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Just for Fun: Pirates

Pirates is suitable for anyone of any level whether they play AC, GC, or just turned up to see what our mallet sport is all about. Up to 8 players can play on one lawn (though more can play really)!

Suggested time limit: 45 minutes.

  • The object of the game is to hold more points than anyone else at the end (when the timer goes off).
  • A point is scored by a ball running any hoop in any direction. It cannot score the same hoop (in any direction) until it has scored at a different hoop.
  • Hitting another ball robs it of its points (except multiples of 10 become buried treasure and are kept). For example, hitting a ball with 22 points gains 2 points and that ball drops back to 20.
  • Each player plays alone and strikes "their" one ball.
  • Strict sequence order of play - follow the colours on the peg.
  • Start by players selecting their ball and placing it anywhere on any yard-line (one mallet-length in from the boundary).
  • Each player in turn strikes their ball and their turn ends when all balls have come to rest unless they earn an extra shot by hitting another ball or scoring a hoop:
    • play again from where the ball stops
    • in that shot it can score a hoop, or hit another ball to steal its points, and earn yet another shot.
  • When a turn finishes, the next ball in sequence is played by its owner.
  • A ball going over the boundary is replaced on the yard line (a mallet's length in from the boundary).

It helps maintain the pace if players remain near their ball (without obstructing play).