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CA Tournament Regulations Published for 2017 Season

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18th February (CA Official News)

The CA's Tournament Committees have updated the tournament regulations for 2017. The changes made since the 2016 edition are as follows:

  • C1: has been restructured to include the policy for inclusion of events in the Calendar, and the requirements for inclusion of coaching courses
  • C3: Procedures for dealing with entries have been updated to reflect the CA's new membership model.
  • F2(c): Criteria for Complete Blocks (GC) modified to prefer resolution by net games and net points ahead of who-beat-whom.
  • H2(b)(1) and P5(a): Players are to bring handicap cards to all handicap or handicap-restricted events in case of query. There is an expectation that they will be checked by the Tournament Handicapper at all handicap events.
  • L2: The Regulation for Impasse (AC) has been replaced with the latest version approved by the ILC.
  • L4: The trial of the alternative AC Doubles handicap system has been concluded, and discontinued.
  • M2(c)(6): AC and GC approaches for the resolution of ties have been integrated. The use of net hoops specifically mentioned as a tie-break for level-play events. Clarification that if nothing has been published by the Manager then the approaches defined in Regulations F and M2 should apply.
  • P1: Eligibility to complete has been updated to reflect the CA's new membership model. The reference to WCF statutes has been updated in line with those statutes.
  • P3: Procedure for entering tournaments has been updated to reflect the growing trend towards on-line tournament entries as the preferred approach for many clubs.
  • P4(d): Clothing policy updated to permit recognised international team colours in all events, provided that the player is eligible to represent that country. Variations to clothing policy now require agreement of both the organising body and the host club. Permission to wear coloured clothing in team events (such as inter-club or inter-county events) remains.
  • P4(e): Practice before the start of play extended to 10 minutes from 5 minutes. The regulation has also been clarified to make it clear that practice is permitted by default only at the start of the day, rather than before each game (with provision made for players with late starts). Players may request permission from the Manager to practice at other times, such as at the end of a day's play.

As always, you can find the tournament regulations on the CA's website.


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