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The Open Championships - Croquet Championship Qualifying Stage Draw

[<<] [>>] by Samir Patel at The Hurlingham Club
17th June 2017 (AC - Championships)

The draw for the first five rounds of the Croquet Championship Qualifying Swiss is below.

Please note that the order in which your opponents are listed in this table will not necesarily be the order in which you play them.

Player Grade Opponents AOG
Keith Aiton 2226 Robert Fulford, Andrew Hope, Mike Town, Ian Vincent, Samir Patel 2204.8
Mark Avery 2462 Eugene Chang, Robert Fulford, Doug Grimsley, Stuart Lawrence, Joel Taylor 2203.4
Reg Bamford 2667 Andy Myers, Christian Carter, James Hopgood, Alison Jones, Mark Ormerod 2213.8
Robin Brown 2256 Christian Carter, Eugene Chang, Robert Fulford, Andrew Hope, Dave Kibble 2197.6
Dennis Bulloch 2211 Dominic Nunns, James Death, George Noble, Jared Keeman, Alain Giraud 2201.0
Christian Carter 2285 Robin Brown, Reg Bamford, Nigel Polhill, Andy Myers, Alison Jones 2199.6
Eugene Chang 1878 Mark Avery, Robin Brown, Alison Jones, Tim Russell, James Death 2204.4
Phil Cordingley 2087 George Noble, Jose Riva, Joel Taylor, Dave Kibble, David Openshaw 2205.8
Brian Cumming 2271 Jared Keeman, David Openshaw, Dominic Nunns, Mike Town, Stephen Mulliner 2210.2
Jeff Dawson 2384 Alain Giraud, Mike Town, Andrew Hope, Dominic Nunns, David Maugham 2201.2
James Death 2446 Jose Riva, Dennis Bulloch, Sam Murray, Stephen Mulliner, Eugene Chang 2209.4
Chris Farthing 2134 Samir Patel, David Wise, Gabrielle Higgins, David Openshaw, Stuart Lawrence 2206.8
Robert Fulford 2717 Keith Aiton, Mark Avery, Robin Brown, Martin Murray, George Noble 2201.2
Alain Giraud 2265 Jeff Dawson, Chris Patmore, David Openshaw, David Wise, Dennis Bulloch 2195.8
Doug Grimsley 2133 Tim Russell, Jared Keeman, Mark Avery, Samir Patel, Sam Murray 2207.2
Gabrielle Higgins 2049 David Maugham, Martin Murray, Chris Farthing, George Noble, Andy Myers 2196.8
Andrew Hope 1868 Mark Ormerod, Keith Aiton, Jeff Dawson, Robin Brown, Martin Murray 2206.4
James Hopgood 2478 Stephen Mulliner, Tim Russell, Reg Bamford, Nigel Polhill, David Wise 2202.8
Alison Jones 1904 Martin Murray, Andy Myers, Eugene Chang, Reg Bamford, Christian Carter 2207.6
Jared Keeman 2003 Brian Cumming, Doug Grimsley, David Maugham, Dennis Bulloch, Ian Vincent 2205.4
Dave Kibble 2240 Joel Taylor, Dominic Nunns, Jose Riva, Phil Cordingley, Robin Brown 2199.0
Stuart Lawrence 2229 David Openshaw, Mark Ormerod, David Wise, Mark Avery, Chris Farthing 2206.2
David Maugham 2566 Gabrielle Higgins, Samir Patel, Jared Keeman, Sam Murray, Jeff Dawson 2210.6
Stephen Mulliner 2465 James Hopgood, Ian Vincent, Tim Russell, James Death, Brian Cumming 2199.0
Martin Murray 1986 Alison Jones, Gabrielle Higgins, Samir Patel, Robert Fulford, Andrew Hope 2207.8
Sam Murray 2116 Ian Vincent, Joel Taylor, James Death, David Maugham, Doug Grimsley 2210.2
Andy Myers 2222 Reg Bamford, Alison Jones, Chris Patmore, Christian Carter, Gabrielle Higgins 2206.8
George Noble 2076 Phil Cordingley, Nigel Polhill, Dennis Bulloch, Gabrielle Higgins, Robert Fulford 2202.6
Dominic Nunns 2215 Dennis Bulloch, Dave Kibble, Brian Cumming, Jeff Dawson, Nigel Polhill 2211.0
David Openshaw 2276 Stuart Lawrence, Brian Cumming, Alain Giraud, Chris Farthing, Phil Cordingley 2197.2
Mark Ormerod 2180 Andrew Hope, Stuart Lawrence, Ian Vincent, Jose Riva, Reg Bamford 2197.4
Samir Patel 2501 Chris Farthing, David Maugham, Martin Murray, Doug Grimsley, Keith Aiton 2209.0
Chris Patmore 2129 Mike Town, Alain Giraud, Andy Myers, Joel Taylor, Jose Riva 2203.2
Nigel Polhill 1949 David Wise, George Noble, Christian Carter, James Hopgood, Dominic Nunns 2206.6
Jose Riva 2377 James Death, Phil Cordingley, Dave Kibble, Mark Ormerod, Chris Patmore 2216.4
Tim Russell 1954 Doug Grimsley, James Hopgood, Stephen Mulliner, Eugene Chang, Mike Town 2209.2
Joel Taylor 2060 Dave Kibble, Sam Murray, Phil Cordingley, Chris Patmore, Mark Avery 2206.8
Mike Town 2092 Chris Patmore, Jeff Dawson, Keith Aiton, Brian Cumming, Tim Russell 2192.8
Ian Vincent 1846 Sam Murray, Stephen Mulliner, Mark Ormerod, Keith Aiton, Jared Keeman 2198.0
David Wise 1979 Nigel Polhill, Chris Farthing, Stuart Lawrence, Alain Giraud, James Hopgood 2211.0

AOG = Average Opponent Grade


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