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Roll of Honour: Individual Winners

The Open Championships

  Association Croquet Golf Croquet
  Singles Runner Up Doubles Singles Doubles
  Coronation Cup Ayres Cup Silver Challenge Cups Delves-Broughton Cup Barlow & Woodlands Trophies
2020 Paddy Chapman Harry Fisher

Not Contested

Stephen Mulliner

Not Contested

2019 James Death Reg Bamford James Death & Samir Patel Reg Bamford Chris Clarke & Jenny Clarke
2018 David Maugham Jamie Burch

Title shared: Paddy Chapman & David Maugham / Stephen Mulliner & Mark Suter

Reg Bamford John-Paul Moberly & Tobi Savage
2017 Reg Bamford Robert Fulford James Death & Samir Patel Reg Bamford Reg Bamford & Stephen Mulliner
2016 Ben Rothman Samir Patel Paddy Chapman & David Maugham Stephen Mulliner Reg Bamford & Stephen Mulliner
2015 Robert Fulford Paddy Chapman Reg Bamford & Ben Rothman Reg Bamford Harry Dodge & Pierre Beaudry
2014 Robert Fulford Reg Bamford Reg Bamford & Ben Rothman Reg Bamford Howard Cheyne & Nick Cheyne
2013 Reg Bamford Samir Patel Kevin Beard & Jeff Dawson Stephen Mulliner Reg Bamford & Charles Barlow
2012 Reg Bamford Robert Fulford James Death & Robert Fulford Stephen Mulliner Reg Bamford & Charles Barlow
2011 Reg Bamford Robert Fulford Reg Bamford & Rutger Beijderwellen Stephen Mulliner Ryan Cabble & Nick Cheyne
2010 Reg Bamford Robert Fletcher Stephen Mulliner & Robert Fletcher Stephen Mulliner Stephen Mulliner & Tim King
2009 Rutger Beijderwellen Chris Clarke Ian Burridge & Jonathan Kirby Reg Bamford Howard Cheyne & Richard Thompson
2008 Robert Fulford Samir Patel James Death & Robert Fulford Reg Bamford Reg Bamford & Stephen Mulliner
2007 Robert Fulford Reg Bamford Chris Clarke & Robert Fulford Reg Bamford Reg Bamford & Stephen Mulliner
2006 Robert Fulford Reg Bamford Chris Clarke & Robert Fulford Reg Bamford Sam Curry & David Hopkins
2005 David Maugham Chris Clarke Reg Bamford & John Gibbons Reg Bamford Tim King & Roy Ware
2004 Robert Fulford Peter Trimmer Chris Clarke & Robert Fulford Ahmed Nasr Sam Curry & John Moore
2003 Robert Fulford Reg Bamford

