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Eddie Chung won the Watford GC B-Level

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pictureEddie Chung receiving the trophy (Photo: Alex Lake)

by Jason Carley at Watford
10th May 2023 (GC)

On a good day weatherwise the morning blocks saw a couple of surprises. Bottom
ranked Eddie Chung beat top seed Peter Tofield to win their group, but with
both progressing. Two of the other groups had three players on just one win,
the closest with identical net hoops Peter Adams unexpectedly losing out to
Izzy Pointz 7-5 on the head-to-head.

The afternoon knockout saw Eddie Chung and Peter Tofield progress to the Final,
both with two close wins, but Eddie prevailed once again by winning the
Final 7-1!

The Plate Final saw Andrew Wilson get ahead of Colin Spencer until he was
pegged back to 5-5, only for Andrew to go ahead once again 6-5. With Colin's
first ball up in front of hoop 12 Andrew hit his second ball full length
through to win.

Players & handicaps:

Peter Adams (3)
Eddie Chung (4)
Sharon Clark (4)
Robert Cook (3)
Phil Davies (3)
David Dibben (5)
Alexander Lake (4)
Patricia Mulcahy (6)
Judith Pengelly (4)
Roger Platt (6)
Izzy Poyntz (5)
Colin Spencer (6)
Peter Tofield (5)
Julie Tremble (3)
Stephen Webb (5)
Andrew Wilson (3)


Block A
Eddie Chung beat Sharon Clark 7-6
Peter Tofield beat Andrew Wilson 7-3
Eddie Chung beat Andrew Wilson 7-5
Peter Tofield beat Sharon Clark 7-6
Andrew Wilson beat Sharon Clark 7-6
Eddie Chung beat Peter Tofield 7-5

Block B
Julie Tremble beat Stephen Webb 7-5
Roger Platt beat Judith Pengelly 7-4
Julie Tremble beat Judith Pengelly 7-6
Stephen Webb beat Roger Platt 7-1
Julie Tremble beat Roger Platt 7-3
Judith Pengelly beat Stephen Webb 7-4

Block C
Phil Davies beat Alexander Lake 7-5
David Dibben beat Colin Spencer 7-6
Phil Davies beat Colin Spencer 7-3
David Dibben beat Alexander Lake 7-4
Phil Davies beat David Dibben 7-3
Alexander Lake beat Colin Spencer 7-2

Block D
Robert Cook beat Patricia Mulcahy 7-4
Izzy Poyntz beat Peter Adams 7-5
Robert Cook beat Peter Adams 7-5
Patricia Mulcahy beat Izzy Poyntz 7-5
Peter Adams beat Patricia Mulcahy 7-4
Robert Cook beat Izzy Poyntz 7-6

Peter Tofield beat Robert Cook 7-5
David Dibben beat Julie Tremble 7-5
Stephen Webb beat Phil Davies 7-5
Eddie Chung beat Izzy Poyntz 7-6
Peter Tofield beat David Dibben 7-5
Eddie Chung beat Stephen Webb 7-6
Robert Cook beat Julie Tremble 7-4
Phil Davies beat Izzy Poyntz 7-6
Eddie Chung beat Peter Tofield 7-1
Stephen Webb beat David Dibben 7-5
Phil Davies beat Robert Cook 7-4
Julie Tremble beat Izzy Poyntz 7-5

Peter Adams beat Sharon Clark 7-4
Colin Spencer beat Judith Pengelly 7-6
Alexander Lake beat Roger Platt 7-4
Andrew Wilson beat Patricia Mulcahy 7-2
Colin Spencer beat Peter Adams 7-5
Andrew Wilson beat Alexander Lake 7-4
Sharon Clark beat Judith Pengelly 7-6
Roger Platt beat Patricia Mulcahy 7-6
Andrew Wilson beat Colin Spencer 7-5
Alexander Lake beat Peter Adams 7-4
Sharon Clark beat Roger Platt 7-4
Judith Pengelly beat Patricia Mulcahy 7-4

Tournament winner: Eddie Chung
Plate winner: Andrew Wilson

Handicap change: Eddie Chung 4 to 3


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