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Dave Maugham's detailed sideline report of the Quarter-Finals

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12th August 2005 (World Championship)

World Championship Quarter Finals


Death v WesterbyLawn 11


Evans v BamfordLawn 7


Fulford v AitonLawn 1


Kirby v BaldLawn 10


10:00 Slight teething troubles with the wireless network means that I've missed the start of some matches. However I'll try and pick it up as we go along.
10:15 James had a supershot with black and Aaron went just out of second corner. James missed, and Aaron hit the double, but has not got a rush to hoop 1 Not started yet, they're still setting the hoops Rob went in a standard spot on the EB, Keith went 1 foot out of 2nd corner. Rob shot(?) at K's ball and ended up in the corner. K shot and hit but failed hoop 1. Rob has made hoop 1 and is now trying to pick up a break. Not sure about the start, but Kirby is now on a break at hoop 5
10:20 Aaron failed to approach hoop 1, so retired to corner 4. James now has Aaron's break Hoops now set. Players practising Rob has just failed to approach hoop 2 out of the second corner Kirby now approaching 1-back
10:25 Turns out the CA office has windows with the reflective coating, so my connection's a bit flaky at the moment.
10:30 James stuck on hoop 4 rolling out of IV, but Aaron failed hoop 1. Still(!) practising Keith missed and Rob has just made hoop 4 with blue. Jonathan is having an NSL with Black on hoop 4.
10:35 James has just failed 1-b from nowhere. Finally started. Evans had a supershot with blue. Reg went to the maximum distance spot on the EB. Marcus has just hit the shot down the boundary Rob was hampered on his pioneer after running 5, but hit a 5 yarder at partner which was still near 4. Ken missed the long lift with black
10:37 Aaron is on hoop 3 with this laid 4 ball break that James has handed him. Marcus made a slightly angled hoop 1, and is now approaching 3 with no hoop 4 pioneer (the hoop 3 pioneer was deep) Rob has just made 1-back Jonathan has picked up his second break fairly well, and is making 4 off partner with all the balls placed for a delayed TP
10:41 Aaron's just made hoop 5 Marcus got straight 2-3 ft position at 4 but failed it, trying to run to a ball on the boundary. Rob's for 3-b with all the balls placed for a spread in a minute Jonathan looks like he has rushed partner too far to do the first peel before 6, and hasn't got a great rush either.
10:44 Aaron's on 1-back, looking like he's going to have a NSL with Black (the 1-b ball) at hoop 2 Reg has hit his 7 yarder and is now on hoop 2. Rob has had a very tight diagonal spread, Keith has lifted the ball at 2 (Y) and is about to take the short lift. But he's missed it Jonathan has failed hoop 6 and Ken has hit. He has rushed to near hoop 5 so is about to try and roll off 1
10:49 Aaron is completing his NSL. Reg has just made 3 Rob has made hoop 1 with a tight break, but has partner at 2 Ken failed hoop 1, and Jonathan shot from 2 to 1 but missed. Ken has now run 1.
10:52 James has lifted Blue (from hoop 4) and hit down the boundary. Reg is on hoop 5 Rob has got partner in peeling position and has all the balls Ken failed to approach 2 off partner, and Jonathan put the ball from hoop 3 (Y, the 4-b ball) into corner 4
10:56 James has failed hoop 1, Aaron is shooting from hoop 2 with Red (the 4-b ball), but misses Reg is just making 1-b Rob did the first peel quite deep (~1 yard off NB) and then rushed into hoop 3 after 4, but has played a good croquet stroke to get a rush back up the lawn on the peelee Ken has made 2 and 3 and tried to approach 4 out of the corner, but failed, so retired to partner on the NB. Jonathan is now looking at his shot with Y from behind hoop 4
10:59 James has all the balls for a TPO, and has just done the first peel Reg has just made 2-b Rob is on hoop 6 but the position's a bit loose now, he'll be rushing to it from 3 yards behind, and putting the peelee out from further. Jonathan went in II with Y and Ken is playing with the hoop 1 ball and getting the balls out into the middle
11:03 James has just made 6 and is about to do the second peel Reg has put together a diagonal spread with the hoop 4 ball (K) at hoop 2 Rob has used his loose 1-b pioneer to his advantage by failing to put the peelee into position, and then having a Wylie penult peel Ken approached hoop 1 from the Red which was on the S boundary in front of it, and has just rushed to hoop 2. He doesn't have a tight hoop 3 pioneer having rushed too close to partner to stop the ball out.
