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James Death won the Nottingham Open Weekend

[<<] [>>] by James Death at Nottingham Croquet Club
1 September 2013 (AC)

A select field of 9 players gathered at Nottingham to contest an Open weekend. James Death remained unbeaten over the weekend. Thirty three of the possible 36 games were played, all single banked. Lionel Tibble rattled through all eight of his games without playing after tea on either day. Rachel Rowe continued her improving handicap getting down to scratch for the first time. Conditions were fairly easy with a number of triples completed and one octuple.


Rob Edlin-White beat Nicholas Steiner +12
Lionel Tibble beat Peter Moore +19tp
Martin Beacon beat Rachel Rowe +5
Ian Vincent beat David Brydon +13
James Death beat Peter Moore +3
Lionel Tibble beat Ian Vincent +17tp
Rachel Rowe beat David Brydon +26
Nicholas Steiner beat Martin Beacon +16
James Death beat Rachel Rowe +25tp
Rob Edlin-White beat David Brydon +6
Ian Vincent beat Peter Moore +20tp
James Death beat Lionel Tibble +25
Lionel Tibble beat Rachel Rowe +18tp
Lionel Tibble beat Martin Beacon +26tp
James Death beat Nicholas Steiner +11
Peter Moore beat David Brydon +4
Rachel Rowe beat Rob Edlin-White +5
Martin Beacon beat Ian Vincent +17
David Brydon beat Martin Beacon +10
James Death beat Rob Edlin-White +11tpo
Rachel Rowe beat Peter Moore +15
Nicholas Steiner beat Lionel Tibble +22
Ian Vincent beat Nicholas Steiner +26tp
Lionel Tibble beat Rob Edlin-White +11tpo
James Death beat David Brydon +26ocp
Martin BEacon beat Peter Moore +25
Rachel Rowe beat Nicholas Steiner +17
James Death beat Ian Vincent +25tp
Lionel Tibble beat David Brydon +26
Peter Moore beat Rob Edlin-White +12
James Death beat Martin Beacon +26tp
Rachel Rowe beat Ian Vincent +14
Nicholas Steiner beat David Brydon +17

James Death 8/8 1ocp 1tpo 3tp
Lionel Tibble 6/8 1tpo 4tp
Rachel Rowe 5/8
Martin Beacon 3/7
Nicholas Steiner 3/7
Ian Vincent 3/7 2tp
Rob Edlin-White 2/6
Peter Moore 2/7
David Brydon 1/8


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