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Uploading your club member list will create an entry in the online Croquet England Directory for each member not already in it and add them to your club's membership list.

Please read the information and instructions on this page before attempting to produce and Upload upload a club membership CSV_DocumentCSV file for the first time. Follow the link for an explanation of what is a CSV_DocumentCSV file?

Only people set up as club administrators are permitted to upload their club's data or to modify their members' details online.

You may also find useful general information relating to the Membership Scheme held in the Data Sharing FAQs.

Subsequent CSV File Uploads

Having once uploaded your club members' details in a CSV file, you do not need to do it again. You can easily modify online any club member's details, as well as add and delete members. You can use the online system in place of any separate club membership records.

Once someone's details are online, they and other administrators can update them independently of any separate records you have and so the online system does not accept changes from an uploaded CSV. Instead, if your uploaded CSV differs from the details online, an email is sent to the member asking them to check their details online and update them or inform you of the change.

A subsequent CSV file upload:

Subsequent CSV uploads need not be a complete list of club members, you can upload only the ones you wish to add.

Uploading a Membership List

To upload securely your club's list of members you first must save it as a CSV file.

Once you have a CSV file containing a complete list of all the club's members who agree to share their details with Croquet England:

That's it! Either way, the upload will be queued for subsequent processing by the Croquet England staff, so don't expect the online Directory to change immediately.

Having uploaded your members' details, use the Review Uploaded Club Members to review it (and revise it, if necessary).

Creating a CSV Export File to Upload

You can download a Blank CSV Template File (MS Excel format), which has all the available column headings - a great starting point if you want to add a new member.

Alternatively, go to your club's listing, and on the Members' tab click to Download Full Members Details (CSV), which contains the full details of each of your recorded members - this is useful if you want the online system to be your club's master list because you can use the downloaded CSV file to drive all your member management processes, including mail merges.

To create a CSV file from your existing membership list stored outside of Croquet England's system, read the explanation of what is a CSV file.

File Contents

You don't need to enter values for every column. Only enter the information that you use within your club plus any that is required by Croquet England (see below). The columns can be in any order.

Your file should contain a line for each person whom you wish to add to the database as a member of your club and for whom you have permission to do so. You should include new members of your club who are already Croquet England Subscribers and/or members of other clubs. If your membership, or their details, subsequently change, edit them online.

Here's what the file should look like when you save it as a CSV file:


Is Primary Club Is Junior

Date of

Title Forename Initials Surname Address Line 1 Address Line 2 Town County Postcode Country


Tel. Work






SC Handicap Visible to Croquet England Subscribers Visible to Club Members
Full Yes N   Mr Dave D J Kibble 21 Peg Avenue The Dingle Bristol   BS21 2AD

  0123 456789     -1.5   -2 Y Y
Country No No   Mr David D Harrison-Wood 37 Peel Road


    G1 7TP

  17964325       10   N Y
Junior Yes Yes 1/4/2001 Miss Phillis P


1 Hackney Court 123 Radstock Road London   N7 0SV

    07556 123456 phillis_abercon 8 2 7 N N

Columns in the CSV File

The fields that the Croquet England Directory system can store are listed below. Whether or not data is required is indicated as follows:

It is best if you send all the data that you hold for each of these fields.

If possible, you should use the column headings specified in the sample above. If you use different column headings, as part of the upload process you will need to say how they map onto the columns required by the database.

The Croquet England Directory allows clubs to do all of their membership administration online and to download the data for paper membership lists, mail merges, etc. Each person recorded in the database has a single set of name, contact and other personal details, but separate records are kept for each subscription to organisations of which they are a member.

Most columns clearly expect text or numeric information. Those with a yes/no value (such as ex-directory) could use the initial letters of or whole words Yes, No, True, False; alternatively, they can use the number 0 (zero) to mean No and any other number to mean Yes.