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Club Membership Renewal

<Target Name>

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Based on the information below, the <Instance> subscription for <TargetName> is <ToPay>.

Please send a cheque to the CA Office, of if you want to pay by Bank Transfer, please quote reference: <Target Code>CSUB

Bank of Scotland
Sort Code: 12-20-26
Account No: 01827641

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Before completing this form, please take a few moments to check that the membership list held for your club is correct (unless it is an Affiliate member). The membership list should contain all playing members who have provided your club with consent to share their details with the CA. If you have members who are not on the list but should be, or who have left your club and should be removed from your list, then please update the system following these guidelines. Note that people who are Premium, etc., members of the CA, or Standard members of the CA through membership of another club, should be included also, otherwise they are not recorded as members of your club.

(*) I confirm that the club's membership list on the database is up-to-date.


(*) The club is an Affiliate club or is not providing membership information (and thus cannot register any of its members as Standard members of the CA).


Club CA subscription is calculated using the number of Primary Club Playing-Members (including CA Members) on 30th September last.

  • Please enter the number for whom <TargetName> was their primary or only croquet club:
  • University/School/Affiliate clubs should enter 0 (as they have a fixed rate).

Primary (or only) Club Adult Playing-Members: [         ]

Primary (or only) Club Young Playing-Members: [         ]

  • Young people are those under 25 on 30th September last.
  • Members of the club can be excluded only if another club is their primary club or they are non-playing members.

For statistical purposes and help in gaining sponsorship for our sport, please tell us the total numbers of adult and young croquet-playing members that <TargetName> had on 30th September, including those who are primary members of other clubs:

Total Adult Playing Members: [         ]

Total Young Playing Members: [         ]

Please select the relevant membership category for your club:

(*) Large club (<Fee_29_Adult> per adult member, <Fee_29_Junior> per young person, minimum <Fee_29_Min>)

(*) Small club (less than 2 lawns or restricted use of lawns as agreed with the CA) (<Fee_30_Adult> per adult member, <Fee_30_Junior> per young person, minimum <Fee_30_Min>)

(*) Large club in second year of membership (capped at <Fee_29_Cap_Y2>, minimum <Fee_29_Min>)

(*) Large club in third year of membership (capped at <Fee_29_Cap_Y3>, minimum <Fee_29_Min>)

(*) Small club in second year of membership (capped at <Fee_30_Cap_Y2>, minimum <Fee_30_Min>)

(*) Small club in third year of membership (capped at <Fee_30_Cap_Y3>, minimum <Fee_30_Min>)

(*) University/School at <Fee_32>

(*) Affiliated Club at <Fee_31>

Please contact the CA Office if you have any queries or need assistance in completing this form.


For results, news, reports, corrections, updates, etc. see contact the CA. As an anti-spam measure when not logged-in, # replaces @ in email addresses - click on the link as usual to send an email.

The CA will not share your personal details with any other organisation and undertakes to keep them confidential as described in our Security, Privacy, and Cookie Policies and Information.