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Hurlingham Club

Abbreviated to 'Hurlingham' in listings

Hurlingham Club

Sports Administration Office
Ranelagh Gardens

020 7610 7478

Lawns: 10

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Secretary or Club Contact

Katja Noukounou view person's details
(O) 020 7610 7478


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Date Venue Event Type Key - what the symbols mean Comments Key Alloc. Close Draw
5-13 Aug Hurlingham AC - Annual Tournament view entries View details MSD 5wd 11 Jun 22 Jul  
26-27 Aug Hurlingham Golf Croquet B-Level Tournament enter and pay online view entries View details# G G:3–8 01 Jul 12 Aug  
28 Aug Hurlingham GC Handicap Doubles enter and pay online view entries View details GhD G:10- 01 Jul 12 Aug  
7-10 Sep Hurlingham The Chairman's Salver enter and pay online view entries View details As By Selection 2wd 29 Jul 22 Jul 18 Aug
12-14 Sep Hurlingham AC - Midweek Veterans Handicap Singles enter and pay online view entries View details Ha 60+ H:20- 3wd 18 Jul 29 Aug  
21 Oct Hurlingham Annual General Meeting @ 11:00 View details          
21 Oct Hurlingham Council Meeting @ 14:00 View details          
4 Nov Hurlingham AC Tournament Committee @ 11:00 View details          


# Golf Croquet B-Level Series

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