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Most Improved Player Awards

These trophies are awarded at the AGM following the completed year in question (i.e. most improved player in 2015 was presented at the AGM in October 2016). The award scheme is described in the Fixtures Book section Most Improved Player Awards.

See also the Silver Medal Winners and CA Merit Awards.


Apps Memorial Bowl
for the most improved man
(AC only from 2009)

Steel Memorial Bowl
for the most improved woman
(AC only from 2009)

Spiers Trophy
for the most improved GC Player

2019 Callum Johnson Sophie McGlen Steve Leonard
2018 Daniel Gott not awarded Stuart M Smith
2017 Chris Coull Sarah Melvin Richard Bilton
2016 Andy Myers Louise Bradforth Paul Gunn
2015 Jonathan Powe Alison Girdlestone Peter Dowd
2014 Ian Anderson not awarded John-Paul Moberly
2013 Harry Fisher Caroline Denny Harry Dodge
2012 Nick Mounfield Francois Garcia Harry Dodge
2011 Christian Carter Sara Anderson William Gee
2010 Sanaa Hallam Gabrielle Higgins Nicholas Cheyne
2009 James Field Gabrielle Higgins Howard Cheyne
2008 James Le Moignan Rachel Rowe This trophy was first presented in 2009
2007 Tony Forbes Elaine Norsworthy
2006 Richard Dickson Alwen Bowker
2005 William Gee not awarded
2004 Jack Wicks Gina Lewis
2003 Chris Daniels Julie Hudson
2002 Rutger Beijderwellen Greta Stringer
2001 Marcus Evans Jenny Williams
2000 Andrew Keeble Gail Curry
1999 James Mackay not awarded
1998 Deiniol Morgan Susan Edwards
1997 Andrew Cowing Shona Vaissiere
1996 Austin Sherlaw-Johnson Naomi Green
1995 Ian Lines Ailsa Lines
1994 Dave Kibble not awarded
1993 Peter Taylor Beatrice McGlen
1992 not awarded not awarded
1991 Paul Day Eileen Magee
1990 Cliff Jones Alex O'Connor
1989 Dan McCormick Gill Bogle
1988 Steve Comish Clare Collis
1987 Russell Collighan Fiona McCoig
1986 Chris Clarke Debbie Cornelius
1985 Bill Lamb Kismet Whittall
1984 Danny Palmer Jan MacLeod
1983 Martin French Bo Harris

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