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Some Ominous Trends: The 2012 CA Survey of Croquet Players

The CA Marketing Committee thanks Kevin Carter for designing and analysing the results of the 2012 Survey. We also thank the more than 1000 players who responded and enabled us to achieve our objectives.

Some of the findings are encouraging for the CA but by far the most important conclusions call for urgent action by CA committees, Federations and clubs. If the trends we can now see are not reversed, croquet in our domain will change quite dramatically in the years ahead. The increasing age profile will result in falling numbers, putting a strain on the finances of clubs and the CA. The decline in the number of younger players threatens the continuance of the improved playing standards at the highest level, which have been so notable over the last generation. Older recruits provide valuable stability to clubs and their enjoyment of the game is a social asset for the wider community. If, however, social play is allowed to dominate, the vibrant tournament programme we now enjoy will be threatened. We need to recruit many more young and competitive players. We also need to adjust our coaching, tournament, communications and development plans to the changing needs of CA clubs and their members.

The comments from players that are published at the end of the Survey are illuminating. They show croquet players are passionate and articulate about their sport. CA committee members should take note of them - now is the time for action by us all.

Lawrence Whittaker
Chairman, CA Marketing Committee

You can download the Summary (8 pages / 70kB) or the full report (97 pages / 1.3MB).

Previous surveys are also available.

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