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The Croquet Championship Qualifying Swiss 2018

[<<] [>>] by David Maugham at Cheltenham CC [^] -> bottom
7-15 Jul 2018 (Championships)

last updated at 21:10 on 14/07/18

Round 1ScoreWinsRound 2ScoreWinsRound 3ScoreWinsRound 4ScoreWinsRound 5ScoreWinsRound 6ScoreWinsRound 7ScoreWinsRound 8ScoreWinsRound 9ScoreWinsRound 10ScoreWinsRound 11ScoreWinsRound 12ScoreWins
Avery, MN0Avery, MN+141Avery, MN+202Avery, MN+153Avery, MN3Avery, MN+154Avery, MN4Avery, MN4Avery, MN+115         
Myers, AP+1(t)1Taylor, J0Hope, AB0Goacher, DJ1Fulford, RI+17tp5Grimsley, D3Death, JF+145Brown, RJ+45Bradforth, L4         
Bennett, PT0Bennett, PT0Bennett, PT0Bennett, PT0Bennett, PT+141Bennett, PT+52Taylor, J4Giraud, AN+235Cumming, BW4         
Mulliner, SN+161Suter, MA+122Kibble, DJ+72Brown, RJ+82Hope, AB1Noble, GW1Kibble, DJ+215Taylor, J4Dawson, JP+165         
Bradforth, L+221Bradforth, L1Bradforth, L+202Bradforth, L2Bradforth, L2Bradforth, L2Gott, D4Dawson, JP4Grimsley, D+205         
Town, MD0Patel, SR+212Myers, AP2Hope, AB+3(t)1Burch, JA+264Kibble, DJ+21tp4Chapman, PJ+155Murray, S+2(t)5Myers, AP3         
Brown, RJ+81Brown, RJ1Brown, RJ1Burch, JA+203Brown, RJ+113Brown, RJ3Goacher, DJ3Gott, D+3(t)5Hayes, SM4         
Denyer, G0Mulliner, SN+82Chapman, PJ+72Cumming, BW1White, M1Hayes, SM+213Dawson, JP+9(t)4Murray, M3Taylor, J+175         
Burch, JA0Burch, JA+141Burch, JA+132Chang, E1Chang, E1Burch, JA+45Murray, S+94Goacher, DJ3            
Gott, D+121Noble, GW0Suter, MA2Myers, AP+93Taylor, J+173Chapman, PJ4Myers, AP3Bradforth, L+6(t)4            
Chang, E+261Chang, E1Chang, E1Chapman, PJ+20tp3Chapman, PJ+254Chang, E+52Grimsley, D3Cumming, BW+154            
Hope, AB0Fulford, RI+26tp2Murray, M+131Murray, S1Town, MD1Maugham, DB5Giraud, AN+194Bennett, PT3            
Chapman, PJ+251Chapman, PJ1Cumming, BW+161Dawson, JP2Cumming, BW1Cumming, BW+1(t)2Brown, RJ+124Myers, AP3            
Wise, DA0Grimsley, D+62Denyer, G1Fulford, RI+234Maugham, DB+265Town, MD1Williams, CN3Hayes, SM+1(t)4            
Cumming, BW0Cumming, BW0Dawson, JP+142Death, JF+21qp3Dawson, JP+103Dawson, JP3Hayes, SM3Williams, CN3            
Suter, MA+201Gott, D+132White, M0Wise, DA0Myers, AP3Taylor, J+1(t)4Cumming, BW+213Grimsley, D+114            
Dawson, JP0Dawson, JP+161Death, JF2Denyer, G1Death, JF+22tp4Death, JF4Bennett, PT+1(t)3               
Death, JF+171Vincent, IG1Maugham, DB+93Grimsley, D+4(t)3Jones, AN1Patel, SR+56Vincent, IG2               
Fulford, RI+181Death, JF+222Fulford, RI+173Giraud, AN2Denyer, G1Denyer, G1Bradforth, L+2(t)3               
Murray, M0White, M0Murray, S1Kibble, DJ+173Murray, S+8(t)2Goacher, DJ+193Chang, E2               
Giraud, AN+181Denyer, G+201Giraud, AN+32Gott, D2Giraud, AN2Fulford, RI+146Murray, M+10(t)3               
Hayes, SM0Wise, DA0Goacher, DJ1Taylor, J+252Mulliner, SN+5(t)4Williams, CN3White, M2               
Goacher, DJ0Giraud, AN1Gott, D2Hayes, SM1Goacher, DJ+232Giraud, AN+163                  
Maugham, DB+141Murray, S+21Mulliner, SN+233Vincent, IG+14(t)2Williams, CN3Hope, AB1                  
Grimsley, D+201Goacher, DJ+181Grimsley, D2Jones, AN1Gott, D+203Gott, D+234                  
Jones, AN0Jones, AN0Noble, GW+111Suter, MA+103Vincent, IG2Jones, AN1                  
Kibble, DJ+1(t)1Hayes, SM0Hayes, SM+101Maugham, DB+224Grimsley, D3Mulliner, SN+195                  
White, M0Maugham, DB+262Williams, CN2Town, MD1Suter, MA+154Murray, M2                  
Murray, S0Hope, AB0Jones, AN+131Mulliner, SN3Hayes, SM+122Murray, S+143                  
Vincent, IG+1(t)1Myers, AP+162Town, MD1Patel, SR+74Noble, GW1Wise, DA0                  
Noble, GW0Kibble, DJ1Patel, SR+24tp3Murray, M1Kibble, DJ3Myers, AP3                  
Williams, CN+71Williams, CN+3(t)2Vincent, IG1Williams, CN+123Patel, SR+1(t)5Suter, MA+125                  
Patel, SR+51Murray, M0Taylor, J+211Noble, GW1Murray, M+10(t)2Vincent, IG2                  
Taylor, J0Town, MD+121Wise, DA0White, M+21Wise, DA0White, M+1(t)2                  


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