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Watford B-Level Series Result. Held 3 May2021

[<<] [>>] by Geoff Johnson at Watford CC
6 May 2021 (GC)

Watford's 12th annual Open B-level tournament was held in somewhat challenging weather at Watford CC on 3rd May 2021.

The field of 16 played in a Covid- compliant format of 4 morning blocks of 4, with all-play-all.
This was followed in the afternoon with 4 more all-play-all blocks formed from results in the morning blocks.

The standard of play was consistently high, and the 4 contestants in the "winners block" had fought hard to get there. Indeed the first 20 games played all finished either 7-6 or 7-5!
At the close this had risen to 33 games, out of a tournament total of 48.

In the end Glynis Davis proved a clear winner with an unbeaten 6 wins out of 6, having played consistently well all day.

Julie Tremble was 2nd, and Thomas Halliday 3rd.

I am sure all present would agree this was a good day's croquet, despite the weather, played in competitive but friendly and enjoyable fashion.

Players & handicaps:

Peter Adams (3)
Steve Dennis (3)
Thomas Halliday (5)
Ruth Sisley (6)
Robert Cook (3)
Duncan Catterall (4)
Des Taylor (4)
Anthony Hardwicke (5)
Charles Sale (3)
Glynis Davies (4)
Ian Rees (4)
John Taylor (5)
Julie Tremble (3)
Andrew Fall (4)
John Gosden (4)
Hilary Bird (6)


Block A

Peter Adams beat Steve Dennis 7-5
Thomas Halliday beat Ruth Sisley 6-2(T)
Thomas Halliday beat Peter Adams 7-5
Ruth Sisley beat Steve Dennis 7-6
Peter Adams beat Ruth Sisley 7-5
Thomas Halliday beat Steve Dennis 7-5

Block B

Robert Cook beat Duncan Catterall 7-6
Des Taylor beat Anthony Hardwicke 7-5
Robert Cook beat Des Taylor 7-5
Anthony Hardwicke beat Duncan Catterall 7-6
Robert Cook beat Anthony Hardwicke 7-2
Des Taylor beat Duncan Catterall 7-5

Block C

Glynis Davies beat Charles Sale 7-6
John Taylor beat Ian Rees 7-6
Charles Sale beat Ian Rees 7-5
Glynis Davies beat John Taylor 7-6
John Taylor beat Charles Sale 7-2
Glynis Davies beat Ian Rees 7-3

Block D

Julie Tremble beat Andrew Fall 7-5
John Gosden beat Hilary Bird 7-6
Julie Tremble beat John Gosden 7-5
Andrew Fall beat Hilary Bird 7-5
Julie Tremble beat Hilary Bird 7-4
John Gosden beat Andrew Fall 7-5

Block winners

Julie Tremble beat Thomas Halliday 7-6
Glynis Davies beat Robert Cook 7-1
Thomas Halliday beat Robert Cook 7-5
Glynis Davies beat Julie Tremble 7-3
Glynis Davies beat Thomas Halliday 7-3
Julie Tremble beat Robert Cook 7-6

Block runners-up

Peter Adams beat John Gosden 7-4
John Taylor beat Des Taylor 7-5
Des Taylor beat Peter Adams 7-6
John Taylor beat John Gosden 7-4
Peter Adams beat John Taylor 7-6
John Gosden beat Des Taylor 7-5

Block 3rd places

Ruth Sisley beat Charles Sale 7-6
Anthony Hardwicke beat Andrew Fall 7-3
Andrew Fall beat Ruth Sisley 7-5
Anthony Hardwicke beat Charles Sale 7-5
Anthony Hardwicke beat Ruth Sisley 7-4
Andrew Fall beat Charles Sale 7-4

Block 4th places

Steve Dennis beat Hilary Bird 7-6
Duncan Catterall beat Ian Rees 7-4
Ian Rees beat Steve Dennis 7-4
Duncan Catterall beat Hilary Bird 7-3
Duncan Catterall beat Steve Dennis 7-5
Ian Rees beat Hilary Bird 7-6

Tournament winner: Glynis Davies


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