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Laser Surveying Equipment

Historically, the CA owned and loaned out equipment to enable clubs to carry out their own surveys of the levels of their croquet lawns. This equipment is no longer available. However, there is a substantial number of potential suppliers who are willing and able to hire out suitable equipment at a modest charge.

The CA has suitable software that can be loaded onto a PC to interpret the data generated by laser levelling equipment and this can be obtained by contacting the Lawns Advisor.

In recognition of the fact that clubs will now have to bear some cost to obtain a level survey, the CA is prepared to give a grant of £75 to help defray this expense. Please contact your Federation Development Officer or the Chairman of Development Committee for further information.

Alternatively, there are various lawn management companies who will perform the relevant surveys and provide comprehensive reports for clubs.

The CA does not endorse or recommend any particular entities but is willing to provide a list of names.

All enquires should be addressed to the CA Office.

John Reddish

Chairman Development Committee

December 2019