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James Hopgood won Newport B-Level Tournament

[<<] [>>] by Mike Porter at Newport Croquet Club
22 Jun 2008 (AC)

James Hopgood (2.5) was the undefeated winner at the Newport B Level Tournament, despite the presence of three scratch players. James amassed a haul of 68 handicap points, earning a a reduction to 2. The tournament attracted a strong field of 13 players and was played as a flexible Swiss.


1. James Hopgood 5/5
2. Andrew Gregory 4/5
3= Paul Miles, Ian Parkinson, David Parkins 3/5


Jim Potter beat Ian Storey +3t
Mike Porter beat Arthur Reed +21
James Hopgood beat David Mumford +9
Andrew Gregory beat David Parkins +4t
Paul Miles beat Nick Saxton +9
Dennis Graham beat Ian Parkinson +1t
Jim Potter beat Mike Porter +14
James Hopgood beat Andrew Gregory +4t
Paul Miles beat Feargal Smith +13
Nick Saxton beat Arthur Reed +10
Ian Storey beat Dennis Graham +9t
David Parkins beat David Mumford +1t
Paul Miles beat Jim Potter +14
Nick Saxton beat Mike Porter +6
Andrew Gregory beat Ian Storey +17
Ian Parkinson beat Feargal Smith +14
Arthur Reed beat David Parkins +11
James Hopgood beat Ian Parkinson +24
Feargal Smith beat Dennis Graham +3
Nick Saxton beat Jim Potter +3
James Hopgood beat Paul Miles +6
Andrew Gregory beat Nick Saxton +3
Arthur Reed beat Jim Potter +23
David Parkins beat Dennis Graham +3t
Ian Parkinson beat Ian Storey +16
David Mumford beat Feargal Smith +11
James Hopgood beat Nick Saxton +8t
Andrew Gregory beat Paul Miles +24
Ian Parkinson beat Arthur Reed +3t
Ian Storey beat Mike Porter +11
David Parkins beat Feargal Smith +15
David Mumford beat Dennis Graham +4t


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