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Extract from Synopsis of Significant Council Decisions

A guide to inform members about previous decisions.

The full Synopsis of Significant Council Decisions was prepared by Lt Col D M C Prichard until March 1983 and updated to December 1994 by D C Caporn. It was further updated to March 2002 by A J Oldham, then by Q Barrett and I G Vincent to November, 2020.

The synopsis paraphrases relevant minutes, to which members should refer if they wish to read the definitive decisions. This is an extract of the full synopsis, containing the decisions felt to be of greatest current relevance.

Editor's note - this extract and the full document are in the process of being converted into a database application of ease of maintenance, but this requires further work by the webmaster.


  1. Council
  2. President
  3. CA Office
  4. Membership
  5. Finance
  6. Development
  7. CA Awards
  8. Tournaments
  9. Handicaps
  10. Trophies
  11. Sponsorship
  12. Magazine
  13. International

1. Council
22 Oct 1964 Existing procedure for nominating Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Council to continue. [Under this procedure, the retiring Chairman consulted past Chairmen to decide on the appropriate person to be nominated as the next Vice-Chairman, it being understood that normally this person would automatically succeed the next Chairman.]
26 Feb 1966 Ex-Chairmen and Vice Chairmen eligible for re-election after interval of five years.
8 Dec 1990 Executive Committee to report action to Council.
23 Mar 1991 Members’ claims for expenses must be made before end of calendar year.
7 Dec 1991 Federation Representation on Council approved. Such persons to act as representatives not delegates (reconfirmed 21 March 1992).
11 Dec 1993 Any controversial motion should be published in The Croquet Gazette well in advance, ideally in the May/June edition for the AGM in October.
22 Mar 1997 Powers of co-option of non-Council members extended to all Standing Committees.
20 Mar 1999 New structure and modus operandi adopted allowing greater autonomy to committees. Management Committee established. Detail of routine committee decisions not to be reviewed by Council which in future will concentrate on policy matters.
25 Mar 2000 Summary of Council decisions to be prepared by Chairman of Management Committee [later the Hon Secretary] for publication in The Croquet Gazette.
25 Mar 2000 Guide for Council members published. This includes advice to members wishing to express dissent from Committee and Council decisions.
14 Oct 2000 Laws and Tournament committees empowered to change Tournament regulations without seeking prior approval of Council.
24 Mar 2001 Proposals to amend the Laws of Association Croquet and Golf

Croquet may be submitted to Council by the International Laws Committee.

Council may approve changes, if satisfied that there has been adequate opportunity for members to comment on them, without the need for explicit publication of the proposals in The Croquet Gazette and a confirmatory second vote on them.

Power to issue Rulings and Commentary on the Laws effective in the domain given to the International Laws Committee in addition to the power given to a member of Council appointed for that purpose.

[On 19 January 2008 Council decided to adopt the Rules of Golf Croquet drafted by the WCF Golf Croquet Rules Committee and publish them with its own rulings.]

