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The Coronavirus Lockdown - CA tips to keep in touch

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30th March 2020 (CqE Official News)

We are all ensconced in our own little cocoons, rather like caged animals in a zoo, and no croquet!

Some are gardening, reading books, working from home, home-schooling, etc.

How do we keep in touch?

There is social media. Many clubs have their own Facebook page, and members can keep up to date with what is happening. It's good for sending messages to everyone. Then there is WhatsApp; similar to Facebook but easier to manage and no adverts!

For video link there is Facetime. This only works if you have an Apple product, iPhone or iPad. Not much good for Android users, but does allow you to have a face-to-face chat. We all know how much more we see in a conversation than what we hear. For Android and Apple users, another one that allows groups to get together for a chat say over a cup of coffee is HouseParty.

Your Council & Executive Board are using an online tool Zoom. It's the one that Boris uses for Cabinet meetings. Great if you want to have a large get-together, and it is free for users either as unlimited time for up to three people or 40 minutes max for up to 100 people. Eugene Chang has put together a useful 'how-to' video for those who have it set up on their computer. See CA News

A quick Google search will help you access each of these and there is usually someone in your club or Federation who can point you in the right direction.

Finally, pick up the phone. Is there someone in your club who is hunkered down and would just appreciate a conversation? Many of us will be experiencing cabin fever and a chat certainly breaks up the monotony.

For those in key roles, THANK YOU for your sterling efforts. Keep safe everyone and we will all be out on the courts later in the season (hopefully).

Roger Staples Chairman Executive Board


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