create new clubs
  • Develop relationships with Universities and Sports Facilities, then introduce the Development Committee and Junior Action Group to move projects forward

Press and Promotion

  • Liaise with the CA Manager in the planning and execution of public relations strategies
  • Identify relationships with potential sponsors and advertisers regarding events and CA online and offline publications

Research, Improve and Implement

  • Capture, document and promulgate best practices for recruitment and retention
  • Investigate and analyse the growth of other amateur sports and their development, to use as a model to move the sport forward
  • Analyse the data provided by Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, etc. for CA online properties and calling attention to online resources that require nurturing
  • Use data provided by CA surveys (and other sources) to support and provide additional direction to the CA's activities

General Responsibilities

  • Maintain an understanding of relevant CA strategies and policies
  • Provide timely periodic reporting
  • Represent the CA in a professional manner

Main Objectives for the Role of National Development Officer and Possible Indicators

Priority Key Objective Measured by Indicator
High Support and develop new initiatives for the recruitment and retention of new competitive club members Increase the overall number of club members in the domain Growth of 400 playing club members over 2 years
High Understanding and sharing best practices of club member recruitment and retention Regular reporting  
High Develop relationships with potential contacts for new clubs including Universities and croquet deserts An increase in the number of clubs 5 new clubs opening each year
Medium Create working relationships with clubs, federations and players, and particularly with the Federation Development Officers Correspondence with key stakeholders Annual feedback from FDOs
Medium Analyse all relevant data available to the CA including the CA surveys, suggest and then implement changes required to increase competitive membership Increase in entries to CA, club and Federation tournaments  
Medium Develop and implement strategies to increase the number of players of Association Croquet, with reference to the existing AC regeneration report Increase in number of players entering AC tournaments  
Medium Increase the awareness of croquet amongst the general public Increase in new traffic to the website and relevant 'likes' on the Facebook page Receiving regular comments and activity by the general public within Facebook
Low Reporting of potential sponsors and advertisers for the use of Marketing Committee and CA Office Regularly reported leads and 'sales'  
Low Researching opportunities for external funding and supporting applications    


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