24 Jan 2009 Chairmen of non-Principal Committees to be elected by Council rather than the Committee itself.
23 Jan 2010 Full results of elections to Council to be published.
27 Mar 2010 Committee chairmen must be members of Council but need not be "currently elected". [This allows the President, Vice-Presidents, the Hon Secretary and the Hon Treasurer to chair committees.]
22 Jan 2011 Minutes, reports and agreed policy documents of Council and its committees to be published to Associates on the website, normally within four weeks of the meeting. Management Accounts and Budget also to be published.
22 Jan 2011 Conflict of Interest Policy for relations with WCF approved.
22 Jan 2011 Committee Chairmen to report significant decisions to Hon. Secretary each June.
19 Mar 2016 Tournament committees do not have the power to impose sanctions on a player, only to refer the case to a disciplinary panel.
21 Oct 2017 Committee chairmen no longer need to be members of Council. Chairmen of Principal Committees no longer sit on Management Committee. Additional member of Executive Committee drawn from Council rather than Management Committee.
30 Mar 2019 SGM agreed changes to the Constitution to reduce the size of Council and confine its role to high-level policy, strategic initiatives, scrutiny and transparency, with a separate Executive Board.
19 Oct 2019 New Council, consisting of 12 voting members, with President, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and Chairman of the Executive Board as non-voting members, took over from larger one. It defined its top-level policy as “to get more people, playing more croquet in more places by promoting , developing and administering the sport.”
2. President
2 Mar 1933 Report of ad hoc committee on office of President stated that founders of the CA intended Presidents to occupy an independent position at General Meetings to hold the balance between Council and Associates.
23 Jan 2010 President to be elected by single ballot with both individuals and clubs having one vote.
23 Jan 2010 Council has power to grant expenses for overseas travel by the President.
Various On their retirement Past Presidents are invited to attend Council Meetings in accordance with Standing Order 15.
3. CA Office
29 Mar 2008 Changes approved to implement restructuring to replace CA Secretary by CA Manager with responsibility for membership services, the shop and publicity, and an Honorary Secretary, with responsibility for servicing Council and its Committees.
16 Oct 2010 Archiving Policy adopted
4. Membership
6 Mar 1976
AGM 1976
Power given to Council to increase CA individual subscriptions (by not more than 50%) without prior reference to AGM or SGM.
13 Mar 1982
3 Apr 1982
Only Associates are entitled to attend Club or Delegate conferences.
17 Jul 1993 Increases in Club Registration Fee after 1995 to be limited to the rate of inflation unless approved in General Meeting.
25 Mar 2000 Reciprocal playing rights not to be offered to members of the Scottish or Irish C A. [This decision has been superseded by a WCF rule guaranteeing reciprocity of playing rights between all Member Associations of the WCF, which was incorporated into the Constitution at the 2013 AGM.]
18 Oct 2014 Federations to become eligible for membership of the CA and be directly represented on Council from the date of the 2015 AGM.
28 Mar 2015
21 Oct 2017
Increases in per-capita club subscriptions of up to £1 above inflation per year permitted for the next five years. Members of Member Clubs to become eligible for membership of the CA from a date to be determined by Council no later than 1st January 2020. Implemented 1st January, 2018.
23 Jan 2016 General Meetings Working Party reported. Its recommendation that binding votes should not be taken at general meetings, but in postal/electronic votes afterward, was accepted in principle.
1 Jan 2018 Standard Membership offered to members of Full Member Clubs. Tournament membership renamed Premium, and Non-Playing renamed Supporter. Additional daily levy of £5 introduced for Standard members; Premium members get priority entry to tournaments.
10 Aug 2020 Priority entry for Premium Members withdrawn from 1 Jan 2021.
5. Finance
14 Oct 2000 Annual budgets should be on a break-even basis with reserves invested so as to maintain their real value allowing for inflation.
14 Dec 2002 Benefactors Book. Unless anonymity had been requested, the names of donors of gifts and bequests to the CA to the value of £1000 or more, or of those deemed by Council to have rendered service to an equivalent value, should be inscribed in the Benefactors Book. Only those names entered into the Benefactors Book within the previous 25 years should be read at the Annual General Meeting.
15 Oct 2011 Arrangements for banking signatories changed.
28 Jan 2012 Reserves strategy agreed.
28 Jan 2012 Fraud insurance agreed, but this was reversed 23 Mar 2013.
24 Mar 2012
19 Mar 2016
Budgetary and expenditure authorisation procedures agreed.
6. Development
14 Dec 2002 Federations can use approved grants from the CA to fund small capital projects up to a limit of £150 per club per annum. The Development Committee may authorise grants over £150 up to a limit of £1000 [raised to £2000 in January 2017]. Applications for grants over that amount will be handled by a Major Grants Committee consisting of the Chairman of the Management Committee, the Chairman of the Development Committee and the Treasurer.
25 Mar 2006 Grants and/or loans totalling £5K or more to be approved by Management Committee.
26 Mar 2011 Grant Poicy for 4-lawn clubs adopted.
25 Jan 2014 Loans to clubs will no longer require individual guarantors, but the total outstanding is to be limited to £15K.
28 Jan 2017 National Development Officer post approved for two years.
7. CA Awards
2 Mar 1985 Criteria for election of Honorary Associates: membership will be awarded to those who have rendered exceptional services, normally on a national basis and in one or more of the official posts recognised by the CA.
11 Dec 1999 Townsend Award to be open to clubs of any age but with 2 courts or less and Apps-Heley Award to be open only to clubs with 3 or 4 courts; both to be awarded in alternate years.

Millennium Award to be awarded in alternate years for clubs with 5 courts or more.