11:07 James has not done the third peel before 3-b, but it does look like it is 2" dead straight in front Marcus shot at the ball by (1 ft away from) the peg, but missed. Reg has rushed too close to get a ball to 2, and is looking at getting a rush to the ball on the SB Rob has not managed the third peel before 3-b either, and has had to swap his pioneers before 4-b Ken failed hoop 2, but Jonathan missed from near 3. Ken has just ran 4 with a three ball break and got the extra 2'6", but hit his return 4 yarder anyway.
11:12 James has completed the TPO, and had two off, 1-b vs. 1. He left partner next to rover such that it was difficult to approach 1. Aaron elected to take the 8 yarder as the balls lay and hit it. He approached 1 from near the end of a-baulk but failed it. James has taken position at 1-b Reg has just failed 3, with all the balls for a standard TP around. Marcus now has a 1 yarder with his hoop 1 ball. Rob has done the third peel straight, but looks hampered. Apparently hampered enough to need 2 referees! Ken is on 2-b having dug out all the balls now
11:17 James has made 1-b, and run away, Aaron got position at 1 off the lift, James went on the SB about 10 yards away. Aaron ran 1 and took position at 2, James didn't get position at 2-b Aaron ran 2 and took position at 3. Marcus has made 1, but not rushed well to 2 Rob hit his hampered shot and finished +26tp Ken has had an NSL with the 4-b ball at hoop 4
11:25 Aaron ran 3 and shot at James, but missed. James hit Y and rolled off 2-b but didn't approach 3-b. Aaron shot and missed so James picked him up and approached 3-b and ran it to the N boundary, and has just approached and ran 4-b. He has just finished +10tpo Marcus has just rushed to 4 I missed the opening in this game but it involved Rob shooting with R at K, a 7 yarder fourth turn near hoop 3 with a ball Y in the background near hoop 5, U was somewhere between 1 and 2. Rob hit the background ball and is now going round Jonathan hit the lift with Y and made a leave. Ken missed and Jonathan has just made another leave with R&Y behind 4, U level with 6 between 3 & 4 and K about 2 yards out of II. Ken shot and missed with U at R & Y
11:34 Drinks break Marcus is on 6, the break has been a bit scrappy Rob is approaching 3 from about 3 yards straight Jonathan is about to rush to 6 from behind 4
11:47 A lot of trouble with the wireless network I'm afraid. So the updates might be a bit more infrequent.
11:47 Supershot opening by James, Aaron dribbled. James Dribbled. Aaron missed. James failed hoop 3. Aaron Failed hoop 1, James missed Marcus seems to have failed 3-b. Reg is in with Y, the 4-b ball Rob appears to be for 4-b and having a tight OSL. K is about 1 yd from corner 2 and U is peg high on the EB, Y is in IV and R is about 1 yd out Jonathan picked up his break and has just made rover. He is about to make a spread with U the 4-b ball at the peg.
11:54 Aaron has picked up his break with Y Reg has laid up near III with U the 3-b ball near 4 and K peg high about 2 yards in from the WB, with a single target. U shot and missed. Keith hit the lift by shooting down the EB with K at U with RY in the background. He hit U and now has a 4th corner cannon. Which has got to about 5 yards in front of 1 Ken has found a double at RY from the end of b baulk with K (the hoop 2 ball), and has hit it
12:01 Aaron is on 6 Reg mis-approached 3, and scattered U. K shot from the other side and missed, Reg just hit his 7 yarder with Y Keith is on hoop 2 Ken is on 3 with all the balls for a standard TP
12:09 Aaron's on 3-b and I think he's making a pop leave. Reg has laid up by 3 not guarding the corner, with K near 1 and U near 2. Marcus shot with K missing into III Keith is on hoop 6, no TPO attempted Ken jawsed the first peel, and has just rush peeled it before 6.
