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Auto-Update Help

Tools exist to prepare news items offline and then upload them to the website automatically. Refer to the office for details. A validation code is required by the upload tool, which allows it to modify prescribed direct fields without the user needing to be specifically authorised.

Technical Notes

/members/uploadxml.asp accepts a form file upload, which must be an XML file with a root node called newsReport. XML nodes and attributes are:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<newsReport uploaderVersion="1">
  <newsItem newsId="4709" validationCode="A7F39037B16377A6373D3160026722D8A229644" author="Dave Kibble" isDraft="y">
    <heading>Chairman's Salver Report</heading>
    <venue>East Dorset LT &amp; CC</venue>
    <itemDates>6-9 Sep 2013</itemDates>
    <details detailsIsHTML="y">
        <h3>Last updated at 19:45 on 30/06/14</h3><p>This is the report</p>