Title shared: Chris Clarke & Robert Fulford / Mark Avery & David Maugham

Reg Bamford Chris Sheen & R Sheen
2002 Reg Bamford Chris Clarke Chris Clarke & David Maugham Reg Bamford Chris Sheen & R Sheen
2001 Reg Bamford Robert Fulford Chris Clarke & Robert Fulford Stephen Mulliner Bassett & Hall
2000 Stephen Mulliner Reg Bamford Reg Bamford & Stephen Mulliner Stephen Mulliner Derek Old & Chris Sheen
1999 Reg Bamford Robert Fulford Chris Farthing & Chris Patmore This event was first held in 2000 This event was first held in 2000
1998 Robert Fulford Jacques Fournier Chris Clarke & Robert Fulford
1997 Chris Clarke Stephen Mulliner Reg Bamford & Stephen Mulliner
1996 Robert Fulford Aaron Westerby Chris Clarke & Robert Fulford
1995 Reg Bamford Robert Fulford Steve Comish & David Maugham
1994 Reg Bamford Chris Clarke Reg Bamford & Stephen Mulliner
1993 Reg Bamford David Maugham Chris Clarke & Robert Fulford
1992 Robert Fulford Stephen Mulliner Chris Clarke & Robert Fulford
1991 Robert Fulford Chris Clarke Chris Clarke & Robert Fulford
1990 Stephen Mulliner Robert Fulford Chris Clarke & Robert Fulford
1989 Joe Hogan Mark Avery Joe Hogan & Jackson
1988 Stephen Mulliner Nigel Aspinall Nigel Aspinall & Stephen Mulliner
1987 Mark Avery Stephen Mulliner Mark Avery & David Openshaw
1986 Joe Hogan Bob Jackson Nigel Aspinall & Stephen Mulliner
1985 David Openshaw William Prichard Mark Avery & David Openshaw
1984 Nigel Aspinall Stephen Mulliner Nigel Aspinall & Stephen Mulliner
1983 Nigel Aspinall Keith Aiton Phil Cordingley & John McCullough
1982 Nigel Aspinall Stephen Mulliner Andrew Hope & Martin Murray
1981 David Openshaw Roger Murfitt Stephen Mulliner & Mark Ormerod
1980 William Prichard Nigel Aspinall William Prichard & Stephen Mulliner
1979 David Openshaw Bernard Neal Bernard Neal & Stephen Hemsted
1978 Nigel Aspinall Michael Heap Nigel Aspinall & Dr William Ormerod
1977 Michael Heap William Ormerod Michael Heap & Stephen Wright
1976 Nigel Aspinall Martin Murray Nigel Aspinall & Dr William Ormerod
1975 Nigel Aspinall Tom Barlow Nigel Aspinall & Dr William Ormerod
1974 Nigel Aspinall Allan Anderson John Prince & Gordon Rowling
1973 Bernard Neal Keith Wylie Humphrey Hicks & John Soutter
1972 Bernard Neal William Prichard Nigel Aspinall & Dr William Ormerod
1971 Keith Wylie Nigel Aspinall Nigel Aspinall & Dr William Ormerod
1970 Keith Wylie Nigel Aspinall Nigel Aspinall & Jon Simon
1969 Nigel Aspinall John Solomon John Solomon & Patrick Cotter
1968 John Solomon Nigel Aspinall Nigel Aspinall & Jon Simon
1967 John Solomon Humphrey Hicks Dudley Hamilton-Miller & Peter Hallett
1966 John Solomon Hope Rotherham Nigel Aspinall & Jon Simon
1965 John Solomon Humphrey Hicks John Solomon & Patrick Cotter
1964 John Solomon Dudley Hamilton-Miller John Solomon & Patrick Cotter
1963 John Solomon Patrick Cotter John Solomon & Patrick Cotter
1962 Patrick Cotter William Ormerod John Solomon & Patrick Cotter
1961 John Solomon Joan Warwick John Solomon & Patrick Cotter
1960 Hope Rotherham John Solomon Humphrey Hicks & Dr William Ormerod
1959 John Solomon Humphrey Hicks John Solomon & Patrick Cotter
1958 Patrick Cotter Maurice Reckitt John Solomon & Patrick Cotter
1957 Bobby Wiggins Humphrey Hicks Humphrey Hicks & Dr Bobby Wiggins
1956 John Solomon Humphrey Hicks Maj Freddie Stone & Leslie Kirk-Greene
1955 Patrick Cotter Harold Penny John Solomon & Patrick Cotter
1954 Arthur Ross Harold Penny John Solomon & Patrick Cotter
1953 John Solomon Humphrey Hicks Humphrey Hicks & Dr Bobby Wiggins
1952 Humphrey Hicks Patrick Cotter Humphrey Hicks & Dr Bobby Wiggins
1951 Geoffrey Reckitt Patrick Cotter Humphrey & Dudley Hamilton-Miller
1950 Humphrey Hicks Geoffrey Reckitt Geoffrey Reckitt & Maurice Reckitt
1949 Humphrey Hicks Daisy Lintern Humphrey Hicks & Dudley Hamilton-Miller
1948 Humphrey Hicks Hope Rotherham Humphrey Hicks & Dudley Hamilton-Miller
1947 Humphrey Hicks Robert Tingey Maj Robert Tingey & Col John Clarke
1946 Dudley Hamilton-Miller Harold Penny Maurice Reckitt & Miss Daisy Lintern

No competition

1939 Humphrey Hicks Dorothy Steel Robert Tingey & Capt Knightley Coxe
1938 Dudley Hamilton-Miller Robert Tingey C F Colman & Mrs Lily Beaton
1937 Charles Colman William Du Pre The Lord Tollemache & Sir Gerald Burke
1936 Dorothy Steel Lord Tollemache Rev Handel Elvey & Mrs Nora Elvey
1935 Dorothy Steel Bernard Klein H Reginald Poulter & Eddie Ward Petley
1934 William Du Pre Henry Pinckney-Simpson Bernard Klein & Maurice Reckitt
1933 Dorothy Steel Bernard Klein Bernard Klein & Maurice Reckitt
1932 Humphrey Hicks Dorothy Steel Col C F Wilson & W Windsor Richards
1931 Ben Apps Bernard Klein Lt Col William Du Pre & Miss Dorothy Steel
1930 Ben Apps Humphrey Hicks Lt Col William Du Pre & Miss Dorothy Steel
1929 William Du Pre Dorothy Steel Bernard Klein & C S Wentworth Reeve
1928 Knightley Coxe Dorothy Steel Miss Dorothy Steel & Mrs Noel De La Mothe
1927 Duff Mathews Trevor Williams Miss Dorothy Steel & Mrs Noel De La Mothe
1926 Ben Apps William Longman Col Charles Wilson & Mrs Lily Beaton
1925 Dorothy Steel William Longman Duff Mathews & Trevor Williams
1924 David Joseph Dorothy Steel Thomas Dickson & Miss Dorothy Steel
1923 Herbert Snell Dorothy Steel

The trophy was presented
to the Croquet Association in 1924
by M B and G L Reckitt
as a Challenge Prize
for the Open Doubles Championship

1922 Charles Pepper Leslie O'Callaghan
1921 Leslie O'Callaghan Duff Mathews
1920 Duff Mathews William Longman
1919 Duff Mathews Horace Crowther-Smith

No competition

1914 Duff Mathews Lord Bentley Tollemache  
1913 Cyril Corbally Hugh Wright  
1912 Leslie O'Callaghan Reginald Bloxsome  
1911 Edgar Whitaker Reginald Beaton  
1910 Leslie O'Callaghan H. F. W. Prince  
1909 Geoffrey Ashmore Leslie O'Callaghan  
1908 Cyril Corbally Keith Izard  
1907 Reginald Beaton Leslie O'Callaghan  
1906 Cyril Corbally Leslie O'Callaghan  
1905 Lily Gower Reginald Beaton  
1904 Reginald Beaton Frank Croft  
1903 Cyril Corbally Lily Gower  
1902 Cyril Corbally B Carter Evelegh  
1901 Robert Roper H Kingston  
1900 John Austin Clement Powell  
1899 B Carter Evelegh Trevor Williams  
1898 Clement Powell B Carter Evelegh  
1897 Charles Willis Trevor Williams  

