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Recruiting for Croquet

By Donald Beck (first written in 2006 and updated sporadically since)

The Need For New Recruits

Every year an established club 'loses' 15% to 20% of the membership.

If you don't recruit then costs per member rise, there is less social interaction, and slowly the club dies.

People join clubs for -- what?

If you stop providing the opportunity for -- what? Then people will leave.

The WHAT Factor. Consider your members:

Identify What the Club Has to Keep Existing Members and to Attract New Members

How Many Recruits Do We Need / Would Like?

Factors To Consider

1. A Budget should deliver Fixed and Variable Costs.

From this one can calculate the costs/member with different membership numbers. Will people pay £x?

Can the costs be reduced?

2. How many Members / Players can the club accommodate?

3. How many new recruits can we accept each month / year?

4. Set a budget for recruitment.

5. Who is responsible for recruitment in the club?

Set Realistic Targets

Why Market A Croquet Club?

Marketing is very simply defined as 'Matching the right product to the right customer in the best possible way'

Potential of Marketing:

SMART Marketing

SPECIFIC increase X group membership

MEASURABLE target numbers published

AGREED by all involved / responsible

REALISTIC targets stretching but achievable

TIME LIMIT a time has been set

Marketing Makes Sense

SWOT Analysis of the Club

SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats



Build on 'good points' in publicity and marketing.



Any training needs?

Are the 'best' people in the key roles?

Identify the USP (Unique Selling Points) of the Club

Ways in which your club is special

For example:

Focus on USPs That Appeal to the Target Audience

Find The Target Customer

Target Groups Are People Who

share a common factor e.g.
Gender / Occupation / Age / Educational Background / Professional Background / Location / Other Leisure
Activities / Amount of Leisure Time Available / Age of Children / Live within catchment area
Travel time / Access to Club / Media Distribution Area / ...

Marketing for each target group;
Which media is best?
Which promotional material would be relevant
Promotional Material - An effective message will do four things (AIDA):

Which technique would best reach the target audience: Publicity / Advertising / Schools Programs / Group Sessions / Open Days / Exhibitions / Croquet Events

Start Marketing

Marketing Checklist

Further Help