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Andrew Killick wins AC Handicap Singles Tournament

[<<] [>>] by Dennis Scarr at Middlesborough
8th May (AC - Handicap)

At a time when some AC Tournaments struggle for numbers we had a very healthy turnout of 14 players for our Handicap Singles Weekend. A very good response for early season when the weather can be, well, iffy.

And on the subject of iffy weather, we certain had it. Saturday was mostly cold with steady drizzle and very occasional bright spots. Obviously the weather exhausted itself trying to sustain reasonable croquet weather on the Saturday because on Sunday, the weather was quite simply dire. Cold conditions were maintained however the drizzle gave way to proper rain - in bucket loads leading to squelchy lawns and soggy players. The downpour did eventually relent - just as we were locking up and heading for home !

Handicaps ranged from 20 to minus 1.5. Full of good intensions we began Saturday with 2 Blocks, playing 18 point games with 2 hour time limits. The time limit seemed about right with only a handful of games going to time. The target was to achieve 4 rounds on Saturday and that worked out just fine.

As the reality of Sunday weather struck home and with our happy band of 14 players reduced to 9 the Blocks were abandoned to focus on games between those players with 100% records from day 1.

Thankfully 2 rounds on Sunday gave us a winner. In a very tight Final, Andrew Killick ( minus 1.5 ) beat Mark Simmerson ( 3.5 ) plus 2.

It must be said that our 4 lawns are very much improved - our second year of Duncan Hectors Lawn Maintenance Programme is coming along quite nicely.

Special mention to our 5 visitors from Nottingham Croquet Club, to Stephen Pratt who decided to return to AC Croquet after a couple of decades away, to Mark Simmerson from Sheffield Croquet Club who is a regular supporter of our Tournaments and to Croquet North and Middlesbrough Club Members for supporting the Tournament.

So on behalf of Managers Charles Waterfield and myself im thanking everyone really

Individual Records For The Tournament

Andrew Killick hc minus 1.5 = 6/6

Mark Simmerson hc 3.5 = 4/5

Dennis Scarr hc minus 0.5 = 5/6

N. Durie hc 11 = 3/5

Julian Gibson hc 10 = 3/5

Julieann Trembling hc 18 = 2/3

Terry Vernazza hc 4 = 3/6

D. Johnson hc 11 = 2/6

Stephen Pratt hc 12 = 2/6

Sarah Butler hc 16 = 1/4

Peggy Deller hc 18 = 1/4

Cathy Turski hc 18 = 1/3

Nicky Newberry hc 18 = 0/3

Barbara Walton hc 20 = 0/4


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