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Nottingham B-Level

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4-5 June 2005 (AC)

John Haslam beat Rick Davis +25
Dean Bennison beat Neil Chalmers +22
Gordon Hopewell beat John Christmas +24
Beatrice Mc. Glen beat Rodney Parkins +23
David Brydon beat Derek Buxton +21
Brian Christmas beat Jeanne Ackermann +17
Nicholas Saxton beat Paul Swaffield +5
Roger Schofield beat Keith Roberts +15
Paul Rigge beat Martin Beacon +7
Rob Edlin-White beat Terry Sparks +1
Brian Kerr beat Peter Mc. Dermott +12
Barbara Haslam beat Julian Sweed +1t
Richard Huxley beat Ray Lowe +23
Rodney Parkins beat Rick Davis +6
Ray Lowe beat Derek Buxton +7
Gordon Hopewell beat Roger Berkeley +11
Paul Rigge beat Beatrice McGlen +17
David Brydon beat Brian Christmas +12
Martin Beacon beat Jeanne Ackermann +15
John Haslam beat Terry Sparks +12
Barbara Haslam beat Nicholas Saxton +10
Roger Schofield beat Richard Huxley +9
Brian Kerr beat Dean Bennison +14
Rob Edlin-White beat John Christmas +15
Paul Swaffield beat Peter Mc. Dermott +14
Neil Chalmers beat Julian Sweed +13
Roger Berkeley beat Keith Roberts +11
Paul Rigge beat David Brydon +1
Brian Kerr beat Gordon Hopewell +1
Dean Bennison beat Brian Christmas +21
Terry Sparks beat Martin Beacon +5t
Beatrice Mc. Glen beat Nicholas Saxton +11
Neil Chalmers beat Derek Buxton +23
Rodney Parkins beat Peter Mc. Dermott +18
Rick Davis beat Ray Lowe +13
John Haslam beat Paul Swaffield +15
Roger Schofield beat Barbara Haslam +7
Richard Huxley beat John Christmas +4
Keith Roberts beat Dean Bennison +3t
Brian Christmas beat Roger Berkeley +3
Nicholas Saxton beat Rob Edlin-White +23
Beatrice Mc. Glen beat Neil Chalmers +17
Rick Davis beat Keith Roberts +11
John Christmas beat Brian Christmas +11
Roger Berkeley beat Rodney Parkins +18
John Haslam beat Brian Kerr +23
Paul Rigge beat Roger Schofield +7t
Beatrice Mc. Glen beat Barbara Haslam +10
Martin Beacon beat Derek Buxton +17
Terry Sparks beat Julian Sweed +5
Rob Edlin-White beat Peter Mc. Dermott +17
Dean Bennison beat Nicholas Saxton +17t
David Brydon beat Richard Huxley +4t
Neil Chalmers beat Ray Lowe +21
Gordon Hopewell beat Paul Swaffield +17
Ray Lowe beat Jeanne Ackermann +9
Gordon Hopewell beat Barbara Haslam +6
Brian Christmas beat Rob Edlin-White +10
John Christmas beat Roger Berkeley +3
Paul Swaffield beat Beatrice McGlen +4
Peter Mc. Dermott beat Rick Davis +21
Rodney Parkins beat Keith Roberts +15
Paul Rigge beat John Harlam +8
David Brydon beat Nicholas Saxton +24
Dean Bennison beat Richard Huxley +25
Brian Kerr beat Roger Schofield +6
Neil Chalmers beat Terry Sparks +19

Handicap Changes

Neil Chalmers 6 to 5
Rob Edlin-White 3 to 3.5
Brian Kerr 5 to 4
Terry Sparks 6 to 5


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