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GDPR Consent Template

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[XYX] Croquet Club

Membership of, and/or Association with, Croquet England

As a playing member of this club, you are entitled, at no additional cost, to be a Standard Associate of Croquet England (CqE), if you do not subscribe individually to the Organisation.

Standard association will give you access to the Croquet Gazette; entitle you to play in calendar tournaments and give you access to all of the other benefits of association.

Because CqE is a charity, if you wish to become a voting Member (as well as an an Associate) you will have to complete a simple form declaring your understanding of your role as a voter. You will then be in a position to vote in the elections for the charity trustees and at General Meetings of the Members and thus influence the running of the sport.

To take advantage of all this, your consent is required, to enable the club to share your contact details and other data with CqE, and for you to appear in the Directory in the members-only section of its website. For information about the data to be shared and how it will be used, please see

Please complete, sign, date and return this form to <the Club Secretary>, stating your wishes below, or e-mail them to <e-mail address>, and inform them if your wishes subsequently change. Please reply no later than <date> if possible.

I am an individually subscribed member of Croquet England: Yes/No
I do not subscribe as an individual and I wish to be a Standard Associate of Croquet England: Yes/No
I wish my details in the online Directory to be visible to:
  Members of this and any other croquet club of which I am a member: Yes/No
  All members and associates (i.e. subscribers) of Croquet England: Yes/No
This is my primary (or only) croquet club: Yes/No
I am under the age of 25, having been born on [dd/mm/year] Yes/No




(Note: please ask your Parent or Guardian to sign if you are under 16 years of age)