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David Parkins won the Newport B-Level tournament

[<<] [>>] by Mike Porter at Newport
25th June 2007 (AC)

David Parkins won the Newport B-Level tournament with five wins out of five on a rain-soaked weekend. Manager Mike Porter clinched second spot and also claimed his gold merit award with a triple against David Ruscombe-King.

1 David Parkins 5/5
2 Mike Porter 4/6
3 Ian Storey 4/6


Jim Potter beat Feargal Smith +18
Ian Storey beat David Tutt +4
David Parkins beat Jonathan Toye +17
Mike Porter beat David Ruscombe-King +8tp
Paul Miles beat David Mumford +13
David Parkins beat Jim Potter +17
Mike Porter beat Ian Storey +9
Paul Miles beat Ian Mantle +3t
David Mumford beat Feargal Smith +12
Jonathan Toye beat David Ruscombe-King +18
David Parkins beat Ian Mantle +1t
Ian Storey beat Paul Miles +26
Jonathan Toye beat Mike Porter +2
David Tutt beat Jim Potter +7
Feargal Smith beat David Ruscombe-King +1t
David Mumford beat Ian Storey +11
Paul Miles beat David Tutt +9
Jim Potter beat Jonathan Toye +16
David Parkins beat Mike Porter +17
Ian Mantle beat Feargal Smith +13
David Parkins beat Paul Miles +5
Jim Potter beat David Ruscombe-King +13
David Tutt beat Jonathan Toye +17
Mike Porter beat David Mumford +1
Ian Storey beat Ian Mantle +16
David Tutt beat Feargal Smith +3
Mike Porter beat Jim Potter +25
David Mumford beat David Ruscombe-King +26
Ian Storey beat Feargal Smith +16

Handicap Changes

David Parkins 1 to 0.5
Mike Porter 3 to 2.5


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