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Risk Assessments


Croquet is not a dangerous sport. The generic risk assessment provided (in MS-Excel and PDF formats) covers most of the hazards likely to be encountered during the playing of croquet at most clubs. It is intended specifically to cover the playing of the sport, an activity common to all clubs.

Whilst other approaches are possible, new clubs, or those without existing risk assessment documentation, are encouraged to make use of this document as a starting point for a more comprehensive risk assessment of their club, other suggested areas are listed below. Catering and Maintenance work will carry their own specific risks and may require additional documentation, e.g. Hygiene Certificates.

Risk assessments and/or their relevant outcomes should be made available to members and visitors to the site. An appropriate induction process for new members should be considered.

Whilst written risk assessments are not required for organisations employing fewer than five people, clubs should be able to demonstrate that consideration has been given to the risks associated with the use of their premises and a documented risk assessment achieves this. Furthermore, cover provided via the Croquet England Club Insurance Policy has an expectation that risk assessments have been carried out and might be requested in the event of a claim.

Further Areas for Risk Assessment Consideration

There are various more site-specific areas that do not lend themselves to a generic approach. Clubs should consider and risk-assess those that apply to them, possible areas to address include:

*It is particularly important to ensure that those carrying out such activities are appropriately qualified/trained/experienced.

Related Matters

Clubs should also give consideration to:

(* may also be useful)