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Paddy Chapman won the Championship of The East Midlands

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picturePaddy Chapman with the Hopewell Cup (Photo: Rachel Rowe)

by Dr Ian Vincent at Nottingham
29 Jun-1 Jul 2012 (AC - Championships)


Having had a surplus of water on the lawns yesterday during storms yesterday, the supply to he pavilion has been cut off this morning. Severn Trent acknowledge the problem on their website and say they hope to fix it within 6 hours, but don't say from when!

James Hopgood was unable to travel from Scotland yesterday as the trains were cut-off, but is taking a pretty route via the West Coast this morning. The easy conditions resulted in a sextuple and two triples in the first three games to finish, but some of the morning ones are still going ... it was the top half of the draw that got behind.

Thanks to Dave Kibble for providing the template for the draws.

Severn Trent still haven't reparied the burst main. I'm about to check all the taps are off before heading off to the Victoria!


Water restored (which explains the huge queue on the Boulevard yesterday afternoon while they closed two lanes to repair the main), but the beer has run out! Just the odd hailstone this morning in an otherwise bright morning after early rain.

I got lucky with the results in two ways: I was able to schedule the semi-final of the process that I had inexplicably overlooked yesterday and have ended up with four different finalists, so plan two simultaneous single game finals followed by a best of three play-off ... and with luck some chaps might get home for the football.

A fine rainbow as Hopgood grinds out his fourth win of the day at 20:55.


A bright start, but the cloud soon came in and the wind persists.

Robin Brown won the Process, beating Ian Lines +5 tp. That was Ian's 9th game, all of which ended with triple peels.

The Draw final, played super-advanced by agreement between the players, is currently in a pegged out ending, Paddy having tpo'd James. James has just hit Paddy's ball in hoop 4 and got a good rush on the other one to his hoop, 2. However, he broke down at 4 and Paddy Finished.

Robin went one up in the play-off, which was played super-advanced by agreement between the players. A few showers blew over and the event finally ended in sunshine, Paddy taking the final two games to win -25tp +12tpo +15tp. The manager claimed to have won the plate, having disqualified all the good players for reaching the finals!


  Martin French French +14 Chapman +14 Chapman +26tp Chapman +10tpo
  Debbie Cornelius
  Mark Ormerod Chapman +26sxp
  Paddy Chapman
  Andrew Gregory Brown +26 Brown +13otp
  Robin Brown
Paul Swaffield Maugham +20 Maugham +26tp
David Maugham
Ian Lines Lines +15tp
Martin Beacon
Ian Vincent Hopgood +3 Hoogood +4 Hopgood +17tp Hopgood +4
James Hopgood
Gary Bennett Bennett +17
Sanaa Hallam
  Dave Kibble White +21tp
  Richard White
  Philip Eardley Eardley +19 Huxley +7
  David Brydon
  Richard Huxley Huxley +13
  Paul Castell


Martin French French +26tp Lines _9tp Lines +10tp Lines +26tp Brown +5tp
Philip Eardley
  Ian Lines
  Andrew Gregory Bennett +6
  Gary Bennett
Mark Ormerod Omerod +11 Omerod +19 Kibble +5tp
Richard Huxley
  Ian Vincent
  Paul Swaffield Kibble +8
  Dave Kibble
Debbie Cornelius Cornelius +26tp Cornelius +6 Brown +9 Brown +12tpo
David Brydon
  Martin Beacon
  Robin Brown Brown +17tp
  Sanaa Hallam
Paddy Chapman Chapman +26sxp Chapman +26tp Maugham +14tp
Paul Castell
  James Hopgood
  David Maugham Maugham +26tp
  Richard White


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