12:13 Yep, Aaron's had a tight pop leave. K in IV, U peg high on the WB, R in II Y 12" out. Reg has gone round the houses (rush to U, rush back to K, rush to 3) and has failed 3. Keith's just made 2-b Ken failed 1-b, but since he had left his 2-b pioneer at 6, Jonathan had an easy roquet with his 4-b ball, and has subsequently rushed to and made 4-b
12:18 James hit his 13 yarder at R with U, rushed to 1 and made it, but failed 2 having approached it out of the corner Marcus hit with U and had a leave with R at 4, Y level with 6 in front of 2, and U and K about 4 ft apart on the N boundary in front of 3 Keith is having a spread Jonathan is just finishing +10
12:25 Aaron hit from 2 to 3 with R and has just played a good take off to get a rush on the ball in hoop 2 Marcus promoted partner to Y, and has put R to 5 and got a rush to 4 with using U and Y Rob has missed down the boundary with Y (the hoop 1 ball) Jonathan had a standard 1st ball, Ken replied with a tice level with hoop 2(!). Jonathan shot at the tice and hit it then rolled out into the lawn and hit his 20 yarder at partner, to have a DL
12:29 Aaron made 1, then rolled to the ball in 4, he is now rolling K towards hoop 2, and going to Y near hoop 3 and has left himself an 8 yarder Marcus has just made 1-b Keith is approaching 2 Ken missed down the boundary
12:35 Aaron waltered off his 8 yarder and joined up. James went in I, and Aaron has now approached 2 from the NB behind it, after rushing from near 4. Marcus is on 3-b Keith is on 5 and is positioning the balls for a delayed TP on the most difficult lawn Jonathan failed 2, and Ken hit from hoop 3 and has just rushed to 7 yards from the hoop
12:39 Aaron is now on hoop 4 with his 3 ball break. K is still near I Marcus has just made penult Keith is making 6 having got the peelee in the jaws of 4-b Ken didn't approach 1, so retired to partner near 4, Jonathan shot with K from near 1 but hilled off (or so his body language said). Ken has just failed 1 with R, K is near 4 and U is next to 2
12:43 Aaron picked up the ball in I before, putting it to 6 going to the ball at 5, but came up a bit short and missed his gentle shot. James is playing with the hoop 2 ball and has all the balls. Marcus has just had a reverse diagonal spread, but instead of having the balls near the boundaries, everything is is in the middle of the lawn (but still wired/hampered). Reg shot from a baulk, but missed Apparently K wasn't in the jaws, sorry. Keith has just made 2-b, with partner just in front of 4-b Jonathan missed with U from near 2. Ken made 1 but then failed 2. Jonathan joined up on the EB. Ken made 2 and missed Jonathan's balls
12:50 James is having another TPO. He's now on 1-b having done 1 peel and got the peelee in the jaws of penult Marcus is on penult Keith is on penult Jonathan has just failed hoop 2 with K, next to Ken's R, which has just hit the ball in the hoop.
12:55 James is on 4-b having done 2 peels. Marcus has just run rover, and is about to win +15 Keith is about to run rover and seems to be having a spread. Ken is now on hoop 5 with red.
12:58 James got a bit hampered after penult, but dealt with it, and has just run rover. K is going to be 10 yards up the WB from I. No apparently not, he's chopped it out to about peg high, but it's now 3 yards in the lawn Lunch Keith's had a spread. Ken failed 1-b, and Jonathan hit with K from 2-b
13:03 Aaron's played the "lunch card" before taking his contact. U is in III. Lunch Rob's hit the short lift with his hoop 1 ball Jonathan has just made 3 and is taking off from 3 to U near IV with Y at 4.
13:11 Lunch Lunch Rob has got all the balls for a standard TP. It looks like he's done the first peel, but it's only just through (it may still be in the jaws), and he's on hoop 4. Jonathan's just made 1-b
13:15 Lunch Lunch Rob looks like he's fallen into a hole in front of 4, so he's having that repaired Jonathan's just ran 2-b
13:18 Lunch Lunch Rob's got his break back together and is approaching 5 with the other balls both at 6 Jonathan's having a spread with R (the 1-b ball) near hoop 2
13:21 Lunch This match has restarted, with Reg put R out as a supershot. Marcus replied with a ball on the EB about 12 yards N of IV. Reg missed it from A baulk and Marcus is about to shoot at the double down the boundary Rob is about to peel penult after 6. Ken has lifted the peg ball and missed down the boundary. Red is only about a yard of the WB so getting a ball to 3 is going to be tricky for Jonathan.
