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Examining Coach

The criteria required to be an Examining Coach are:

  • To be a CA Associate.
  • To be of suitably Graded Coach standard and have held that qualification for minimum of three years. [i.e. to be a Grade 2 or 3 AC Coach or a Golf Coach]
  • To be recognised by the Croquet Community as a respected, active and outstanding Coach of suitable experience.
  • To act as an impartial judge of coaching ability and this duty carries with it an obligation to perform and behave with accuracy, consistency, objectivity and the highest sense of integrity in order to preserve and encourage confidence on the professionalism and integrity of coaching; officials must also display ethical behaviour.

The Role of the Examining Coach is to carry out Assessments, using the CA approved examining process, of prospective coaches and recommending the candidate for a particular coach qualification. The Examining Coach can only assess candidates of a lesser or equal standard. [i.e. a Grade 2 AC Coach cannot assess a Golf Coach or a Grade 3 Coach]. To report the results of any Assessment promptly to the candidate and the CA Coaching Committee Chairman.

To become an Examining Coach, the candidate must meet the criteria set out above and the application must be endorsed by the relevant Federation Coaching Officer. The applicant should apply to the CA Coaching Committee Chairman. Once the appointment is confirmed by the Coaching Committee, the nominee's name will be added to the CA's list of Examining Coaches.


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