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Laws Quiz

Question 68
At the start of his turn Ray finds that Red, Yellow, Blue and Black are all yard-line balls and in are contact with the adjacent ball(s) - i.e.: Red is in contact with Yellow; Yellow is in contact with Red and Blue; Blue is in contact with Yellow and Black; Black is in contact with Blue. This is known as a group of four and the subsequent croquet stroke is known as a cannon. Ray elects to play with Yellow and decides to take croquet from Black by deeming to have made a roquet. He therefore removes all the balls other than Black from the yard-line. He then places Yellow and Red in contact with Black in preparation for the croquet stroke without Red and Yellow touching each other. Finally he places Blue in contact with both Red and Black before playing his croquet stroke, which moves all of the four balls without sending Black off of the court. Has Ray done anything wrong?
Answer: No (Law 19)
Law 19(b)(2) states that in preparation for the stroke, all balls other than the roqueted ball become balls in hand and are temporarily removed. The striker must place the striker's ball and one of the remaining balls on the ground in contact with the roqueted ball however he chooses provided that the striker's ball is not in contact with the third ball, and must then place the fourth ball on the ground not in contact with striker's ball but in contact with one or both of the other two balls.

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