13:24 Lunch Marcus hit and has just got a rush pointing at the middle of the lawn Rob has just made 1-b Jonathan has put partner behind 2 and is approaching putting R towards 3
13:28 Lunch Marcus stuck in 1, and Reg is now for hoop 2 Rob is on 3-b having done 2 peels Jonathan didn't put R towards 3, he put it behind 2, and then failed 2. so Ken now has an easy roquet with R which is for 1-b
13:34 Lunch Reg got some appreciation from the crowd for running hoop 3 Rob's just doing a straight rover peel to finish. Seem to have stopped for lunch
13:37 Lunch Reg is on 5 Rob won the second +5tp (2-0) Lunch
13:40 Lunch Reg is on hoop 6 Lunch Lunch
13:50 Lunch (although James is back, pint in hand) Reg has had a spread, with U near the peg Lunch Lunch
13:52 Lunch Marcus has missed the short shot with K Restarted, Ken has just ran 1-b with R Lunch
13:58 You'll have to forgive me for getting the games mixed up in the columns
14:01 Restarted. Aaron has played a very good contact stroke, rolling U to the middle of the lawn and getting a rush on the ball near the WB to 5, and has rushed it to 1 foot from the hoop. Reg is on hoop 3 and has got all the balls for his standard TP out. Lunch Ken had an NSL with U at hoop 4. Jonathan hilled off the long lift with U.
14:07 Aaron's on 2-b Reg had a hoop and roquet on the escape ball after three, so had to put partner to 5. He's now made 5 and rushed to 3 yards in front of 4-b. The peel attempt bounced off. Rob put out a anti-duffer. Keith went in II. Rob joined up giving himself a rush to II. Keith missed down the boundary Ken is making hoop 5, but the balls are in poor position for a delayed TP attempt.
14:14 Aaron's on rover Reg is about to try a 4-b peel before 1-b Rob has rushed to 1 Ken has failed 6 off Jonathan's hoop 2 ball with a ball at 1-b
14:17 Aaron won the second +12otp (1-1) Reg did the peel and has made 1-b Rob mad 1 and rushed to II. He made 2 putting partner towards 3, and ran the hoop to the boundary. Jonathan has made 3 and has all the balls for standard TP
14:20 James put out a longish supershot, Aaron dribbled at it and missed. James shot at the double from b-baulk and hit. He has just made 1. Reg is approaching 2-b Rob has made 3 and has taken off the lawn going to the ball in IV from the NB Jonathan has failed the first peel, and the ball is just out of the Jaws. His hoop 6 pioneer is well north, and he has failed to get a forward rush out of 5
14:24 James is on 1-b Reg is on 3-b with the balls placed for a delayed double Keith has made 1, and is taking croquet near 4 with another ball nearby and U on the NB in front of 3 Jonathan has done the first peel, but has not been able to attempt the second one after 6 and partner is now going to 2-b
14:28 James put a ball off the lawn, looking like he was playing for a DL. So Aaron has 3 balls near the EB about level with 5, but doesn't like his target from the end of b-baulk and is shooting from III. Reg has failed his second peel, and has just approached 4-b Keith is now on 3 with a 4 ball break Jonathan is making 2-b
14:31 Aaron has hit down the boundary with R. Let's see if he fancies returning the TPO compliment to James Reg made 4-b and is setting up for his straight peel. Keith is on 4 Jonathan is on 3-b , but is standing around near penult at the moment. He's now got the balls in the standard delayed double position.
14:34 Aaron's made 1, with K (the hoop 1 ball) at 2, U is between 3 and 4. Reg hasn't done the penult peel, and is now for rover. Keith's on 6 Jonathan's left R a little bit N of penult, so not ideal, but he does seem to be peeling from 18" straight.
14:38 It looks like Aaron is fancying the TPO, but he's just ran three by 3 yards, so doesn't have a lot of control back at the peelee Reg has had a spread at penult & peg Keith has just made 1-b Jonathan failed the peel, but kept it right in front of the hoop, so he's got a good chance doing it straight.
14:41 Aaron hit the peelee too hard, but has left it behind near 3, so maybe he'll have it delayed... Marcus missed his short shot with the ball from by the peg Keith is on 3-b Jonathan played the straight peel well, and got the peelee down to next to rover. He's now got a slightly angled rover peel from about a foot. He played it Irish and the strikers ball stayed in the jaws.
14:45 Aaron's given up on the TPO, and has just made 5 Reg has just rushed to penult from the WB Keith doesn't seem to be having a very controlled leave Jonathan's just finished +12tp (2-0)
14:47 Aaron's on 1-b Reg is just about to get his rush to rover. Keith's had a sort of reverse OSL, with K (the hoop 4 ball) in corner 4, U near the peg and He's just about to roll R & Y to II Having a break
14:54 Aaron's made an NSL with U (the 4-b ball) at hoop 4 Reg finished +26 (1-1) Rob took the short shot at R & Y from b-baulk and missed. Keith is now for hoop 2 approaching from 3 yards to the side putting U to 3 Ken put out a standard ball, Jonathan had a Duffer. Ken replied with a ball level with 6 on the WB. Jonathan hit his duffer.
