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Roger Berkeley won the Nottingham B-Level Golf Croquet Tournament

[<<] [>>] by John Handy at Nottingham Croquet Club
22 Jul 2009 (GC)

Roger Berkeley won the Nottingham B Level Golf Croquet Tournament, beating Mike Bowser 7-6

The tournament was run as two blocks of fvie with play-off. (The person sitting out played the person sitting out in the other block, with all wins counting). All single 13 point games.

Game 1

Roger Berkeley beat John Edwards 7-4
John Handy beat Jeane Ackermann 4-0 (short game)
Valerie Harding beat Cliff Daniel 7-3
Mike Bowser beat Ray Clipson 7-5
Tony Lee beat Eileen Buxton 7-4

Game 2

Eileen Buxton beat Jeane Ackermann 7-5
John Edwards Tied with Valerie Harding 6-6
Mike Bowser beat Tony Lee 7-5
Roger Berkeley beat John Handy 7-5
Cliff Daniel beat Ray Clipson 7-6

Game 3

Mike Bowser beat Jeane Ackermann 7-2
Roger Berkeley beat Eileen Buxton 7-5
Valerie Harding beat John Handy 7-5
Tony Lee beat Ray Clipson beat7-4
John Edwards beat Cliff Daniel 7-3

Game 4

John Edwards beat John Handy 7-6
Jeane Ackermann beat Tony Lew 7-6
Roger Berkeley beat Cliff Daniel 7-5
Eileen Buxton beat Ray Clipson 7-1
Valerie Harding beat Mike Bowser 7-6

Game 5

John Edwards beat Tony Lee 7-6
Roger Berkeley beat Valerie Harding 7-4
Mike Bowser beat Eileen Buxton 7-4
Cliff Daniel beat John Handy 7-5
Ray Clipson beat Jeane Ackermann 7-3

For 3rd Place

Valerie Harding beat Eileen Buxton 7-5


Roger Berkeley beat Mike Bowser 7-6


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