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Dulwich beat Dyffryn 5-1

[<<] [>>] by Sue Lightbody at Dulwich Croquet Club
26 Jul 2012 (GC - Inter-Club Shield)

Dulwich beat Dyffryn 5.5-1.5

Dulwich Team:

Simon Whiteley(3)
Ed Dymock (2)
Guy Scurfield(3)
Anne Laver (4)

Peter Balchin (2)
Kevin Ham (2)
John Cording (4)
Jay Dyer (10)


(Dulwich names first)

Whiteley and Dymock beat Balchin and Ham 7-6, 7-2
Scurfield bear Dyer 7-2, 7-0
Laver lost to Cording 6-7, 6-7
Scurfield beat Cording 7-3, 7-5
Laver bet Dyer 7-0, 7-3
Dymock versus Ham 6-7, 7-4 draw
Whiteley beat Balchin 6-7, 7-3, 7-4


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