14:59 James hit down the boundary with the black, and now has all the balls for a TP Marcus had a standard ball, Reg had a duffer, Marcus dribbled at the duffer and missed. Reg missed the duffer but hit the background ball, and has just made 1. Keith has just made 4 and has hit a 5 yarder at a ball near IV. He now has all the balls. Jonathan Rolled off the lawn after hitting his duffer. Ken is now going round, on hoop 4. U is still near the WB.
15:05 James hit the escape ball after running 3, so, since it was Aaron's 4-b ball, he has embarked on a third TPO. Reg is on hoop 3 Keith is on hoop 6 with the balls placed for a delayed TP attempt Ken is for hoop 5
15:08 James has just had to hit his hoop 6 pioneer by jumping over the peelee. He managed to land on top of it and not move it, however this meant that he could not cannon the peelee into peeling position, so he has left it 3" in front of penult. Reg is on hoop 4 Keith has jawsed the first peel (definitely this time) and has just made 6 Ken is for 6
15:12 James walked all over the death roll, but hasn't rushed in front of rover before 3-b. Reg is on 5 Keith has made 1-b and done the first peel Ken is for 2-b
15:15 James has just got hampered after penult again. The peelee is 1" in front of rover. Reg is for 1-b Keith is for 2-b Ken is for 3-b looking like he is going to make a NSL
15:17 James need penult hammered into the lawn a bit Reg is on 2-b Keith is about to croquet the box ball out from IV going to the 3-b pioneer. Ken did indeed have an NSL, with Y at 4. Jonathan has lifted Y and is shooting down the boundary.
15:20 James dealt with his hampered shot, and has just done the final peel. Reg is on 3-b Keith is about to attempt the penult peel before 4-b Jonathan missed the lift and Ken is rushing across to R
15:22 James has rushed U to near IV, and is about to peg out from 2 yards, and has, with both off, unsurprisingly. Reg is having a spread Keith has had the second peel and made 4-b. Ken has made 1 and is rolling to the ball in IV, but has gone off the lawn
15:25 Aaron failed to get position at 1, James failed to get position at 4-b, Aaron took position, James took position Aaron ran 1 and missed U. James ran 4-b and hit Y. James failed penult Marcus lifted the ball at the peg and took the short shot and missed Keith has just failed rover having just done the peel. Jonathan didn't get in front of 1, so laid up, Ken shot from 2 to 1 and missed. Jonathan picked him up and has just made 1
15:31 Aaron hit the lift, rolled up to 2, ran it, hit the return and has just rolled to 5yd position at 3. He flicked the outside of the hoop and went of the EB peg high. James went of the NB in front of penult. Reg has got hampered after 1, but hit Rob is now going round with the hoop 4 ball, and is for 5. Jonathan has just made 3
15:34 Aaron shot at James but missed. James rolled up to penult, ran it and is just finishing. +11tpo (2-1) Reg has just made 2 and rushed partner to about 3 yards from 3 Rob is on 1-b Jonathan is on 5
15:37 James had a supershot and Aaron dribbled from I. James dribbled from b baulk, leaving a 10 yarder from a baulk Reg just squeezed through 3, with the peelee fairly deep, and can't see it. It looks like Rob has failed 2-b Jonathan has just made 1-b
15:42 Aaron missed his 10 yarder. James is about to rush to 1 Reg had to hit the escape ball, so partner went to 5. He's now making 5 Keith has just mis-approached rover. Jonathan has just made 2-b
15:46 James got hampered after 4, but just hit one of the balls near 5. Reg has got the peelee in the jaws and has made 6 Rob is about to make 2-b Jonathan had an NSL with K (the 4-b ball) on 4. Ken lifted it and missed down the boundary
15:52 James is having a spread Reg has somehow got the peelee out of the jaws, so it is still for 4-b, R is for 2-b Rob has just hit a 4 yarder, I think after 3-b Jonathan ran 1 with vigour and had to hit partner at 2.
