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Coach of the Year and Lifetime Coaching Award Process - Working Paper

The Coach of the Year and the Lifetime Coaching Award are prestigious awards that are made to qualified (i.e. graded) CA coaches who have shown a significant and above normal contribution to coaching. Guidance criteria include:

  • Has shown dedication, innovation and enthusiasm to expanding knowledge and skills of the game.
  • Carries an endorsement from Federation Officials, National/International players, or club committees.
  • Has a significant length of service as a coach.
  • Has made a particular contribution within the relevant playing season.
  • Is reasonably attributed with helping a player, team or group of players achieve a significant success.
  • Has led a successful reorganisation of coaching that reached a number of players.
  • Has dedicated significant time and expertise to producing a widely used CA coaching asset, such as a manual or technique.

The Lifetime Coaching Award is awarded only once to anyone, whereas Coach of the Year may be awarded again after at least five years have passed.

The Lifetime Coaching Award encompasses additionally:

  • Sustained contribution over a number of years.
  • The candidate is widely recognised as having made a significant contribution to coaching in the domain throughout that time.

These criteria are for guidance and the candidate would not necessarily have to fulfil all of them.


  • The award is presented at the AGM (in October).
  • It is decided in February and announced as soon as practicable after then (taking into account a check on suitability via Management Committee).
  • Nominations close at the end of January.
  • Coaching Chairman contacts clubs, Federations and top players in December for nominations.
  • Coaching Chairman reminds all of the awards and process towards the end of the playing season (Gazette article).


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