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Roll of Honour: Team Events

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  Inter-Counties Inter-Club Competitions

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AC Inter-Club


Mary Rose

Secretary's Shield

GC Inter-Club

GC Murphy Shield

2020 (not contested) Dorset           Nottingham East Dorset
2019 Nottinghamshire Somerset   Surbiton Letchworth Bowdon St Albans Nottingham East Dorset
2018 Surrey Nottinghamshire   Surbiton Tyneside High Wycombe Sheffield Nottingham Hamptworth
2017 Nottinghamshire Leicestershire   Surbiton Pendle & Craven Watford Sheffield Ashby Watford
2016 Nottinghamshire Middlesex   Surbiton Enfield Wrest Park Hunstanton Surbiton Leighton-Linslade
2015 Surrey Leicestershire   Woking Reigate Surbiton Oxford University Ashby Nottingham
2014 Glamorgan Middlesex   Colchester Bowdon Nottingham Bowdon Dulwich Durham
2013 Nottinghamshire Leicestershire   Colchester Woking Nottingham Nottingham Dulwich Watford
2012 Nottinghamshire Kent   Cheltenham Roehampton Hurlingham Nottingham Ashby Dulwich
2011 Somerset Kent   Colchester Guildford Woking Nottingham Surbiton Broadwas
2010 Somerset Surrey   Nottingham Wrest Park Bowdon Ashby Ashby Broadwas
2009 Nottinghamshire Surrey   Surbiton Bury Cheltenham Pendle & Craven Surbiton  
2008 Somerset Surrey   Nottingham Fylde Surbiton Canterbury Surbiton
2007 Nottinghamshire Kent   Bristol Fylde Pendle and Craven Kington Langley Blewbury
2006 Nottinghamshire Kent   Surbiton Pendle & Craven Woking Blewbury Surbiton
2005 Nottinghamshire Sussex   Nottingham East Dorset Blewbury Woodhall Spa Surbiton
2004 Cheshire Dorset   Bristol Blewbury Wrest Park Middlesbrough Colchester
2003 Gloucestershire Sussex   Cheltenham Nottingham Bristol Tyneside Hurlingham
2002 Essex CA Select   Colchester Zenmet Wrest Park Bowdon Tyneside
2001 Northumberland Lancashire   Surbiton Watford Bowdon Kington Langley Sussex County
2000 Essex Kent   Harrow Oak Roehampton Nottingham St Albans Tyneside
1999 Surrey Kent   Surbiton Medway Wrest Park Ripon Spa  
1998 Avon Kent   Bowdon Parsons Green Nottingham Bowdon
1997 Avon Kent   Bowdon Bowdon Bristol Bowdon
1996 Dorset     Bristol Colworth Cheltenham Bowdon
1995 Cheshire   Woking Tyneside Wrest Park Dyffryn
1994 Cheshire   Bowdon Northampton Cheltenham Nothampton
1993 Avon   Ipswich Northampton Bowdon Bury
1992 Eastern Counties   Colchester Southport & Birkdale Nottingham Leicester
1991 Eastern Counties   Colchester Pendle Parkstone Ipswich
1990 Eastern Counties   Colchester Leicester Bowdon Bowdon
1989 Gloucestershire   Harow Oak Letchworth Bristol Edgbaston
1988 Eastern Counties   Surbiton Ellsmere Edgbaston Teeside
1987 Avon   Bowdon Glasgow Woking Bowdon
1986 Eastern Counties   Cheltenham Bristol Bristol Bowdon/Nailsea
1985 Eastern Counties   Harrow Oak Tyneside Roehampton Wolves
1984 Surrey   Roehampton Bretby Bowdon Harwell
1983 Surrey   Roehampton Colworth Bowdon Aldermaston
1982 Northern Counties   Cheltenham Worcester   Aldermaston
1981 Berks and Oxon   Roehampton Bowdon   Walsall
1980 Middlesex   Roehampton Oxford University   Chester
1979 Middlesex   Cheltenham Oxford University   Oxford University
1978 Middlesex   Hurlingham Walsall    
1977 Bedfordshire   Hurlingham Harwell    
1976 Bedford/Middlesex (tie)   Cheltenham Stourbridge    
1975 Berks and Oxon   Hurlingham Harrow Oak    
1974 Berks and Oxon   Wrest Park Daten    
1973 Middlesex   Caversham Stourbridge    
1972 Surrey   Hurlingham Harrow Oak    
1971 Devon/Middlesex (tie)   Roehampton Wrest Park    
1970 Surrey/Middlesex (tie)     Bowdon    
1969 Middlesex     Ellesmere/Hurlingham (shared)    
1968 Middlesex     Bowdon    
1967 Eastern Counties     Worton Hall    
1966 Surrey     Wrest Park    
1965 Middlesex     Roehampton    
1964 Middlesex     Wrest Park    
1963 Middlesex     Cambridge University    
1962 Middlesex     Hurlingham    
1961 Middlesex     Edgbaston    
1960 Middlesex     Hurlingham    
1959 Middlesex     Colchester    
1958 Middlesex     Compton    
1957 Surrey     Hurlingham    
1956 Hants and Dorset     Roehampton    
1955 Surrey     Woking    
1954 Surrey     Hurlingham    
1953 Surrey     Woking    
1952 Middlesex     Edgbaston    
1951 Middlesex     Hurlingham    
1950 Surrey     Hurlingham    
1949 Middlesex     Roehampton    
1948 Surrey     Warwickshire (Leamington)    
1947 Bedford and Hunts     Warwickshire (Leamington)    
1946 Bedfordshire     Warwickshire (Leamington)    
1940-1945 (No Competition)     (No Competition)    
1939 Middlesex   Hurlingham Warwickshire (Leamington)    
1938 Hampshire   Roehampton Ryde    
1937 Middlesex   Woking Warwickshire (Leamington)    
1936 Bedfordshire   Bedford Bedford    
1935 Surrey   Woking Blackheath    
1934 Surrey   Compton Southsea    
1933 Surrey   Woking Winchester    
1932 Middlesex   Ranelagh Woking    
1931 Irish Counties   Ranelagh Warwickshire (Leamington)    
1930 Surrey   Woking Warwickshire (Leamington)    
1929 Hampshire   Ranelagh Edgbaston    
1928 Surrey   Compton Withheld (competition unfinished)    
1927 Middlesex   Roehampton      
1926 Surrey   Sussex County      
1925 Surrey   Woking      
1924 Hampshire   Woking      
1923 Surrey   (No Competition)      
1922 Surrey   Bedford      
1921 Middlesex   Hurlingham      
1920 Middlesex   Roehampton      
1915-1919 (No Competition)   (No Competition)      
1914 Middlesex   Hurlingham      
1913 Middlesex   Bedford      
1912 Kent   Bedford      
1911 Middlesex   Hurlingham      
1910 Kent   Bedford      
1909 Kent   North Hants (Fleet)      
1908 Hertfordshire   Bedford      
1907 (No Competition)   Epsom      
1906 (No Competition)   Denham      
1905 (No Competition)          
1904 (No Competition)          
1903 (No Competition)          
1902 (No Competition)          
1901 (No Competition)          
1900 Berkshire          
1899 Berkshire          
1898 Berkshire          
1897 Berkshire          

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