15:54 Aaron lifted Y from the peg and hit down the boundary Reg is making 3-b Rob is cross wiring R & Y at hoop 1 Jonathan rolled down to the pioneer at 1, put it to 3 trying to go to the ball in IV, but came up short, so retired to partner. U shot from near 3 at the balls by 1 but missed.
15:57 Aaron's made 1. K, the 4-b ball is at 2 Reg is on penult Keith is lining up his tea-lady, but he misses it Jonathan has just stuck in 3 off partner. U is next to 5, K is still in IV
16:01 Aaron is trying to get in the act, and is now having a go at his own TPO, and has done the first peel Reg has made rover and is putting together a spread Rob has all the balls and is or hoop 2 Ken hit Y from near 5, rushed R through 3, took off and rushed partner to the end of b-baulk, rolled up and and has now picked up his break
16:06 Aaron has just run 5 a bit too firmly and will need to hit one of the balls by 6 Marcus is once again taking the short shot, and once again has missed it. Rob is approaching 3 Ken, in fact, now has a standard TP He has done the first peel and is on hoop 5
16:08 Aaron's lost position slightly, and is now peeling penult from about 4ft at a slight angle Reg has made 4-b Rob had some trouble with the ground near 3, and has just ran it. Ken has just put peelee behind 6 after making 6. Once again he is electing to not have a 2-b pioneer.
16:12 Aaron failed the peel and is now on 1-b Reg has just made penult Rob is making 4, having done 1 peel. Ken made 1-b this time, and is about to do the penult peel , getting a rush to 2-b
16:15 Aaron's attempting the death roll from about a yard. Reg has just made rover Rob is on 5 with both balls at 6 Ken just failed 2-b from quite close, having got the peelee close in front of penult.
16:16 Aaron failed the death roll, and has just made 2-b Reg jut pegged out +26 (2-1). Reg is playing within himself here, having won gone to 4-b, gone to peg then, finished in the last 2 games. Rob's done the second peel Jonathan lifted the hoop 4 ball, which was behind 2-b and shot at U from I, but missed it. Y is by 4.
16:19 Aaron's got hampered after 3-b, and was continuing with the TPO, having put out the balls for a delayed double Reg put out a supershot, Marcus went just out of II, Reg hit, but has rushed to the end of a baulk and is now running away, and has rolled both off approximately level with 5 Rob is doing the last peel before 3-b Ken ran penult and hit Y, and laid up in corner I with Y near 4. Jonathan missed K with Y
16:24 Aaron ran away to IV. James took his lift with U rather than just running penult with K, and missed. Aaron is now playing with his hoop 1 ball with an approach to 1 from the s boundary in front of it Marcus missed the short shot, and Reg is now on hoop 2 Rob has just rushed to the peg. +3tp (3-0) Ken has made 2-b and 3-b, and just ran 4-b.
16:30 Aaron failed to approach, and tried to scatter partner which was near 4, but missed. James hit his 12 yarder with the U and has just ran 1, and needs to do a DP to get in the semis. Reg has just made 3   Ken has just peeled rover. But had to jump partner, and just clipped it going through, he's rolled it back to the peg through the hoop
16:35 James just tried to rush peel penult, from about 9" back, before 4. He was perhaps fortunate that it bounced back, rather than sticking in the jaws. Reg is on 6   Ken has left Jonathan a choice of a 7 yarder with the forward ball and a 9 yarder with the backward, having pegged one ball off. He's shooting with R, the hoop 4 ball, but has missed. Ken wins +4 (2-1)
16:40 James is progressing more normally with his double now, although he did nearly peel penult off the lawn. He's just made 2-b Reg is on 2-b   Having a break
16:42 James is about to make 4-b, still needs to do the rover peel. Reg is on 3-b   Jonathan put out a standard ball. Ken has had a peg high tice.
16:44 James has an easy straight rover peel Reg is having another spread.   Jonathan shot down the EB at partner and missed
16:45 James finishes +17 (3-1). That's one semi sorted out. Reg is just finishing his spread.   Ken has hit his tice and is taking off to Jonathan's northerly ball, Y.
16:49   Marcus fingered off his lift from by the peg, but missed it anyway.   Ken rolled up to hoop 1 from IV, putting Y on the SB, then retired to partner. Y shot through ending up in II, but then Ken missed his 3 yarder at partner on the boundary
16:56   Reg has just made 2. Partner is at 3.   Jonathan hit his 7 yarder at Ken's balls, and made 1. He then went round the other balls to dig out his break, but failed to get close to 2 and failed it.
