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Question 30
At the start of the game, Ray places Red on the yard-line in front of hoop 1 and strikes it so that it comes to rest near the peg. Bab similarly places Blue on the yard-line in front of hoop 1 and shoots at Red. Blue misses and goes off the North boundary in front of hoop 3. Bab correctly places Blue on that yard line. Ray then picks up Yellow and goes to the North boundary to place it close to Blue on the yard-line. Bab objects saying that Yellow has to be played on the yard-line in front of hoop1 at the start of the game. Who is right?      
Answer: Ray (Law 8)      
Law 8(b) states that for the second, third and fourth turns the player plays his balls into the game from any unoccupied point on either baulk-line.      

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