11 Dec 1999 CA Diplomas instituted for those who have made a very significant contribution to croquet by helping at club level.
14 Oct 2006 Executive Committee to consider candidates for major awards annually.
27 Mar 2010 Criteria for award of Council Medal and Diplomas widened: Council Medal is now awarded for distinguished service to croquet and Diplomas can include services to Federations as well as clubs.
25 Jan 2014 Members of Council not to receive long service award, but those with more than 12 years service to be commended in The Gazette.
21 Oct 2017 Revised awards policy adopted.
16 May 2020 Bernard Neal Award for Exceptional Services to Croquet instigated, to sit between Council Medal and Diplomas.
8. Tournaments
18 Dec 1988 Fees for non-playing managers for Opens (Association Croquet), President's Cup and Men’s and Women’s Championships approved (in addition to traditional payment of specific expenses such as lunches and travel).
9 Dec 1989 No entry for any CA event to be accepted until fee paid.
8 Dec 1990 No prize money in CA Tournaments.
23 Oct 1993 Acceptance of entry fee only by Tournament Secretary.
6 Dec 1997 Late entries to CA sponsored tournaments may be accepted at the discretion of the manager on payment of a 50% surcharge.
14 Dec 2002 Practice before start of play permitted unless forbidden by the Manager.
24 Jan 2009 It is not in the interests of croquet to join WADA or to perform drug tests.
25 Mar 2017 CA Events not to clash with AC and GC Opens.
20 Oct 2019 Higher rate of Lawn and Ball Hire introduced for large events.
Selection Events
25 Feb 1976 Holders of Chairman's Salver and Surrey Cup (Spencer Ell Cup) have right to defend their titles unless selected for a higher event.

[This was subsequently superseded by the CA's Selection Policy.]

17 Oct 2009 Acceptance of promotion to a higher Eight after selection announced is not mandatory.
9. Handicaps
20 Mar 1999 Initial handicap test to be mandatory for novices before entry to first tournament.
20 Mar 1999 Maximum handicap to be 20 for both Doubles and Singles in CA Association Croquet events.
25 Mar 2000

Club handicappers to have discretion to set or alter handicaps above 8 for Association Croquet.

24 Mar 2001 14-point Association Croquet games to be included in the Automatic Handicapping System with a 5-point index change.
10. Trophies
16 Nov 1974 CA Selection Events. In the event of a tie, only the name of the

winner of the play-off to be engraved on the trophy.

22 Apr 1989 AELT&C Club presented silver Wimbledon Bowl to the CA for the World Croquet Championship.
8 Dec 1990 Cost of engraving CA trophies to be borne by CA. Prize money no longer to be awarded to winners.
16 Jul 1994 CA trophies must not be taken out of the U K.
23 Mar 1996 Terms of loan of the Wimbledon Bowl to WCF confirmed in a Memorandum of Understanding.
24 Mar 2007 Beddow Cup donated to the CA as a trophy for the Association Croquet Inter-Club competition (though to be retained by the CA).
Various See full Synopsis for decisions about ownership of trophies loaned or donated to clubs
11. Sponsorship
17 Dec 2005 Clubs offering to host events should indicate if they are willing to try to obtain sponsorship. They can keep two-thirds of any surplus. Budgets for sponsored events may include provision for paying direct expenses of players.
12. Magazine
19 Oct 1985 Name Croquet Gazette again changed to Croquet. (Note: the magazine was called The Croquet Gazette from its inception in 1904 until 1954 when the new style magazine was entitled Croquet. A reversion to the old title took place in 1970.)
17 Jul 1993 Croquet is the official magazine of the CA but opinions expressed in it are not necessarily those of Council.
9 Dec 1995 Name changed back to The Croquet Gazette following a poll of readers.
23 Jan 2016 The Croquet Gazette is no longer to be a journal of record.
13. International
18 Oct 1986 Solomon Trophy for annual or bi-annual matches between GB and USA under Association Croquet Rules to impose no financial obligation on the CA.
21 Mar 1992 Cost of entertaining official teams invited by Council is a proper expense of the CA.
15 Dec 2001 Budget to be established to enable better hospitality to be offered to teams from other countries taking part in International matches.
23 Mar 2002 International Fund may be used to assist players with their expenses in needy cases.
24 Jan 2009 Support for WCF re-affirmed: CA seeks to work with other national associations and the WCF to increase the effectiveness of the WCF Council, the accountability of its Management Committee and confidence in the WCF’s processes and procedures.

International Committee to organize the hosting of a reasonable share of the Championships held by the WCF, subject to the Management Committee agreeing a budget on each occasion.

24 Jan 2009
22 Jan 2011
Bursary scheme, primarily for Student Members, established for a trial period of two years [and subsequently continued].
22 Jan 2011 Agreement to be sought for WCF to take over MacRobertson Shield subject to supermajority approval by 4-GB of changes to its regulations.
22 Jan 2011 CA team in MacRobertson Shield to represent England rather than GB in future. Solomon Trophy and Maugham Salver to remain as GB. Northern Irish players to play for Ireland not GB nor England.
24 Mar 2012 Payment of travel and accommodation expenses for GC World Team Championship players agreed on same basis as for MacRobertson Shield. Grants towards travel expenses for other international team members agreed.
23 Mar 2013
19 Oct 2013
Proposed to restrict Domain to England, but allow co-operation with other Associations within a Home Area by agreement.
23 Jan 2013 Precedent confirmed that players who are borderline for selection cannot be a member of the Mac selection committee.