No competition

1882 AHE Spong B Carter Evelegh  
1881 AHE Spong A Evelegh  
1880 AHE Spong B Carter Evelegh  
1879 B Carter Evelegh AHE Spong  
1878 AHE Spong B Carter Evelegh  
1877 B Carter Evelegh Col. Busk  
1876 Col. Busk Reginald Gray  
1875 Reginald Gray James Heath  
1874 James Heath Reginald Gray  
1873 James Heath C Black  
1872 C Black Walter Peel  
1871 Walter Peel Arthur Lillie  
1870 Walter Peel WRD Maycock  
1869 George Curling Joad John Hale  
1868 Walter Peel W Phipps  
1867 Walter Whitmore Hodges  

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Selection Tournaments

  Eights Week (Association Croquet) Ladies Week (Association Croquet) Golf Croquet


Jaques Centenary Cup*


Ell Cup




Bowl/Cake Stand*

The Selectors' Weekend
Ricki Savage Trophy (The Musk's Cup until 2019)

The Second Eight
The Kate Jones Memorial Trophy

2020 Paddy Chapman Robert Fulford Samir Patel Pete Trimmer Ian Vincent Phil Eardley Sarah Hayes Rosemary Saunders-Robertson John-Paul Moberly Raouf Allim
2019 Jose Riva Christian Carter Ian Lines Omied Hallam Phil Cordingley Callum Johnson Sarah Hayes Sophie McGlen Stephen Mulliner Stuart M Smith
2018 Robert Fulford Christian Carter Sam Murray Dave Kibble

(Shared) John Davis / Nigel Polhill

Jonathan Lamb Sarah Hayes Wendy Wu Tobi Savage Peter Dowd
2017 Jose Riva

Robert Fulford,
Stephen Mulliner

Mark Suter Robert Wilkinson Omied Hallam Jonathan Lamb Beatrice McGlen Frances Ransom Ian Burridge Tim King
2016 David Maugham Robert Fulford

(Shared) Christian Carter / Ian Lines

Andy Myers Jonathan Powe Omied Hallam Sarah Hayes Liz Farrow John-Paul Moberly David Widdison
2015 Paddy Chapman David Maugham James Hopgood David Harrison-Wood Sam Murray Leo Hawkins

No competition

No competition

Stephen Mulliner Joel Taylor
2014 Jamie Burch Robert Fulford Jeff Dawson Matt Holmes Luc Berthouze Mike Town Robert Fulford William Ormerod
2013 Samir Patel

Keith Aiton,
David Maugham,
Stephen Mulliner

Pete Trimmer Gabrielle Higgins Matt Holmes Paul Smith Harry Dodge Dave Crawford
2012 Robert Fulford Paddy Chapman Nick Mounfield Dave Kibble Craig Oakley Matt Holmes Ryan Cabble Freda Vitty
2011 Robert Fulford

Jamie Burch
David Maugham

James Hopgood Martin Murray David Harrison-Wood Mark Ormerod Ryan Cabble Jacob Carr
2010 Robert Fulford Ed Duckworth Jamie Burch Jonathan Hills Richard Griffiths Lee Hartley Ryan Cabble

No competition 2010

2009 Robert Fulford Stephen Mulliner Tony LeMoignan Martin Murray Dave Kibble Brian Fisk Reg Bamford Samantha Thompson
2008 Robert Fulford Rutger Beijderwellen Ian Lines James Le Moignan Martin Murray Richard White Ian Lines Nick Butler
2007 James Death Stephen Mulliner Tony LeMoignan Ben Ashwell Louise Bradforth Paul Smith Ian Lines  
2006 Robert Fulford David Maugham Jeff Dawson Samir Patel Nick Butler Kevin Carter John Spiers
2005 Keith Aiton David Maugham Jeff Dawson Sam Tudor Chris Williams Nelson Morrow Chris Daniels
2004 David Maugham Robert Fulford Ian Lines Duncan Hector Paul Smith Gerard Healy Ivor Brand
2003 Chris Clarke Coin Irwin Rutger Beijderwellen Tim Wilkins Marcus Evans Louise Bradforth Kathleen Priestley Jane Babbage Nelson Morrow
2002 Robert Fulford David Maugham Mark Avery Keith Aiton David Magee Martin Granger-Brown Sarah Burrow Gene Mears  
2001 Robert Fulford Chris Clarke David Goacher Tim Wilkins Jonathan Kirby David Mundy Gail Curry

No competition 2001

2000 Ed Cunningham Reg Bamford Robin Brown

(shared) Peter Taylor / Chris Patmore

The Treasurers Tankard
was first held in 2001


David Harrison-Wood Gail Curry Jenny Williams
1999 Robert Fulford David Maugham Jeff Dawson Ed Duckworth James Death Ailsa Lines Gene Mears
1998 Robert Fulford Stephen Mulliner Terry Burge Dave Kibble Andrew Cowing Gail Curry Kathleen Priestley
1997 Steve Comish Chris Clarke Don Gaunt Ed Duckworth David Magee Gail Curry Shona Vaissiere
1996 Chris Clarke David Maugham Roger Tribe David Harrison-Wood Alex Leggate Gail Curry Diana Williamson
1995 Chris Clarke Ian Burridge David Goacher Brian Hallam Lionel Tibble Gail Curry

