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Jonathan Kirby won the East Midlands Championship

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by Ian Vincent
24th June 2002 (AC - Championships)

Jonathan Kirby had a clean sweep at Nottingham this weekend, beating James Death in the final of both the draw and the process, to take the East Midlands Championship outright. He thus qualifies for a CA Silver Medal and is now down to -1.5. He completed four TPs in his ten wins, the first straight and the last in the 5th turn.

The plate event was won by Richard White, who beat Rutger Beijderwellen in the play-off.

In the picture are Andrew Gregory, Mark Avery, Jim Potter, Jonathon Kirby, Michael Blackwell, Paul Swaffield, Bruce Rannie, Richard White, Bill Sidebottom and manager Ian Vincent.



MC Blackwell bt C Steward +13
J Kirby bt DJ Kibble +19
B M Rannie bt A Gregory +16
DG Brydon bt AC Davies +7
R Beijderwellen bt M Avery +3
Dr FL Whittaker bt Dr IG Vincent +25
Dr C Farthing bt D Mundy +25tp
P Swaffield bt MJ Leach +23
Miss L Bradforth bt D Foulser +12
GJ Bennett bt JG Allen +1
J Death bt NE Evans +4tpo
S Tudor bt JG Potter +24
RK White bt S Tudor +17
J Kirby bt B M Rannie +18stp
CG Hopewell bt Miss L Bradforth +13
J Death bt GJ Bennett +11
MC Blackwell bt WE Sidebottom +11
R Beijderwellen bt Dr FL Whittaker +15
P Swaffield bt Dr C Farthing +8
PJ Death bt DG Brydon +19

J Death bt RK White +13tpo
PJ Death bt R Beijderwellen +17
J Kirby bt MC Blackwell +24tp
P Swaffield bt CG Hopewell +1

J Kirby bt PJ Death +14tp
J Death bt P Swaffield +1tpo

J Kirby bt J Death +16


Dr C Farthing bt WE Sidebottom +23
AC Davies bt JG Allen +1
M Avery bt S Tudor +11
MC Blackwell bt P Swaffield +2
J Death bt PJ Death +24tp
A Gregory bt Miss L Bradforth +4
DG Brydon bt GJ Bennett +11
J Kirby bt CG Hopewell +20
R Beijderwellen bt JG Potter +21stp
C Steward bt MJ Leach +5
D Foulser bt B M Rannie +9
Dr IG Vincent bt RK White +8
Dr C Farthing bt AC Davies +24tp
M Avery bt DJ Kibble +25tp
J Kirby bt R Beijderwellen +2
Dr IG Vincent bt D Foulser +14
J Death bt MC Blackwell +15
D Mundy bt DG Brydon +19
A Gregory bt Dr FL Whittaker +3
NE Evans bt C Steward +12

M Avery bt Dr C Farthing +9
J Kirby bt D Mundy +3
Dr IG Vincent bt NE Evans +4
J Death bt A Gregory +4

J Kirby bt Dr IG Vincent +26tp
J Death bt M Avery +3tp

J Kirby bt J Death +17


D Mundy bt NE Evans +14
Dr IG Vincent bt JG Potter +12
A Gregory bt JG Allen +9
M Avery bt MJ Leach +26tp
DJ Kibble bt C Steward +8
M Avery bt D Mundy +13tp
NE Evans bt MJ Leach +18
AC Davies bt D Foulser +8
GJ Bennett bt S Tudor +3
JG Allen bt JG Potter +16
B M Rannie bt Dr FL Whittaker +11
Dr C Farthing bt DJ Kibble +14
A Gregory bt Dr IG Vincent +5
C Steward bt DG Brydon +7
Miss L Bradforth bt M Avery +7
NE Evans bt WE Sidebottom +24
AC Davies bt GJ Bennett +18
D Foulser bt MJ Leach +14
D Mundy bt S Tudor +25
DJ Kibble bt RK White +9tp
R Beijderwellen bt MC Blackwell +7
JG Allen bt B M Rannie +8
WE Sidebottom bt CG Hopewell +3
JG Potter bt B M Rannie +11
PJ Death bt P Swaffield +20
S Tudor bt JG Allen +9
RK White bt GJ Bennett +12
Miss L Bradforth bt AC Davies +24
R Beijderwellen bt DJ Kibble +3
RK White bt MC Blackwell +18
JG Potter bt GJ Bennett +3
JG Allen bt DG Brydon +24
S Tudor bt B M Rannie +15
PJ Death bt Dr C Farthing +16
DG Brydon bt Miss L Bradforth +1
D Foulser bt WE Sidebottom +12
RK White bt AC Davies +7
MC Blackwell bt JG Allen +8
B M Rannie bt M Avery +26
R Beijderwellen bt Dr C Farthing +10
RK White bt PJ Death +11
MJ Leach bt WE Sidebottom +9
D Mundy bt P Swaffield +9
D Foulser bt DG Brydon +4
JG Potter bt C Steward +18
NE Evans bt Miss L Bradforth +21
CG Hopewell bt GJ Bennett +9
B M Rannie bt MC Blackwell +25
AC Davies bt Dr FL Whittaker +3
DJ Kibble bt JG Allen +10tpo
NE Evans bt S Tudor +20
DJ Kibble bt JG Potter +17
RK White bt A Gregory +16
B M Rannie bt P Swaffield +8
D Foulser bt PJ Death +25tp
GJ Bennett bt MJ Leach +10
D Mundy bt Dr IG Vincent +6
DG Brydon bt WE Sidebottom +7
MC Blackwell bt CG Hopewell +12
JG Allen bt C Steward +26
R Beijderwellen bt NE Evans +25tp
Dr FL Whittaker bt JG Potter +7
NE Evans bt M Avery +20
JG Allen bt Miss L Bradforth +16
DJ Kibble bt AC Davies +18
RK White bt R Beijderwellen +24


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