16:59   Reg is on 3 with a standard TP   Ken got an angled hoop 1 attempt and failed it. Jonathan now has a break with R.
17:03   Reg has finally managed to get the 4-b peel in after 3. Let's see if he can actually manage a peeling finish in this quarter final.   Jonathan's just making 4
17:07   Reg has made 5 with the other balls at 6.   Jonathan has just made 6
17:10   Reg has just done the second peel after 6   Jonathan is making 2-b and has left K floating near 4, so I guess it is another NSL
17:13   Reg has just made 1-b   I think that Jonathan and I have just remembered that he is for 2 and a NSL isn't such a good leave. It's looking more like a spread now.
17:14   Reg just attempted the 3rd peel before 2-b but hit the outside of the wire   Jonathan's just made 3-b
17:16   Reg is about to try the 3rd peel before 3-b   It's looking more like an OSL now, Since Jonathan christed off K near the peg a couple of yards from position. R & Y are about 3 yards apart just outside IV.
17:19   Reg has done the 3rd peel and is now for 4-b   Ken missed the short lift with U (which was at 2)
17:21   Reg has made 4-b   Jonathan has rushed well to 2, and has made it. He now has all the balls for a standard TP
17:24   Reg is about to make rover   Jonathan has done the first peel and is on 4
17:26   Reg has pegged out +26tp (3-1)   Jonathan is for hoop 5
17:29       Jonathan is on hoop 6, but peelee is not behind the hoop
17:32       Jonathan is for 1-b and Partner is now going to 2-b
17:36       Jonathan has made 3-b but didn't get a forward rush. He's put the blue 6 yards past penult, but did get close to peelee, but it's still not tight.
17:40       Not a good peel attempt. The peel didn't go through and he didn't get a good rush to 4-b however he has played a good approach and has run the hoop
17:41       Jonathan has waltered off his straight peel attempt, and has ran penult by 8 yards. He's ow got a choice between a 2 yarder at his rover pioneer, or a 6 yarder at the ball at penult. He's taken on the two yarder
17:44       Jonathan's made rover. He's now putting together another OSL, which is the best he could have done in the circumstances
17:49       Ken is considering the "triple target" from B baulk, and has decided to take it. R&Y are only a foot apart, pointing at K, so they're not adding much to the target. It's about a 16 yarder to K, and he's hit it centre ball.
17:52       Ken got a cannon from R&Y, and has rushed R to about 2 yards to the side of the hoop. He's slightly over approached, tried to jump and failed it. Jonathan can't see it, so he's taking on a 10 yarder at K near hoop 4, but he's missed
17:57       Ken dribbled K back towards U, but Jonathan hit with Y (the peg ball) at R near IV.
18:00       I guess U can't run 1, as Jonathan is looking at putting K somewhere near 2 and going back to partner
18:03       K shot at U, which is possibly right in front of a wire. He missed. Jonathan has rushed to about 5 yards to the side of penult, and is now playing a square split to put Y towards II, however it has hit penult and is now just in the middle of the lawn. R has hit U and is going to move K towards IV.
18:07       Jonathan scattered yellow, so R & Y are now about 12 yards apart on the NB
18:10       Ken shot K from near IV at U by hoop 1 and missed. Jonathan shot Y from behind 2 at R in front of 3 and missed
18:11       Ken's approached to 1" at a slight angle, gets a referee out, and finally runs the hoop. He's now rushed to near hoop 3
18:14       Ken rushed to behind 2, but hasn't taken off far enough. So he's running away to I. Kirby's shooting Y from III at R behind 2
18:17       Jonathan's missed. Ken took U at K, and has missed joining up in I.
18:19       Jonathan hit his 7 yarder at Y and is now taking off to the balls in I. He's left himself a 7 yarder, which he's hit.
18:22       He's slightly underhit his rush to penult, but only slightly. He's approached it OK, and has had plenty of wire to only go through by 6". He has played a good shot to rush K to 4 ft out of I, so he now has a chance of rushing U to rover
18:24       Jonathan's rushed well to rover, and he has made it. He has got a rush back up the lawn and has rushed to behind 2. A good take off and he has a rush to the peg. Which he has rushed to 4 ft from the peg. Kirby +25 (3-1)


Well, this is me signing off. I'll see what I can do tomorrow, although there is rain forecast, so I'm not sure about having the laptop outside. Also the power cables probably aren't weatherproof. But I'll see what I can do.



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