No competition

1994 David Maugham Stephen Mulliner Phil Cordingley Chris Williams Jon Watson Frances Ranson
1993 David Maugham David Goacher Steve Comish Lewis Palmer Paul Smith Gail Curry
1992 Stephen Mulliner Robert Fulford David Wiggins Duncan Hector Ian Plummer Gail Curry Christine Osmond
1991 Chris Clarke David Maugham David Goacher Paul Day Thomas Coles Gail Curry Christine Osmond
1990 David Maugham Robert Fulford David Goacher Ian Bond Ivor Brand Gail Curry Alex O'Connor
1989 Robert Fulford Stephen Mulliner David Maugham Francis Landor Andrew Symons Bo Harris  
1988 Chris Clarke

Mark Avery,
Stephen Mulliner

Phil Cordingley Debbie Cornelius Brian Hallam Bo Harris
1987 Stephen Mulliner

Reg Bamford,
Eric Solomon

George Noble David Goacher David Peterson Pat Hague
1986 Stephen Mulliner Nigel Aspinall Nick Hyne Martin French Robert Fulford Debbie Cornelius
1985 Nigel Aspinall David Openshaw John Walters Tim Harrison Mary Collin Susan Wiggins
1984 Nigel Aspinall Stephen Mulliner David Foulser Colin Irwin   Susan Wiggins
1983 Stephen Mulliner David Openshaw Keith Aiton Terry Wood Pat Hague
1982 Nigel Aspinall

Stephen Mulliner,
Martin Murray

Martin Coward Mark Ormerod Susan Wiggins
1981 Stephen Mulliner Nigel Aspinall John McCullough Eddie Bell Sundius Smith/Hampson
1980 Nigel Aspinall Stephen Mulliner Vic Rees Ian Bond Barbara Meachem
1979 Eric Solomon Bernard Neal John Phillips Bryan Sykes Barbara Meachem
1978 Nigel Aspinall David Openshaw Eric Solomon Simon Tapp Frances Joly
1977 Keith Wylie Nigel Aspinall William Prichard Paul Hands Barbara Meachem
1976 Nigel Aspinall William Ormerod Eric Solomon Stephen Wright Jocelyn Sundius-Smith
1975 Nigel Aspinall Andrew Hope Colin Prichard Neil Robinson Kitty Wheeler
1974 Nigel Aspinall John Solomon Stephen Hemsted Vincent Camroux Sessions/Sundius-Smith
1973 Nigel Aspinall William Ormerod Martin Murray Andrew Hope Kitty Sessions
1972 William Prichard

Nigel Aspinall,
Paul Hands,
John Solomon

Jean Jarden Jocelyn Sundius-Smith Jean Jarden
1971 John Solomon William Ormerod Paul Hands Kitty Sessions Kitty Sessions
1970 Nigel Aspinall Bill Perry Michael Stride Dudley Hamilton-Miller Jean Jarden
1969 Nigel Aspinall Roger Bray David O'Connor Martin Murray Joan Warwick
1968 John Solomon Nigel Aspinall Edgar Jackson Martin Murray No competition
1967 Keith Wylie Jon Simon Bryan Lloyd-Pratt David Prichard No competition
1966 William Ormerod   Hope Rotherham David Prichard No competition
1965 John Bolton   Peter Fidler Hope Rotherham
1964 John Solomon Roger Hicks Hope Rotherham
1963 John Solomon Douglas Strachan Hope Rotherham
1962 John Solomon Arthur Reed Joan Warwick
1961 Humphrey Hicks David Prichard Joan Warwick
1960 Patrick Cotter David Curtis Joan Warwick
1959 John Solomon Gerald Cave Joan Warwick
1958 John Solomon Edgar Jackson Kay Longman
1957 John Solomon Gerald Cave Hope Rotherham
1956 Patrick Cotter William Ormerod Hope Rotherham
1955 John Solomon Desmond Beamish Hope Rotherham
1954 Humphrey Hicks   Daisy Lintern
1953 Patrick Cotter Daisy Lintern
1952 Patrick Cotter Daisy Lintern
1951 Humphrey Hicks Daisy Lintern
1950 Patrick Cotter Daisy Lintern
1949 Patrick Cotter Daisy Lintern
1948 Humphrey Hicks Muriel Reeve
1947 Humphrey Hicks Nora Elvey
1946 Dudley Hamilton-Miller Daisy Lintern

No competition

No competition

1939 Not held

(Shared) Daisy Lintern / Freda Oddie

1938 Charles Colman Evelyn Clarkson
1937 Dorothy Steel Lorn Apps
1936 Lorn Apps Lorn Apps
1935 William Du Pre Lorn Apps
1934 Dorothy Steel Joan Retallack
1933 Dorothy Steel Effie Ionides
1932 Bruce Morgan Dorothy Steel
1931 Dorothy Steel Muriel Reeve
1930 Humphrey Hicks Winifred Heap
1929 Bruce Morgan Muriel Reeve
1928 Knightley Coxe Muriel Reeve
1927 Edgar Whitaker Mona Bryan
1926 Edgar Whitaker Joan Retallack
1925 William Longman Mona Bryan
1924 Noel de la Mothe Mona Bryan
1923 Dorothy Steel Effie Ionides
1922 Dorothy Steel Lily Beaton
1921 Francis Barry Noel Gilchrist
1920 Leslie O'Callaghan Dorothy Steel
1919 Francis Barry Dorothy Steel

No competition

No competition

1914 Herbert Snell Dorothy Steel
1913 Cyril Corbally Mrs W P Blood
1912 Duff Mathews Dorothy Standring
1911 H Maxwell Browne Lily Beaton
1910 Leslie O'Callaghan  
1909 Leslie O'Callaghan  
1908 Edmund Fawcett  
1907 Maurice Barry  
1906 Geoffrey Woolston  
1905 Reginald Beaton  
1904 Lily Gower  
1903 Geoffrey Woolston  
1902 Geoffrey Woolston  
1901 William Bruce  

* The Jaques Centenary Cup is presented to the runner up in the President's Cup Eight. Ties for second place are not resolved; instead, the trophy is shared.

