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East Anglia Council Constituency

This page's content is specific to the Croquet Association and not to Croquet England. There is, or soon will be, a replacement for it relating to the new organisation.

Serving Member

George Collin (until October 2024)

George plays croquet competitively, with an AC handicap of 0 and a GC handicap of 2. He is an examining referee at AC. He started playing in the north-west 45 years ago, relocating to Bedfordshire in 1981. He is particularly interested in groundsmanship and has been the honorary groundsman at Wrest Park since 1990. They currently have 4 lawns and do all of the own lawn maintenance.

In the past George has been Club Secretary and a Team Captain. He has served on the committee of the East Anglian Federation since it began. He was Treasurer for 25 years and then served a term as Chairman. He is currently the Federation Child Protection Officer.

George is a retired High Street solicitor. For 35 years he has been the Chairman and a Director of Luton Community Arts Trust -a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. The Trust is responsible for the distribution of substantial public funds. George therefore has a very good understanding of the CA's status as an unincorporated association and the current plans to effect a transformation of the Association into an incorporated charitable body. His background and experience will be of considerable benefit to the Association at national level.



The East Anglia Council constituency covers the area of the East Anglian Federation.

Election Cycle

The by-election that was needed for this constituency following the resignation of Brian Havill in January 2022 was called. In the absence of any nomination, the post was declared vacant.


Please see the election rules for further information about the election process and the guide to the skills sought.