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Golf Croquet Advantage Play


Advantage Play is a new variant of Golf Croquet (Rule 21) which allows players of different abilities to play more competitive games. It is an alternative to the longstanding Handicap Play using extra strokes (Rule 20). In Advantage Play, the starting scores are adjusted depending on the players' handicaps so that the stronger player may have to score more than 7 hoops to win a 13-point game and the weaker player fewer than 7 hoops. In a closely contested game, it may be necessary to play a 14th hoop (hoop 4 again) or even a 15th hoop (hoop 1 again) to get a result.

In doubles, the handicaps of the two players are added together and divided by two (halves are rounded up) and the starting scores are then taken from the table.

The Starting Scores Tables

Most GC games are played as 13-point games, called first-to-7-points in Advantage Play, so this will be the Starting Scores Table that is most commonly used.

Advantage GC:_First-to-7-points_- Handicaps -6 to 14

Starting Scores Tables are also available for first-to-4-points and first-to-10-points:

Advantage GC:_First-to-4-points_- Handicaps -6 to 14

Advantage GC:_First-to-10-points_- Handicaps -6 to 14

The above tables cover the handicap range -6 to 14. Tables are also available for all handicaps up to 20:

Advantage GC:_First-to-7-points_- All handicaps

Advantage GC:_First-to-4-points_- All handicaps

Advantage GC:_First-to-10-points_- All handicaps

How to Play Advantage GC

A document explaining the game can be found here:


A slide-based briefing on the Advantage Game is also available.