* The trophy for the Longman Bowl is the Longman Cake Stand.

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Association Croquet Championships

  Western Championship Eastern Championship Northern Championship Southern Championship   Championship of Surrey Coles Championship   Men's Championship Women's Championship Mixed Doubles
2020 (not contested) Ian Burridge

(not contested)

David Maugham Robert Fulford (not contested)

(not contested)

(not contested)

(not contested)

2019 David Maugham David Maugham Mark Avery Mark Avery Jose Riva Christian Carter James Death Jenny Clarke Mark Suter & Sarah Hayes
2018 David Maugham David Maugham David Maugham Mark Avery David Maugham David Maugham James Death Louise Bradforth David Maugham & Alison Jones
2017 David Maugham Robert Fulford David Maugham Jamie Burch Stephen Mulliner Dave Kibble David Maugham Jenny Clarke Chris Clarke & Jenny Clarke
2016 Jamie Burch

(not contested)

James Hopgood James Hopgood Stephen Mulliner Reg Bamford David Maugham Louise Bradforth David Maugham & Miranda Chapman
2015 Robert Fulford Ian Burridge David Maugham David Maugham David Maugham Reg Bamford David Maugham Annabel McDiarmid Keith Aiton & Gabrielle Higgins
2014 Jamie Burch David Maugham Mark Avery Jamie Burch Samir Patel Reg Bamford James Death Gabrielle Higgins Keith Aiton & Gabrielle Higgins
2013 Rutger Beijderwellen Robert Fulford David Maugham Jamie Burch Stephen Mulliner Reg Bamford Jamie Burch Gabrielle Higgins Keith Aiton & Gabrielle Higgins
2012 David Maugham Keith Aiton David Maugham Gavin Carter Jamie Burch Dom Nunns James Death Ailsa Lines David Maugham & Ailsa Lines
2011 Rutger Beijderwellen David Maugham David Maugham David Maugham Stephen Mulliner Reg Bamford Robert Fulford Miranda Morgan Dave Kibble & Louise Bradforth
2010 Robert Fulford David Maugham Keith Aiton Ed Duckworth Samir Patel Reg Bamford James Death Gabrielle Higgins Keith Aiton & Gabrielle Higgins
2009 Robert Fulford David Maugham Ian Lines Ed Duckworth Robert Fulford Reg Bamford David Maugham Carol Smith Keith Aiton & Gabrielle Higgins
2008 Keith Aiton David Maugham David Maugham Rutger Beijderwellen Rutger Beijderwellen Ian Lines Keith Aiton Louise Bradforth Paul Castell & Mary Knapp
2007 Keith Aiton David Maugham Reg Bamford Reg Bamford Chris Clarke Ian Burridge Keith Aiton Louise Bradforth Chris Clarke & Jenny Williams
2006 Rutger Beijderwellen Robert Fulford Keith Aiton Keith Aiton Rutger Beijderwellen Robert Fulford Robert Fulford Louise Bradforth David Magee & Eileen Magee
2005 Dave Kibble Robert Fulford Robert Fulford Ed Duckworth Rutger Beijderwellen Reg Bamford Chris Clarke Jenny Williams David Maugham & Ailsa Lines
2004 Robert Fulford Robert Fulford Robert Fulford Peter Trimmer Jeff Dawson Robin Brown Reg Bamford Liz Flemming David Maugham & Jenny Williams
2003 Robert Fulford John Gibbons Jonathan Kirby David Harrison-Wood Jeff Dawson Reg Bamford Pete Trimmer Gail Curry David Openshaw & Katheen Priestley
2002 Robert Fulford David Maugham David Maugham David Maugham Jeff Dawson Reg Bamford Reg Bamford Jenny Williams David Openshaw & Katheen Priestley
2001 Robert Fulford David Maugham David Maugham David Harrison-Wood Robert Fulford Stephen Mulliner Reg Bamford Creina Dawson James Death & Gail Curry
2000 Robert Fulford David Maugham Colin Irwin Robert Fulford Robert Fulford Reg Bamford Reg Bamford Louise Bradforth Dave Kibble & Louise Bradforth
1999 David Maugham David Maugham Robert Fulford Simon Williams Robert Fulford Reg Bamford Reg Bamford Beatrice McGlen Dave Kibble & Louise Bradforth
1998 David Maugham David Maugham David Maugham David Maugham Steve Comish Lionel Tibble Robert Fulford Frances Ransom David Goacher & Rosemary Gugan
1997 David Maugham Steve Comish Colin Irwin Peter Trimmer Terry Burge Mark Avery Aaron Westerby Bo Harris Don Gaunt & Whittall
1996 Robert Fulford Robert Fulford David Goacher Keith Aiton Stephen Mulliner Mark Avery David Goacher Gail Curry David Goacher & Rosemary Gugan
1995 David Maugham Robert Fulford Debbie Cornelius Ian Burridge Robert Fulford

The Coles Championship
separated from the
Western Championship
in 1996, so for earlier
winners of the Coles,
refer to the Western
Championship column.

