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GC Refereeing: Practice Questions

Answers each question and include reference to the relevant rules:

  1. What is the halfway line between hoops 12 and 13?
  2. What is the difference between a Striking Fault and a Non-Striking Fault?
  3. When is a fault condoned?
  4. A player does a jump-shot after which the opponent draws attention to an indentation in the lawn obviously caused by the ball. Is this a fault?
  5. When may extra turns not be used?
  6. Y plays through the next hoop in order from the non-playing side. The ball goes through the hoop to the playing side but the rabbit run causes the ball to roll back into the jaws in a position where it has started to run the hoop. After B has played, R then promotes Y through and claims the point. Is it given?
  7. Is a fresh air stroke a fault?
  8. In a match of more than one game, who starts the 2nd and 3rd games and with which ball?
  9. In a game with no referee in charge, both players cannot agree on what has happened (i.e. fact). Whose opinion prevails?
  10. Bob scores a hoop with Blue. Ray plays Red quickly but Bob points out that Yellow is off-side and requests that Yellow is put on the penalty spot on the eastern boundary and for Ray to re-play Red. Ray agrees to re-play Red but points out that Black is also off-side and asks for it to be placed on the same penalty spot. What should Bob's reply be?
  11. What is the definition of the striker's ball and of the striker?
  12. Who announces the score after a hoop is run?
  13. What is the maximum thinking time between strokes considered acceptable?
  14. The striker hits the hoop but does not touch the ball in the hoop but the ball quivers. Is this a fault?
  15. May a point be scored as the result of a non-striking fault?
  16. B Handicap 8 and K Handicap 4 play R handicap 6 and Y handicap 6. What is the extra-turn situation?
  17. B plays Y's ball and in doing so, clearly double taps clearing Red. What is the penalty?
  18. B indicates an extra turn after a striking fault. The balls are put back. B then changes her mind. How does play proceed?
  19. B cannons off R. B goes off the court but R hits K's mallet. What is the penalty?
  20. How may a ball in an off-side position be legally there when a hoop is scored?


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