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John Davis won the Nottingham August tournament

[<<] [>>] by Peter Death at Nottingham
20th August 2007 (Other News)

There were 28 competitors in the Nottingham August tournament, played for the most part in wet, heavy conditions.

Event 1 The Robin Hood Gold Cup (Handicap Singles) (26 entries)

All players competed in a flexible Swiss event until Thursday evening, when the top 8 were drawn into a final knockout.

Semi-finals: William Gee (1.5) beat Peter Thompson (1) +25
Rob Edlin-White (2.5) beat Derek Buxton (10) +3

Final: Gee beat Edlin-White +16

Event 2 Open Singles (Advanced play) (7 entries)

Played as an American block with play-off between the top 2 places. William Gee and John Davis scored 5 wins each in the block. John Davis beat William Gee +4 +17tp in the final.

Event 3 B Level Singles (Advanced play, handicaps 4 - 8) (10 entries)

Played as 2 blocks of 5, the top 2 in each block drawn into semi-final and final.

Semi finals: Roger Berkeley beat Don Martin +5
David Brydon beat Martin Beacon +13

Final Brydon beat Berkeley +17 -21 +13

Event 4C Level Singles (Ordinary Level Singles, handicaps 9 - 12) (5 entries)

American block with play-off

Final: Michael Finnigan beat Derek Buxton +12

Event 5D Handicap Singles (Full bisque, base 10, handicaps 14+) (4 entries)

Double American block

Winner: Derek Blow 6/6

Event 6 Handicap Doubles (12 pairs)

Semi finals: William Gee and Don Martin beat John Davis and Bob Thompson
Barbara and Geoff Young beat Ian Hill and Derek Buxton

Final Young and Young beat Gee and Martin +20

CA Merit Awards

Gold award: William Gee
Silver award: Michael Finnigan

(The merit awards were conceded in successive games by Peter Death. Is this a record?

Handicap Changes

Patricia Duke-Cox 10 to 11
Derek Blow 14 to 12
William Gee 1.5 to 0
Geoffrey Strutt 7 to 8
Ian Hill 6 to 7

Ranking results

Event 2

I.G. Vincent bt R Edlin-White +2
E.J. Davis bt P Thompson +4
E.J. Davis bt C.G. Hopewell +17
W Gee bt P Thompson +13
P.J. Death bt R Edlin-White +9
C.G. Hopewell bt R Edlin-White +9
E.J. Davis bt I.G. Vincent +26
E.J. Davis bt W Gee +11
I.G. Vincent bt P.J. Death +18
P Thompson bt P.J. Death +26
W Gee bt C.G. Hopewell +24
P Thompson bt C.G. Hopewell +25
W Gee bt P.J. Death +23tp
R Edlin-White bt P Thompson +11
P.J. Death bt C.G. Hopewell +9
I.G. Vincent bt P Thompson +6
P.J. Death bt E.J. Davis +19
E.J. Davis bt R Edlin-White +26
W Gee bt I.G. Vincent +26
W Gee bt R Edlin-White +2
C.G. Hopewell bt I.G. Vincent +9

Event 2P

E.J. Davis bt W Gee +4
E.J. Davis bt W Gee +17tp

Event 3A

D Martin bt P.D. Hallett +8
D.G. Brydon bt B Young +26
B Young bt P.D. Hallett +15
D Martin bt I Hill +2
D.G. Brydon bt D Martin +18
D Martin bt B Young +13
P.D. Hallett bt I Hill +15
D.G. Brydon bt P.D. Hallett +16
B Young bt I Hill +25
D.G. Brydon bt I Hill +19

Event 3B

D Andrew bt G Strutt +11
M Beacon bt G Strutt +6
N Graves bt D Andrew +3
R Berkeley bt M Beacon +10
R Berkeley bt N Graves +13
R Berkeley bt D Andrew +14
M Beacon bt N Graves +21
R Berkeley bt G Strutt +20
M Beacon bt D Andrew +25
N Graves bt G Strutt +9

Event 3P

R Berkeley bt D Martin +5
D.G. Brydon bt M Beacon +15
D.G. Brydon bt R Berkeley +17
R Berkeley bt D.G. Brydon +21
D.G. Brydon bt R Berkeley +13

Event 3P3

M Beacon bt D Martin +8


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