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South West Council Constituency


Dave Kibble

If the CA didn't exist, would you need to invent it? I believe the answer is "yes", and I want it to change so you do too.

I served on Council for many years and you'll find my name in most minutes: asking a probing question or suggesting an improvement. I'm not in it for grandeur, I want to improve how croquet is governed.

The CA attracts some excellent minds who generate great ideas; but the organisation seems unable to execute policies through to conclusion and its committees lack accountability for delivering change.

It is well placed to find good club practices and to share them to help other clubs flourish; it does a poor job and must do better. It has information from surveys, and recommendations from working parties, but has not capitalised on them.

It must recognise the problems that many clubs have recruiting (and retaining), and provide resources to help them be more successful.

I want the CA to be more open: proceedings and decisions should be available to all members (except for the few truly confidential matters); useful stuff should be shared with all who might benefit.

This transformation of structure creates an opportunity to make the CA fit for purpose.

I've given a lot to croquet: creating and maintaining the CA website and its many systems, training referees and coaches, coaching both AC and GC at all levels (holding all coach qualifications), and competitively playing both codes.

I want to do more: I want to make sure that this new structure works for croquet, not just "The CA".

My professional life included many years in process improvement: analysing organisation working practices and structure, and recommending successive manageable change.

Well-known for my tenacity and sense of what's right, I can help to create a better CA.

Proposer: David Magee; Seconder: Ray Ransom

Peter Nelson

I have been playing croquet for 11 years and have been an active member of the Sidmouth club during that time. I play association competitively, representing the club and entering many open events. I have also played competitively in Austria, Corfu, Ireland and South Africa. My current handicap is 1.5. I play golf croquet socially.

I have served as treasurer of the Sidmouth club and have been chairman for the last 6 years. During this period I believe that the club has thrived and the membership has increased. I shall be standing down from this post in October and am keen to become involved in promoting the sport in a wider context.

I am particularly interested in promoting short croquet and developing competitions in which players from both codes can compete and which may be a vehicle through which more players may be encouraged to transition and enjoy both forms of the game.

I am retired from my career in civil engineering. Professionally I managed an engineering consultancy being responsible for over a thousand staff. I believe that this background has enabled me to develop the communication and strategic thinking skills which a council member requires.

Proposer: Julie Horsley; Seconder: Roger Mills

Klim Seabright

I represent the South West Federation of Croquet Clubs on the Council of the Croquet Association. I am keen to retain a link through the Federation. I am particularly keen to encourage young people to play our sport. I have also been working on giving Croquet a higher profile within sport and have recently led a team pressing for Croquet to be included in the Commonwealth Games 2022. It has been indicated that Croquet would be suitable for inclusion in the Urban Games section of the Commonwealth Games.

I was Secretary of the Croquet Association for 3 years and implemented significant cost saving during my tenure and also a wide range of publicity for our sport.

I served as Secretary of Cheltenham Croquet Club for 8 years.

I am a qualified coach and particularly enjoy coaching those who are new to our sport. I have also organised and run coaching at two clubs other than my own club. I was selected by the WCF to coach in India. I organised and ran a coaching session between British and Chinese politicians.

In 2018 I was awarded the Croquet Association Diploma for services to Croquet (see citation for further information).

I led the CA Team on many occasions specifically against the Swiss, Scottish and Iris Croquet Associations.

I held responsible positions in both the public and private sectors. I became the Production Controller for the Hydraulic Division of an American company manufacturing earth-moving equipment. I was also a member of the Careers Service County Management Team for the County of Hereford and Worcester. Both gave me considerable responsibility for policy, staff and budget control.

I also ran my own events business for 5 years. Clients included a well know sports car manufacture, the European Bank of Finance and also Central Government supported organisations.

Proposer: Brian Wilson; Seconder: Robert Moss

Linda Shaw

I believe that belonging to an organisation means you should play a role in supporting it and contribute to its development. The CA needs an injection of new blood in its organisation and I am keen to use the skills, experience and enthusiasm I have to help move the CA forward.

A team player, I believe everyone has views worth hearing and debating. The CA seems a complex organisation and no one person has all the answers, but Council can achieve a lot by working cooperatively with its committees and members: individuals, clubs, federations.

Receiving so much support when learning croquet, I determined to show the same consideration for others and to help my club develop.

I assisted coaches with the beginners' sessions, subsequently becoming a club coach and recently a Grade 1 coach. I have served on my club's committee - as secretary, club competitions manager and coaching coordinator.

I enjoy playing club competitions, League matches and in tournaments further afield.

In 2017 I joined the South West Federation committee as its secretary. This broadened my understanding and appreciation of the skill, knowledge and enthusiasm there is for our game throughout the region.

As Secretary, I help bring together an informed agenda and minutes for committee meetings and the AGM and have introduced Cygnet - an electronic newsletter facilitating communication between member clubs.

I worked with Dave Gunn during his tenure as Development Officer, helping collate ideas on making the best use of club members and others as volunteers. This further widened my appreciation of the work being undertaken by so many clubs.

Now retired, my professional background is social work and the voluntary sector in both front line and managerial roles.

If selected, I look forward to bringing my experience to Council working towards a stronger and meaningful CA.

Proposer: Kathy Wallace; Seconder: Martin Leach

Brian Wilson

Why am I standing for election?

Recent changes in CA Membership have encouraged the CA to face a challenging yet bright future. The new Council is vital to ensure that the CA delivers what you, it's members, require.

I play both GC and AC at Camerton and Peasedown, supporting beginners/improvers as a Grade 1 GC Coach and playing in Club, Federation and National Competitions

I am currently a member of the CA Council. For 5 years I chaired the Marketing Team, supporting clubs to increase membership (National Croquet Day)

In 2018 I was elected Chair of the South West Federation. We support clubs defining their goals, increasing membership and securing their finances.

What will I be working towards?: -

Key Drivers - More: -

  • People playing croquet
  • Younger players
  • Coaches, Referees, etc.
  • Playing AC and variants
  • Playing competitive games.

Key Issues: -

  • Supporting the CA in croquet's continuing success,
  • Ensuring that Federations and the CA work together
  • That the CA reflects your individual, Club and Federation needs

What skills/experience would I bring to the role?

My Management Consultancy experience includes - Business finance, Company turnaround, Business start up, lecturing at F.E. and H.E. levels

Major business analyses, working in teams to highlight problems, developing ways forward

Extensive experience in setting Forward Plans that are challenging, measurable and achievable, Monitoring performance using straightforward techniques identifying adverse trends and developing remedial actions Assessing management structures, quality of decision-making, management performance and good governance prior to major investment


I will continue to visit and communicate with clubs, keeping abreast of your problems as well as your achievements; cascading these to others, principally in the South West. I will continue to work for the CA's and Croquet's continuing success

Proposer: Klim Seabright; Seconder: Rosalind Key-Pugh


The South West Council constituency covers the area of the South West Federation.

Election Cycle

Three representatives to serve as voting members of Council are to be elected in 2019. They will serve for two, three and four years respectively, to be decided by lot.


To vote, you must be a member of the Croquet Association (either a directly subscribed, e.g. Premium, member or a Standard member through your club) aged 16 or more registered to vote in the South West Constituency. You can vote online, or by post using this ballot paper. Voting closes on 3rd September.

Further Information

Please see the election rules for further information about the election process the guide to the skills sought. Nominations closed on 30th July, 2019. Further information about the candidates may be available in a special edition of Cygnet, published on the South West Federation website.