David Openshaw Gail Curry David Goacher & Rosemary Gugan
1994 Reg Bamford Michael Taylor David Maugham Stephen Mulliner Jeff Dawson Mike Taylor Debbie Cornelius Palmer & McDiarmid
1993 Chris Clarke Robert Fulford Stephen Mulliner Robert Fulford Jeff Dawson Reg Bamford Gail Curry David Goacher & Rosemary Gugan
1992 Chris Clarke David Maugham David Maugham David Goacher Jeff Dawson Colin Irwin Gail Curry John Haslam & Gail Curry
1991 Stephen Mulliner Robert Fulford David Openshaw Robert Fulford Stephen Mulliner David Openshaw Gail Curry Ransom & Ransom
1990 Robert Fulford Chris Clarke David Openshaw Robert Fulford   Robert Fulford Frances Ransom Saurin & McCoig
1989 Mark Avery Duncan Reeve Robert Fulford Stephen Mulliner Keith Aiton Bo Harris David Maugham & Bo Harris
1988 Eddie Bell Chris Clarke David Openshaw Stephen Mulliner Mark Saurin Debbie Cornelius Paul Smith & Carmen Bazley
1987 Stephen Mulliner   Colin Irwin Stephen Mulliner Keith Aiton Mary Collin Nigel Aspinall & Debbie Cornelius
1986 Phil Cordingley Colin Irwin Keith Aiton David Foulser Susan Wiggins Griffith & MacLeod
1985 Colin Irwin David Openshaw Stephen Mulliner Stephen Mulliner Mary Collin Keith Aiton & Mary Collin
1984 Andrew Hope John McCullough Susan Wiggins Stephen Mulliner Veronica Carlisle Ian Bond & Veronica Carlisle
1983 Stephen Mulliner Keith Wylie Susan Wiggins Nigel Aspinal Susan Wiggins Murray & Yeoman

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Golf Croquet Championships


English National Singles
Ascot Cup

English National Doubles
Ranelagh Cups

The Veterans
The Alan Oldham Memorial

Grass Roots
Golden Mallet

Centre Stage
2020 Rachel Gee Stuart M Smith & Stephen Leonard Richard Brooks

(not contested)

2019 Rachel Gee Jonathan Powe & Stephen Custance-Baker John Bowcott David Brame (Hunstanton)  
2018 Richard Bilton Jonathan Powe & David G Nicholson Roger Goldring Jean Cording (Dowlish Wake)  
2017 John-Paul Moberly Jayne Stevens & Lionel Tibble David Wise David Hill (Enfield)  
2016 Ian Burridge John-Paul Moberly & Tobi Savage Chris Sheen Christine Searle (Phyllis Court) [Discontinued]
2015 Tobi Savage

Not contested

David Wise Tony Newport (Eynsham) David Milford (Camerton & Peasedown)
2014 Stephen Mulliner Pierre Beaudry & Harry Dodge Nelson Morrow Pat Edginton (Eynsham) Brian Hitchins (Eynsham)
2013 Will Gee Pierre Beaudry & Harry Dodge Carole Jackson Pauline Eames (Edgbaston) Chris Jackson (Nottingham)
2012 Stephen Mulliner Howard Cheyne & Nick Cheyne Bill Arliss Tony Newport (Eynsham) Philip Wood (Kenilworth)
2011 Will Gee Rachel Rowe & Will Gee Terje Johansen Richard Field (Bishop Monkton) Maggie Cowman (Ripon Spa)
2010 James Goodbun Jeff Race & Tim Race Nelson Morrow Chris Jackson (Long Eaton Park) Roger Wood (Broadwas)
2009 Reg Bamford Richard Thompson & Howard Cheyne Dick Strover Frances Skinner (Watford (Cassiobury)) Stuart Smith (Broadwas)
2008 Robert Fulford Samir Patel & Chris Farthing Dick Stover Trevor Wood (Ilkley U3A) Ian Morrison (Lansdown)
2007 Rutger Beijderwellen Ivor Brand & Richard Thompson Derek Old Nick Archer (Watford (Cassiobury)) Ian Morrison (Lansdown)
2006 Ivor Brand John Moore & Chris Sheen   John Norman (Woodhall Spa) Richard Keighley (Leighton Linslade)
2005 Reg Bamford Tim King & Roy Ware John Walker (Watford (Cassiobury)) Par Badham (Tyneside)
2004 David Hopkins Sam Curry & David Hopkins Peter Mallen (Kenilworth) Michael Kennedy (Unity)
2003 Chris Sheen Nelson Morrow & Tom Weston Mick Seagrave (Southwell) Roy Taylor (Woodhall Spa)
2002 Nelson Morrow Chris Sheen & Roderick Sheen Bob Thompson (Woodhall Spa) Rosemary Longbottom (Ripon Spa)
2001 Robert Fulford Chris Sheen & Roderick Sheen Ray Mounfield (Ashby) Pat Rogers (Croquet North)
2000 David Openshaw Chris Sheen & Roderick Sheen Eugene Brady (Auckland)  
1999 Ed Dymock Ivor Brand & Richard Brand Shirley Crispin (Bury St Edmunds)
1998 Derek Old James Wankling & Wankling Colin McDonald (Tynemouth Castle & Priory)
1997 Roy Edwards Ivor Brand & Richard Brand John Moore (Tyneside)
1996 Roy Edwards Arthur Addis & Syd Jones Barry Mitchell (Zeneca)
1995 Roy Edwards Don Beck & Miles Gerald Mitchell (Thames Valley)
1994 John McCullough   Derek Old (Tyneside)
1993 Martin Murray Chuck Ward (Tyneside)

