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Racing Croquet

A quick game for singles or doubles, playing six hoops with just one ball on each side. You can play it as either:

Knockout Competition

Speed Competition

Similar to the above but on the word GO a third person starts a stopwatch, which is stopped when the side hits the peg. All times are recorded and at the end of the allotted time (could be one game or a series of games) the contestants are ranked by fastest time.


The rules are basic with no faults (with one exception) to ensure continuous play, but:

  1. If a moving ball is touched it is a fault and the ball must be returned to a mallet's-length in front of the last hoop.
  2. If balls are in close proximity, a player must not intentionally attempt to hit an opponent's ball. (No penalty but the balls should be replaced). If this happens, play continues from where the balls stopped.
  3. If a player thinks there is a danger of an opponent's ball hitting theirs then the player can use their mallet to protect their ball. No penalty to either side and play continues.

Many thanks to Bernard Pendry of Surbiton Croquet Club for this suggested game!