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Sponsorship Scheme for Young Persons

The scheme encourages clubs to attract young people into the sport.

Clubs that take part in the scheme will be eligible for a subsidy for allowing young people to use their facilities, either as members at a discounted rate or on a temporary basis.

By joining the scheme, Young Persons can take advantage of high-quality coaching in the sport by qualified CA coaches within member clubs.

Additionally, as members of the CA, Young Persons can enter Tournaments and enjoy the benefits of competitive play. The scheme will run as a pilot for the 2018 season and will be reviewed in the Autumn.

Key Elements

  • The age limit is under the age of 25 on 1st January in the year of application. The CA's Student Membership category has been redefined as a Young Person membership with the same age qualification.
  • Participating clubs and Young Persons must be members (either Young Person, Standard or Premium) of the Croquet Association (CA) and applicants must have the endorsement of their Federation Development Officer (FDO).
  • It is recognised that some potential candidates could spend a significant part of the playing season at a different location away from their 'home' club (e.g. because they are at University), so it is possible for the Young Person to have a 'passport' to allow their host clubs to participate in the scheme and for both clubs to benefit from the sponsorship. If the named Young Person has nominated a second club within the scheme, then the Sponsorship monies for that person will be divided equally between the two clubs.
  • Council at its March meeting agreed that the sponsorship available will be £25 per player per season and the Budget for 2018 will be £3000 maximum.
  • All applications are considered on their merits and payment may be granted if funds are available for the current year.

The Application Process

  • Young Person joins The CA.
  • Young Person nominates up to two clubs for passport - and those clubs must agree.
  • The FDO endorses the application to confirm their eligibility.
  • CA Development Committee approves application on a first-come-first-served basis providing there is money left within the budget allocation.
  • Young Person / Club(s) lodge an application to join the scheme with the CA Office, naming the young person and clubs involved.
  • CA Office keeps records of applications.
  • Clubs claim sponsorship assistance at the end of the season in October from CA Office.

Application forms are available in the download area of the website.


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