Not played 1992

Roger Bearark (Chelmsford)
1991 Stephen Mulliner  
1990 Chris Clarke
1989 Ian Maugham
1988 Richard Brand

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Handicap Events

  Peel Memorials All-England Handicap

Silver Challenge Bowl

Silver Challenge Bowl

Mixed Doubles
Lady Murray Silver Challenge Cups

Association Croquet Golf Croquet

(not contested)

(not contested)

(not contested)

2019 Mike Hedge Wendy Spencer Ian Vincent & Diana Plant Colin Davies Dominic Aarvold
2018 Richard Stevens Patricia Duke-Cox Omied Hallam & Philippine Hallam Thomas Halliday Simon Carter
2017 Andrew Beaumont Sophie McGlen Omied Hallam & Viv Staley Phil Nuttall David Barnicoat
2016 Charles Ostler Philippine Hallam Charles Ostler & Sue Wileman Tony Elliott John Noble
2015 Omied Hallam Philippine Hallam David Brydon & Julie Horsley Jonathan Lambton Alan Clark
2014 Omied Hallam Beatrice McGlen Nelson Morrow & Clare Benson Graham Good Graham Good
2013 Roger Barnacle Rita Nunn Roger Hesketh & Jane Matthews Joe Iddison Peter Balchin
2012 Richard Smith Phillpa Cardale Richard Stevens & Diana Stevens Charlie Martin Tobi Savage
2011 Roger Hesketh Anne Stephens Abdul Ahmad & Sue Bradley Adam Swinton Nick Archer
2010 Abdul Ahmad Gail Curry Nigel Graves & Patrica Duke-Cox Geoff Johnson Tobi Savage
2009 Abdul Ahmad Amanda Hames-Keward Nigel Graves & Liz Maltby Betty Bates Richard Harris
2008 Nigel Graves Pauline Davey Nelson Morrow & Sue Strong Ken Cooke Ryan Cabble
2007 Nigel Graves Gina Lewis Jonathan Isaacs & Jill Carpenter Barry Gould Richard Harris
2006 George Noble Anne Stephens David Hopkins & Hilary Smith David Eckford Bob Donald
2005 Martin Stephenson Gina Lewis Peter Quinn & Mrs A Porter Malcolm Daines Benson Spiers
2004 John Culhane Teresa Swales Nelson Morrow & Teresa Swales Derek Knight Simon Carter
2003 Philip Eardley Mary Knapp Hugh Smorfitt & Anne Stephens Farooq Malik Tim King
2002 David Mooney Sue Best Don Williamson & Mrs J M Davies David Kitson Abdul Ahmad
2001 Bob Burnett Barbara Young Derek & Sheila Watts Ben Ashwell Marcus Evans
2000 Roger White Mary Knapp John Wilkinson & Gail Curry Marcus Evans Paul Strover
1999 Ron Benson Anne Stephens Dick & Mary Knapp Abdul Ahmad David Hopkins
1998 David Mumford Sheila Watts Roger & Sue Best John Gibbons Robert Staddon
1997 Julian Straw Christine Osmond Nelson Morrow & Sue Thrussell Hamish Stoddart David Haslam
1996 James Wankling Sue Best Mr & Mrs Neil Jackson Lisa Jones  
1995 Vincent Corney Gina Lewis Alec Thomas & Pauline Healy Ian Lines  
1994 Alex Thomas Sue Best Mr & Mrs Neil Jackson David Matthews This event was first held in 1995
1993 Nelson Morrow Anne Stephens Hugh Smorfitt & Christine Osmond Peter McGowan  
1992 Martin Burger Christine Osmond David & Eileen Magee S K Harbron
1991 Richard White Eileen Magee Ed Dymock & David White N M Wood
1990 Alex Thomas Christine Osmond John Greenwood & Christine Osmond Richard White
1989 George Noble Eleanor Grant George Noble & Eleanor Grant David White
1988 Les Chapman

Not contested

Not contested

Richard Southgate
1987 David Appleton

Not contested

Not contested

David Goacher
1986 Stephen Cornelius Kismet Whittall Don Cornelius & Stephen Cornelius R England
1985 Laurence Latham Deborah Latham R Burnell & Lady Carmen Bazley A Sedcole
1984 Roger Berkeley Lady Carmen Bazley Arthur Warren & Betty Weitz Paul Torrington
1983 Andrew Darby Rita Stanley-Smith A G Darby & Mrs E R Cox Colin Irwin
1982 Guy Whillcock Edna Cox Tristram Owen & Tommy Vale  
1981 Alec Coleman Betty Weitz Bill Moore & Colin Chandler
1980 Tristram Owen Frances Joly Mr & Mrs Tristram Owen
1979 Stephen Hoole Sue Sykes John Gosden & Doreen Exell
1978 David Foulser Barbara Meachem Barbara Meacham & Lady Bazley
1977 Phil Johnson Veronica Carlisle Stephen Mulliner & Lady Bazley
1976 Laurence Latham Edith Arkell Laurence Latham & Pat Solomon
1975 Alec Coleman Kitty Wheeler William Bulloch & Phil Cozens
1974 David Prichard Christine Bagnall Kitty Sessions & Heather Handley
1973 A S Hatt Pat Asa-Thomas Ralph Lee & Miss Isabel Roe
1972 Edgar Jackson Betty Prichard Richard Carte & Dorothy Aubrey
1971 Tiny Tyrwhitt Drake Barbara Meachem Robert Bateson & Eleanor Bressey
1970 Bunny Vulliamy Barbara Meachem Lt Col David Prichard & Bunny Vulliamy
1969 Bill Gladstone Betty Prichard Edgar Jackson & Brig L E Bourke
1968 P L Gifford Nash Jocelyn Sundius-Smith Bernard & Liz Neal
1967 Frank Forbes Jocelyn Sundius-Smith Bernie Duthie & Mrs M H Carrington
1966 Leslie Riggall Mrs L Riggall Dudley Hamilton Miller & Mrs T Croal
1965 Dacre Stoker Lady Ursula Abbey Tony Roper & Pat Solomon
1964 Dudley Hamilton-Miller Jane Neville-Rolfe Capt Dacre Stoker & Jane Neville-Rolfe
1963 Ian Baillieu Jane Neville-Rolfe Ian Baillieu & Pat Solomon
1962 Geoffrey Huskinson Mrs F N H Davidson Capt Dacre Stoker & Geoffrey Huskinson
1961 Vincent Camroux Pat Solomon Capt Dacre Stoker & Geoffrey Huskinson
1960 David Prichard Daisy Lintern Thomas Ryves & Vincent Camroux
1959 Geoffrey Huskinson Miss K D Hickson Daisy Lintern & Mrs F Stanley-Smith
1958 Geoffrey Huskinson Jessie Pavia Daisy Lintern & Mrs F Stanley-Smith
1957 Jim Townsend Pauline Heley Jim Townsend & Mrs M L Thom
1956 Jim Townsend Ivy Wainwright (NZ) Gordon Rowling & Mrs M L Thom
1955 Dacre Stoker Daisy Lintern Mrs E Haigh-Smith & Daisy Lintern
1954 Cecil Adams Mrs H J Collins Frank Fisher & Brig Laurence Stokes-Roberts
1953 Laurence Stokes-Roberts Daisy Lintern Frank Fisher & Brig Laurence Stokes-Roberts
1952 Gilbert Stanley Miss E F Rose Daisy Lintern & Mrs M L Thom
1951 Dacre Stoker Jessie Pavia Patrick Cotter & John Solomon
1950 Bobbie Wiggins Jessie Pavia William Cotton & Daisy Lintern
1949 Cecil Adams Pat Solomon William Cotton & Daisy Lintern
1948 Patrick Cotter Lily Beaton Maurice Reckitt & Mrs H J Collins
1947 Robin Hicks Aline Ozanne Aimee Reckitt & Mrs S Phillips
1946 P G Markham Lily Beaton Col Cecil Adams & P G Markham

No Competition 1940-1945

1939 H M Hill Isabel Turketine Cdr Hugh Orr & Capt Charles Backhouse
1938 L Walton Mrs S Stannard Cdr Hugh Orr & Capt Charles Backhouse
1937 Ernest Turner Mrs W W Richards William & Kay Longman
1936 George Tucker Mrs S V Hicks Maurice & Aimee Reckitt
1935 Anthony Bennett Miss S E Napier Anthony Bennett & Mrs H J Philpot
1934 Robert Tingey Mrs H J Philpot Neville Wiggins & Bobbie Wiggins
1933 Henry Pinckney Simpson Kay Longman Lord Tollemache & Sir Gerald Burke Bt
1932 Eddie Ward Petley Miss E Cooke Claude Pemberton Leach & Edith Preston
1931 John Lovett Miss M Atkinson Dr John Edkins & Miss M G Murray
1930 W B Phillips Mrs A T Johnson Lt Col William Du Pre & Kathleen Muntzer
1929 Henry Pinckney Simpson Millie Haslam  
1928 Monty Spencer Ell Mrs C R Turner
1927 W Windsor Richards Lily Nickisson
1926 Horace Whichelo Mrs G Browne
1925 Sir Malcolm Robinson Grace Carling
1924 Amos Barns Mrs A Morgan
1923 Sir Frederick Dutton Lorn Strickland
1922 Frank Colclough Mrs W Ward-Higgs
1921 Duff Mathews Louisa Snow
1920 A C Pritchard Lorn Strickland
1919 Charles Wilson Mrs H C King

No Competition 1915-1918

1914 H L Crawford Lily Nickisson
1913 William Sweet Escott Mrs J Whittle-Fudge
1912 Claude Pemberton Leach Miss H M Metcalfe
1911 Horace Whichelo Mrs E H McClaren
1910 Charles Pepper Mrs W A Brigg
1909 W H Fordham Anne Beresford
1908 Sir William Gascoigne Mrs C B Burnand
1907 R F J Grenfell Mrs C B Wickham
1906 A King Brook Mrs H Cullen
1905 C Buttanshaw Miss O Clarke
1904 Reginald Beaton Mrs W Dowson
1903 Reginald Beaton Lily Gower
1902 Sir Henry Mildmay Effie Spartali
1901 Francis Stoney Mrs P Bull
1900 Charles Willis Effie Spartali
1899 J E Austin Miss M de Winton
1898 H H Minton Mrs Compton-Lundie

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